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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Court baffled over what to do with blogger in press seat as jury selection begins for Salesian trial in LA Superior Court

By Kay Ebeling
I thought they were saying hello to me so I waved back. But those weren’t welcome smiles on the attorneys’ faces as jury selection began for the Salesian cases jury trial in LA Superior Court. As I hunched down I could hear whispering from the judge and lawyers at the front. You know how you can tell someone is talking about you.

The clerk said I had to move from the first to the second row. Then the judge and lawyers beckoned and he picked up a blue easy chair and lifted it over the railing so I could sit in the aisle. The blue chair was on wheels so I could move up and down the aisle as the attorneys argued over where it was okay for me to sit. I rolled down the aisle when jurors were lining up in back, I rolled up to the back when they were talking with a juror up front.

Then from all the way in the back I heard, "If she’s going to be in here all the time, we need to move to another room.” It was a female shriek, I doubt it was the judge, but I was too far in the back to see. I was drawing fast, as I knew I better finish this sketch quick. In a kind of ceremony, the attorneys got up and walked up the aisle, right past me, and out the back exit. After lunch, I sat in my blue chair in the aisle, but the chairs up front were vacant. The judge and attorneys were questioning jurors one by one in the other room.

The first issue for jurors is time, whether they can serve on a 30 to 35 day trial. The jurors still in the room want to plead hardship over serving 6 to 7 weeks. The other 300 or so potential jurors had gone home to return Monday May 5.

I hadn’t been there three minutes before I looked up and saw all the attorneys turned around and looking at me. Honest. I thought they were saying hello. So I waved hello and smiled. Okay not proper protocol in the middle of jury selection but I’d just fought metro rails and buses for more than an hour to get there, they're not always reliable, and I was flushed, it was hot, I was late. The two front rows may have been filled with reporters two hours earlier when proceedings began, but now as usual, I was the only one.

It was absurd. First they made me move from the front row to the second row, then out into the aisle. Then up and down the aisle and into the back. Now potential jurors who saw all that are probably Google searching to find out who I am. If the law had just left me alone, I would have heard very little. I watch Law & Order. I know not to interfere with jurors.

At one of the approved points on the aisle, I settled down to continue my sketch and a juror who was still within earshot of me said something like, Do you come here often? And I said, “Shh, I'm a journalist, I'm not allowed to talk to you.” But it was too late.

Javier stood over me with new orders from the judge. He and a security guard pushed my chair on wheels up the aisle all the way to the back. When they asked the jurors to start lining up ten at a time in the back, I just had to wheel down the aisle to the center of the room. But by then the judge and attorneys were gone.

Nobody can figure out what to do with me. I'm the press, for what it's worth, moreso than any other media in the city when it comes to the Clergy Cases, they have to let me stay there, but NOBODY wants me there, the judge plaintiff or defense lawyers.

I sit where Javier tells me to sit. He comes back a minute later and says sit in that seat instead. So I sit in the second row. Get settled, take out my laptop fold my case get out my sketch board look up see all those faces. I end up on wheels rolling up and down the aisles. That still doesn't satisfy them and they all get up and leave. All because of me and my blog.

That look on their faces stays with me until next morning. I settle down and start sketching.

If I go back next Monday I’ll be set up with my own little easy chair on wheels. But I won’t be able to see or hear anything as it will all be going on “in the other room.”

From my perch in the back, if I sat on my feet, I could barely see the proceedings up front. I angled, squirmed up to see over the heads so I could at least finish my sketch. I knew I better draw that picture fast as I could hear a little of what was being said, even from the back. There was a lot of tension about me being in the room.

Funny thing is I’ve felt that way so many times before. . .

We broke for lunch. Javier said come back at 1:30 but don’t be waving to the jurors. Maybe that was it. When I first sat down in my first approved seat, this black lady with white hair in the jury pool gave me such warm smile I had to smile back.

I promised Javier, "Don't worry, I won't even make eye contact with anyone."

The irony is not lost on me. You see, I started this blog mostly to try to break the concrete block of isolation that's bound my life for about 50 years. I want to meet people, get out more, sit over coffee and klatch. I don't do those things very often. Normal people do those things. I always end up in a room by myself.

Now here I am in a room with a few hundred people and it’s okay for me to be there, I even get the most comfortable chair, but I can’t interact with any person in the room. I thought the press covered jury selection.

Outside in the hall, I overheard the room number where they were sending jurors. I could have gone down there and followed a potential juror out of the room and gotten one or two to talk about the experience, tell me the questions they asked.

But hey, I watch Law & Order. I'm not stupid enough to mess with the jury.

It’s just, I'm just a blog. I don't know if the LA Times was there earlier, I got there late, I had to finish something for one of my other three jobs first.

As I left, Javier said to me, “She just doesn't want you to hear what they're saying to the jurors.” Isn't that my right? To hear what they say to the jurors?

Jury selection continues Monday May 5 in the morning and still on calendar for that afternoon at the Commonwealth courthouse is this (from online Superior Court Case Summary for JCCP4286)

05/05/2008 at 02:00 pm in department 308 at 600 South Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005

Motion to Compel


That's regarding the next Salesian Case Jury trial scheduled for August 25th. The remaining motions in limine in the Miani case coming up must have been worked out between attorneys behind closed doors. . . .

I’ll write about the upcoming motion to compel next post.

Onward. . .


North Hollywood Insider said...

Don Bosco is doing backward cartwheels in his grave, knowing the pedophile ring, the Salesians have become, in their rapid decent into the lower levels of Hell, for raping and sodoming thousands of children, while continuing to endanger and assault children, while aid and abetting the Salesian attackers, continues.
/abusetracker for daily verified coverage also on why no laity should be donating to any Roman Catholic cause, until EVIL office holders like Roger Mahony at the LA Criminal Archdiocese, and the California Vicar General From The Salesians, Adrian Bregolin, are each punished for their ongoing pervasive criminality, by office removal, canonical censor, and life time house arrest (in a dark, remote, cold, moldy, damp, windy, bad food and forced hard labor monastery), or alternatively, each is irrevocably EXCOMMUNICATED, as was the mild punishment to Marciel, proven pedophile and pedophile serial enabler, the founder of the Mexican Cult Like Religious Order, The Legion Of Christ.

The REAL North Hollywood Insider
(aka "NoHo")

Anonymous said...

This is your permission from the government to blog. The constitution doesn't mention that bloggers don't count.

Bill of Rights
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Cal Tech Professor said...

The advanced astrophysics guys I was chatting with today say "DARK MATTER" could constitute the "majority of scaffolding" of superclusters of galaxies, so far mapped, by the HUBBLE Space telescope.

I pondered the statement for a moment, and then my mind wandered to, 'Who needs outer space or galactic DARK MATTER', when one can see it up close and personal, through Roger Mahony's continued criminal pedophile enabling over at the LA Archdiocese?

Relativity, like black holes, may be out of sight, or suck in all LIGHT, but clear and present danger in the actions, not words, of aid and abetting Popes and local Cardinals is real, costing laity Billions of Dollars, with no end or correction, and home grown.

Cal Tech Professor
"The Truth Shall Make You Free"
Founded 1891

Anonymous said...

100% of Catholic bishops either are actively homosexual, or provide cover for homosexual priests under their supervision, or for homosexual brother bishops.

This article outs Edward Egan, Bishop of New York,lombardi,72095,6.html

This letter outs Ted McCarrick, retired Cardinal of Washington, DC

This deposition on page 154 provides background on Bishop Bransfield, former Rector of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and now Bishop of West Virginia.

Why in God’s name is the church permitting this man to be in charge of current child rape claims? Articles here—

This 2008 article is on Brother David Eddy, secretary, master of ceremonies and all-around right-hand man to Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde.

On page 38 of this 2002 article is the SAME Brother and his special relationship to the same bishop.

If these men are going to continue to teach that homosexuality is immoral, that ALL SEX outside non-contraceptive marital sex is immoral, and that homosexual marriage should remain ILLEGAL, then SHAME ON THEM for living DOUBLE LIVES. Jesus teaches a few things about those who bind burdens on others but not themselves. These men should come clean and should resign. All of them should be removed and GIVE OUR CHURCH A CHANCE TO HEAL. It is solely because of their backwards, dishonest natures and endless arrogance and ABUSE OF POWER that they have caused and continue to cause so many problems for so many faithful believers.

In the name of GOD I command them to STOP. We have had enough.

Mother Superior said...

To answer the previous question raised: "Why in God's name is the Church permitting this...?"

Because they think the can, and until over one billion global RC laity, who pay 100% of all bills of the Church CEASE DONATING, to force Rome to act against guilty cardinals (Egan, Mahony, Keeler, Law, O'Malley, George, McCarrick, Hummes, Sodano, Rivera, Pell, Leveda, etc.) these known pedophile enablers, as well as aid and abetters, and many hundreds of equally GUILTY felonious bishops (Brown, Brom, Weigland, Steinbock, Barnes, Curry, Soto, Cummins, Ryan, Quinn, McGrath, Walsh, Chaput, Burke, MacCormack, Hubbard, etc.) racketeering, in direct defiance of civil, criminal, statute of limitations, and canonical laws, will not be punished, or stopped (all at continuing American laity expense that currently is at least $2.8 Billion Dollars in the USA, with no end in sight, and over $1 Billion Dollars in LA alone).

The whole system remains GAMED with the Church heiarchy pretending to politicians & law enforcement that "they bury the majority of the dead" as an idle threat (by the way it's not true, as 9 out of 10 buried in the US today have no funeral whatsoever).
Somehow the institutional Church also pretends it can control votes of at least 63 million American RC's (it also is NOT true) for the greedy politicians coffers and power bases.

The reason why is based upon lies, piled on top of more lies, piled upon even more lies. Lies (cubed) = EVIL PERSONIFIED.

The only true POWER is the 'strings to the purse' (over $8 Billion Tax Free Dollars are collected annually by the RCC in the USA alone).

All that MONEY comes from the laity.

When the laity STOP DONATING, is when you will see Rome move on their own guilty red hats and miters, for financial reasons, and not until then.

Why do you believe the Pope was here? It was DAMAGE CONTROL, with no real actions, pure and simple.


Stop Donating For God's Sake, & YOURS!

Mother Superior
A West Coast Cloistered Order

Anonymous said...

Kay you cannot be commended enough. You are brave in the face of those who try to make you feel unwelcome. You don't back down or allow counsel for the scum to intimidate you. You are a source of truth the church can't spin and you are in our prayers, God Bless You.

Former Bel-Air Altar Boy said...

I like what I'm reading here!

Bravo! Finally some Los Angelinos with some real guts.

A REAL HEROINE, named Kay, exposing scum bag attoneys & side bar judges (who can get voted out for misconduct, which procedurally appears to be occurring).

The Penguin (sorry, Mother Superior) with an attitude, a hair trigger pistol, & a great crack shot aim at red-hatted & mitered
deserving targets, is a breath of fresh air!

Maybe there is a Holy Spirit after all?

Mother Superior is dead on right folks - STOP DONATING, turn OLA into a homeless shelter, or sell the SOB off, and drop the current Rog Mahal luxury box owners and cadaveurs into county pauper graves, or land fills; in particular the 2 previous office holders in the LA Archdiocese!

Come to think about, make it a 3 for 1 deal, and drop Roger in NOW, with Tim and Francis: an unholy trinity!

Rest In Pieces,

Former Bel-Air Altar Boy

PS - Kay, reserve all rights on these dialogues, there is a great screenplay in it - working tile: 'Monsters On Temple'; A story of betrayal, evil, lust, sin, crime sprees, cover-up, damnation, embezzlement, fraud, perjury (and that's just the opening scene at a county board of supervisors' meeting, where Roger claims without him there would have been no UFW during a Cesar Chavez commemoration service).

Malibu Mama said...

Theme Song Lyrics For "Monsters On Temple"

To Blue Oyster Cult's 'Godzilla' Music:


With purposeful grimace & terrible
He spins all comers with false put

Helpless children wherever he goes
Scream as he endangers them...

He picks the pockets of the poor
As he slicks through the center of
of a self made OLA lure,

Oh YES, they say he's got to GO
Go, go Rogzilla, yeah!
Oh YES, there goes downtown!
Go, go Rogzilla, yeah!

History shows again and again
How Cardinals exsemplify the folly
of men


Anonymous said...

When the Mexican pot growing cartels where using national forest lands in the state (still are in many spots) they launder(ed) their cash through the local Sierra and remote RC parish banks accounts, for a 'hanlding or processing fee' taken by the parishes.

Sometimes the diocese where in on the action, including laundering of huge amounts of cash through 'offetory plates' in Fresno, Stockton, and LA diocese under Mahony, to this very day.

When the parishes get hot, the money moves to other phantom slush funds: shrines, propagation of the faith, convents, monasteries, building funds, rennovation accounts, missions, etc.

Hey someone has to pay for all the Cardinal's extras, in OLA, as well as choppers for Roger.

Licensed Social Worker with a whole new meaning$ (his own).

city of angels lady said...

I'm pretty sure Mahony dropped his social work license when they changed hte law in the late 1980s making social workers mandatory reporters of sexual molest on children. It was easier to stop being a social worker for him than to start turning in pedophile priests to the police. . . this is your cardinal, folks.

Anonymous said...

Who can make sense of these articles that Bishop Donald Pelotte of Gallup, who has been recovering from head injuries in an apparent fall at his home, has resigned?

Bishop Donald Pelotte of the Diocese of Gallup, New Mexico made an erratic emergency call from his home to local police early Thursday morning. An incident report from the McKinley Metropolitan Dispatch Authority reported that Bishop Pelotte, aged 62, told operators "...gentle little people, about 3 to 4 feet tall, and wearing Halloween masks" were in the hall. Bishop Pelotte is reported to have said that he hid in a closet while the people were in his home.

Diogenes said...

Pelotte, caught in a rough (GAY) sex (mutual consent among adults) pick up sting, in which he was severally beaten-up (not the cover story of "falling down 3 or 4 stairs") had his resignation accepted today by the Pope, without comment (on the wire services).

There are over-whelming incriminating photos, and sworn statements, from several ER persons in attendance, the ex-bishop's wounds and blows are consistent with physical attack, not tripping dow a few shallow stairs (perhaps extorted by the call boy?)

A second recored incident occurred, after the Cuira hushed up the first, and sent the bishop off to Florida to recover and hide the physical evidence, when on Pelotte's return, he reported to the cops that "gentle 3 to 4 foot masked people" had broken into his home.

Even The Holy See could not keep a straight face on this any more, and put him on medical leave of absence, until the resignation papers were put through.

This case once again proves the ongoing criminal cover up of the curia, in matters of bishops or cardinals, being extorted for their own criminal or sexual trysts (straight, gay or ped) by clercial ongoing pedohile rings not to move against them.

There are over 80 recently published empirical books on the subject at: or you local public libraries, or for FREE, from such 100% accurate authors as Richard Sipe, Leon Podles, Jason Barry, and Fr. Thomas Doyle, OP.

Additional daily verified coverage can be read at:

on why no laity should be donating any monies for any reason, until these unaccountable nishops and cardinals (Mahony) fired.

Mother Superior, commenting above, is quite correct.


Anonymous said...

The pot grower money laundering under Mahony is only the tip of the iceberg.

Read Yallop's factial work 'IN GOD'S NAME', about the bumbing-off of Albino Lucani; John Paul The first.

The Holy See is a major daily laundering bank, with their independent country status, for a cut of the action, of many illegal drug cartel, mob racket, and cladestime governmental operations.

The Vatican took a big portion of the money laundering back, after ICCB was busted.

city of angels lady said...

One or two commenters here mention not donating any more to the laity. I truly believe if you are going to a church you should be donating to it. As a damaged crime victim here, it smacks in my face when people continue to go to this church. It makes no sense. If you can see what a bunch of criminals they are, then why not join a different church? I say it is a matter of principle. If you are going to a church you should be donating to it. If you are going to a church to which you do not want to donate, then obviously you need to change churches. . . can anyone explain to me otherwise? If the Catholic church ever changes, great, we can all go back.

Diogenes said...

Quit the crooks, and force THEM out of the Church, by not donating, while not quiting the religion (RC), is a lot healthier Kay.

Versus still attending a RC parish, and still donating - which is a DIRECT enabling and endorsement of the current EVIL status quo.

Like many 12 Step Programs, one has to go one step at a time; not everyone can go COLD TURKEY Kay.

The main problem is the RCC (curia) pervasive criminal leadership, and by stopping their revenue, one forces the RCC to change them or perish; it's the ONLY WAY out of this.

The Holy See has proven, over decades, and centuries, again and again, they only move toward some reform, when their money dries up.

It can be very reasonably argued that this ongoing criminality is porentitally much larger than The Protestant Reformation in SCHISM - the HERD OF ELEPHANTS wandering through the sacristy, if you will, that the miters and red hats continue to pretend does not exist, a vocations remain below the WORST projected enlistee estimates.

Who wants to work and take loyalty and obedience oaths from a bunch of CROOKS?

Pedophiles are not curable, as is the case with unpunished enablers/aiders & abetters, pretending to be part of the solution, in miters or red hats (all at laity expense).

Both criminal elements (Peds and Enablers) have to be severed from the institution.

This solution is the sole way that is proven to work, by cutting off all laity revenue, to force bad cardinals' or bishops' office removal, canon censor, and house arrest, or alterntively, irrevocable excommunication of each.

St. Peter Damien, proved such a solution, almost 1,000 years ago, with the criminal sexual excesses of the RCC clergy back then.

This KEY, if you will, to The Kingdom, is the revenue.

Said another WAY, to borrow from a Bill Clinton campaign slogan (another sexual abuser and Mahony buddy):

"It's The Money, Stupid."


"What Would Jesus Do?" He kicked over the moneychangers tables!

No Curia Accountability? No Laity Monies! It's THAT Simple!


RC In Hunnington Beach said...

How about bringing back TRIAL BY ORDEAL?

If Mahony sinks, he is innocent; if Mahony floats, he is guilty.

You SEE, not everything in The Inquisition was without merit; in the correct application.


RC In Hunnington Beach

Paul Marcinkus said...

You can't run the Church on Hail Marys. So, just send us your $$$, we know what to do with it.

Fr. Oliver O'Grady said...

What do you call the current entire College of Cardinals and USNCCB on their way to a Synod in Rome all going DOWN in a few A380's with no survivors?

Divine Intervention

Anonymous said...

"The Catholic Church has just opened a $200 million dollar Cathedral in Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony spared no expense. Each confessional has a panic button in it." David Letterman

Anonymous said...

"Pope Benedict XVI th was here last week. The Pope reaffirmed
celibacy for ordined priests. It's kind of like Bill Clinton reaffirming monogamy." Jay Leno

Roger Elbert said...

Recommended on DVD from your public library, or: WWW.YOUTUBE.COM FOR FREE,
or a few dollars, at: NETFLIX:

2006 US Academy Award BEST DOCUMENTARY nominated: 'Deliver Us From Evil', and recently out on DVD 'VOWS OF SILENCE'.

Roger Ebert

Padre Perdious said...

"There are but two things the people (laity) anxiously desire -
bread and circuses." Juvenal (Roger's Hope)

"Hold it to the GREATEST SIN to prefer EXISTENCE over HONOR, and for the sake of life, to dishonor the reason fot living." Juvenal (Roger's Realization)

"Tis unto children the most respect is due." Juvenal
(Roger's Mutiple Decade Repeated Criminal Enabling Failures)

"For what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his own soul? Or what will man give in exchange for his soul?"
St. Matthew 16:26
(Roger's Irrevocable Damnation)

We sadly report there is no resurrection or salvation for Roger...

"All Sins Tend To Be Addictive, And The Terminal Point Is Eternal Damnation." WH Auden

No Absolution Or Bestowed Grace Shall Save You Roger, Lest You Repent, Recant, Resign, & Personally Pay Back The Billions Owed!

You Revile Any Decent Soul In Utter Horror To The Massive Extent To Your Crimes Against Our Lord, His Church, All Here, & All In Heaven.

Indeed the "life of the world to come" shall not be darkened by the likes of your EVIL Roger.

Padre Perdious

Anonymous said...

>>>>If Mahony sinks, he is innocent; if Mahony floats, he is guilty.

You SEE, not everything in The Inquisition was without merit; in the correct application.<<<<

ROTFL!!!Well said Sir ? Maam. You are a gentleman/lady and a scholar.

I hope I live to see an enlightened society one day subpoena all documents in every diocese HQ in the world and documents in the vatican as well, without prior notice.

I wonder how the "holy pontiff" would react to a sudden document seizure... if he would jump out of the window?

What comes to my mind is the scene in Team America when the cockroach crawls out of Kim Jong Il and then hops into a miniature spaceship.

Victims, their attorneys, judges, and others in the know wouldn't be surprised in the least.

FU Mahony. FU pope.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady