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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Levada said, before going to Vatican in 2005, bishops protected church over children. Now as Pope Junior, it never happened.

By Kay Ebeling

"We are suffering for the mistakes of bishops and administrators who did not place the future protection of children above their desire to protect the reputation and service of priests who had proven themselves unfaithful to their duties.” -- Wm Levada, 2005

When William Levada left for the Vatican in 2005 to do Ratzinger’s old job, I thought the former bishop of San Francisco was running from the feds. Yet there he was back on US soil last week representing the pope with this quote: "I personally do not accept that there has been a broad base of bishops guilty of aiding and abetting pedophiles." Another blatant lie by a hierarchy spokesman reported over and over again as a fact in mainstream media.

“When I challenged Levada it was about investigating a former bishop,” said Jim Jenkins who resigned from the San Francisco Review Board and is now on the VOTF Survivors Support Working Group. “I didn't want to be part of an elaborate dishonest public relations scheme, and that's all that review board had become. Levada was becoming so disingenuous.”

Just talking off the top of his head, the San Francisco psychologist named a list of priests whose crimes Levada himself aided and abetted in covering.

“There’s Ingles, O’Connor, O’Shea, and Quinn. The former bishop of San Francisco in 2004 -2005 when I was on the review board was John Quinn.”

(Wikipedia calls John Quinn “popular” and an “irenic and liberal presence” in San Francisco.)

Jenkins tells me a convoluted story that again shows how tangled are these fronds in the stories of Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church the last 40 or 50 years. You barely touch a leaf and the flower opens, then it reveals layer upon layer of petals full of scandal about this priest was a buddy to that priest, and they all knew about each other and how can anybody believe them when they claim innocence.

No wonder I plan to spend another 16 years writing about Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church. It’s going to take that long to figure it all out.

Here’s another tangled web from --


The alumnae of St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, Southern California, late 20th Century.

“I was investigating a man named Ingles he was the canon lawyer for the archdiocese,” Jenkins said, Gregory Ingles during the 1970s was raping both boys and girls at Marin Catholic High School and I was investigating that one case.
Quinn and Ingles live together in Menlo Park where they hold catered parties for a group of priests who are all accused pedophiles

“We found out that Ingles was living in the same house at the same time as the former Archbishop John Quinn down at a seminary in Menlo Park.

“I don't know what their relationship was but I started asking questions. What is their relationship? What is this guy Ingles doing living at a seminary when he’s a risk to both men and women?”

Father Gregory Ingels, accused of sodomizing a teenage boy three decades before, as a canon lawyer was one of Levada’s closest advisors.

More about Ingels: in May 2003, a male student at Marin Catholic High School where Ingels taught in the early 1970s cooperated with police in recording phone conversations.

Ingles was about to be prosecuted when the Stogner decision in the US Supreme Court 2003 wiped out his charges.

Jenkins continued:

“As it turned out not only was Ingels keeping house with the former Archbishop John Quinn, but they were having banquet meals for accused priests.

“All these accused priests who had been suspended were going down there to have banquet meals at the house and they were being feted, it was like a support group I guess.

“I told Levada, you need to get him out of there, he can’t be living with the former archbishop. He’s had his name all over the newspaper for raping boys and girls and now he’s living with the former archbishop (who was also accused of rape children, but never prosecuted).
Levada, the administrator, the archbishop, said, 'What am I supposed to do?' and he got promoted to the Vatican.

“Levada said, Why do I have to do that?” Jenkins said. “I said because the whole church will come down down if people find out this is going on. They would be incensed. Again, Ingles was not just living there, but he and Quinn were having banquet meals for accused priests.

Levada said, what am I supposed to do?

Before going to Rome, at a special Mass William Levada spoke:

"We are suffering for the mistakes of bishops and administrators who did not place the future protection of children above their desire to protect the reputation and service of priests who had proven themselves unfaithful to their duties," the archbishop told an audience of some 400 priests and 2,000 parishioners, according to SF Weekly.

(NOTE: SF Weekly, and New Times in LA, LA Weekly, former vanguards in reporting on clergy sex crim, thanks to corporate buyouts in last two years no longer report on any of these crimes, not at all, nyet, nada, rien de tout.)

Levada was one of four U.S. church leaders who worked with- Pope John Paul in crafting a compromise sex-abuse plan, the "zero tolerance" policy in December 2002.
Yes, folks, your leaders are lying to you in the press, surprise, surprise.

Yet Levada could say with a straight face to the press last week:

"I personally do not accept that there has been a broad base of bishops guilty of aiding and abetting pedophiles."

Worse yet, the press reported it.

Jenkins continued: “Levada said, what am I supposed to do? Then he told us he’d spoken to Quinn and the former archbishop said there’s no reason Ingles should leave the house.”

A lot of the the perpetrators in San Francisco were monsignors, Jenkins told me. This is not the last you will read and hear in City of Angels about the graduates of St. John's Seminary in Camarillo.
Monsignor Patrick O’Shea
Defrocked in 1994, has been jailed twice on child abuse and embezzlement charges. Last known to be living in a on Jack Hill Drive in a Kelly Ridge subdivision of Oroville (October 2005)

According to a June 29, 2003, article by the San Francisco Chronicle, there was a 224-count indictment against O'Shea in 2000. The indictments were dropped in 2003 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a California law extending the legal deadline for child-molestation charges was unconstitutional.
John J. O’Connor
In August, 2002, O'Connor was "quietly for health reasons" placed on leave by San Francisco Archdiocese after recent allegation that he had had improper contact with a boy more than 30 years ago at St. Mary's Cathedral

(CREDIT: Bishop Accountability)

(TRIVIA: There are 63 priest in the Bishop Accountability database of sexual predators whose names begin with O apostrophe)
Levada went to St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo in the late 1950s.
Patrick Ziemann, Bishop of Santa Rosa, was in St. John's Seminary arrived in 1963, the year after Mahony graduated.
Levada did not know about Ziemann

Bishop Ziemann forced a young priest to wear a beeper so that he could summon him for trysts in cars, hotel rooms, and even the Santa Rosa Diocese office. (Once, police reports reveal, Ziemann had the cleric orally copulate him on the eve of their joint celebration of a special Sunday Mass.)

The web is tangled, but City of Angels Network will straighten it all out over the next 16 years. Please click my PayPal button so I can buy some new glasses and read the fine print on these documents better.

Onward. . .


Anonymous said...

The evidence is incontrovertible. It is damning and it leaves one without the slightest doubt about the level of depravity and deceit among the princes of the Roman Catholic so called Church.

Fantastic job Kay, as usual. Please keep up the good work and the good fight. One day your work will be recognized as one of the few honest appraisals of this filthy organization in a world where most have chosen to turn a blind eye.


Pissed in Pasadena said...

I am starting to get pissed off at this blog. Why do you ALWAYS BASH the press? If you were a journalist, you would TRY TO SUPPORT THEM.

Pissed in Pasadena

city of angels lady said...

I support real working journalists, but what is happening to our news media in America today is scary. The only real news is on Comedy Central and in blogs, the rest is press releases put out by corporations. Pay attention, PIP, mainstream news is no longer news, it's becoming more like 1984 than 1984 ever was. The guys who report about Obama's lack of a flag lapel pin over and over are the same reporters repeating the words of Levada. . . really scary.

city of angels lady said...

But thanks, PIP, for pointing out a hole in my story; I added this paragraph:
(NOTE: SF Weekly, and New Times in LA, LA Weekly, former vanguards in reporting on clergy sex crim, thanks to corporate buyouts in last two years no longer report on any of these crimes, not at all, nyet, nada, rien de tout.)

PISSED IN PASADENA, The Real One said...

Whomever attacked you Kay (Tod Tamburg or Roger Mahony?) STEALING my identity of 'Pissed In Pasadena'
is a frickin low life, and no doubt trying to confuse loyal readers to this blog yet again.

Shoe's and your comments Kay, are correct.


PS - Laity Stop Donating To The Criminal Rog Mahal Mahony Los Angeles Archdiocese, if you have not yet,or for that matter any CA criminal laity funded and diverting diocese...

Did you hear Mahony is stick'n it again to the laity, by taking a $50 million dollar loan out on an Irish back (to avoid fiduciary audit and reporting laws in the States as well as IRS code) with laity paid for collateral of existing elementary schools, and then will black mail the laity into paying off the loans (taken out for the record $660 pedophile enabling settlements Mahony caused on at least 1,200 children over 30 years) in hiked tuitions, or some other false and fraudulent manner, that seems to be normal operating procedures for Roger Mahony (he could have been an Enron top executive), the biggest single unpunished crook in the history of the American Roman Catholic Church.

North Hollywood Insider said...

Bill Leveda, is a known and proven pedophile enabler, as well as aider and abetter himself, in both Portland and San Francisco.

Bill, aka "Darth" Leveda, was supposedly brought to the San Francisco Archdiocese to clean up the gay tryst, former Archbishop John Quinn was in, who is an alcoholic, and was having a nervous break down about, having allowed several pedophile rings to flourish, in the Depraved City By The Bay, among the very GAY SF Archdiocese clergy ranks.

Said another WAY, the gay ordained tolerated the pedophiles, because the peds would 'out them' otherwise.

Blackmail, to this very day, remains a major reason why pedophile rings THRIVE throughout the institutional, vocationed, secular, ordered, and religious Roman Cahtolic Church...just take a look at the BOY'S CLUB in Francis Geerge's Chicago Archdiocese that still THRIVES.

How likely as a practicing GAY Cardinal or Bishop are you to throw the book at serial pedophiles, when you can just transfer them, and not get yourself outed, or worry laity paying all the bills?

Darth Leveda, who previously work for Ratzinger in Rome, prior to Portland, Oregon (in the Top 20 American Roman Catholic Church Pedophile Cess Pools) got his head, and private parts, caught in a ringer himself, on criminal depositions and perjury charges for many Portland cases (alla Bernie Law), just before departing to take the CDF job, from the now Benedict XVI th, because Bill needed immunity from prosecution (diplomatic immunity) as a passport holder from The Holy See, and was quickly elevated to red hat also.

Back to San Francisco, as a prime example of how the ongoing Cardinal, Bishop, Curia Criminal Cover-Up Playbook Runs...

Leveda arrives in SF to find a major pedophile ring going at affluent St. Cecilia's (Near St. Francis Woods in western SF) under the participation and enabling of Mngsr. O'Shea.

Long story short, Leveda hushes up most of the body count of children over decades (in the many hundreds), defrocks O'Shea (living in a trailer near Chico, CA, now, and probably still molesting children) and settles about $64 million in out of court law suits, by selling off laity paid for, part by part, St. Brigid's Parish's affluent real estate, near Pacific Heights.

The BIG LIE is placed that St. Brigid's is not "earthquake safe", and has to be closed, but is too costly to retrofit.

Of course this BIG LIE is not true, to this very day, as it was one of the few structures on Van Ness Avenue to survive, intact, the back fire and dynamite line, on Van Ness Avenue, from The Great Fire following The 1906 Earthquake) much for curial pathological LIARS..

Let's SEE, St. Brigid's Parking Lot = $5.5 million, St. Brigid's Convent = $14.9 Million, St. Brigid's Rectory = $7.4 Million, St. Brigid's Elementary School = $21.6 Million, and of course St. Brigid's Church (now converted to some kind of fake museum)= $18.7 million.

That's a cool $68.1 Million!

So as a result of one 'Washing Machine Agitator' (the nick name of the SF Sne St. Mary's Catherdral) slash and burn - dirty tricks program, at total laity expense, Darth Leveda shows approximately a $3 Million Dollar TAX FREE Profit!

You know the number'3'? It use to be a Holy Number...

So, can Bill "Darth" Leveda's statement of not knowing of any Cardinal or Bishop aiders or abetters of pedophiles, be true?

Perhaps, there are no mirrors at CDF? Not that anyone would see their reflection anyway...soul less as they are.

Perhaps, the 2006 US Academy Award BEST DOCUMENTARY nominated DELIVER US FROM EVIL, you can watch for FREE at, or your local public library, or for a few bucks, at NET FLIX, is a fictional film, that fooled a panel of the most distinquished film critics in the world? Yeah, that's the ticket!

Perhaps, over 80 empirical and published books on the ongoing Criminal Activities of the Curia, at, with such brilliant authors as Richard Sipe, Fr. Thomas Doyle, OP, Jason Berry or Leon Podles, is some kind of magical mushroom illusion?

Perhaps, at least $2.8 Billion Dollars in civil and criminal settlements by the Roman Catholic Church, thus far, as well as having NO END IN SIGHT, all at laity expense, with child endagerment still widely pervasive, just in the USA, is not real?

Perhaps, over ONE BILLION LAITY HOISTED UPON DOLLARS, and counting, of settlements, just in the Criminal LA Archdiocese, under the direction of officer holder, and yet unpunished, Rog "Mahal" Mahony, is just nasty "anti-catholic" propaganda?

Perhaps, the canonical censor, removal, and house arrest for life, of serial pedophile and pedophile enabler, Fr. Marciel, FOUNDER of the Mexican Cult-Like LEGION OF CHRIST is just a rumor?

Perhaps, you are not breathing or reading this also?

North Hollywood Insider
(aka "NoHo")

Anonymous said...

When Levada worked with Ratzinger (I almost said 'Ratzfinger')previously, it was on the new catholic catechism. So, he had plenty of experience in crafting fiction, such as his incredible statement about "knowing nothing" about wayward bishops. Sounds like Levada is playing Sgt. Schultz to Ratzi's Col. Klink.
Zeke Hyle

Benedict XVIth Pontiff and Swimmer said...

Anonymous is right: Levada is an uber kardinal!! We're LUCKY to have him.

Benedict XVIth, pontiff and swimmer.

Agnostic In Anaheim said...

Hey "Benedict XVI th & Swimmer", any chance you might want to take a one way ride on a Brazilian chair with balloons, out over the south Atlantic?

We promise to chum the waters for your splash landing.


Agnostic In Anahaim

Agnostic in Anaheim said...

And, just to show that there are no hard feelings, we'll dontate money to the hospital that priest was trying to raise funds for, too!!


Agnostic in Anaheim

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady