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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ratzinger is backward, the lightning rod, responsible for the entire crisis. Letter to City of Angels Blog

By Frater R
(In response to Arrest The Pope Now While You Can!, posted earlier today)

The current Pope really is at the heart of the whole crisis. His backward policies were directly responsible for the whole crisis because he was in charge of the office of doctrine. If anyone could be rightly seen as the lightening rod for this whole thing, Ratzinger is it.

His policies directly led to (perpetrator) R. Henry being moved around to Holy Redeemer after having problems. Had Ratzinger had a zero tolerance policy back then, Rick would never have wound up at Holy Redeemer. So I don't let him off the hook, or even recognize the legitimacy of his papacy.

I think Hymaneus Beta, head of the OTO and Pope of Ecclisia Gnostica Catholica, has a more valid claim to the papacy than ratzinger.

Ratzinger really deserves to be ripped into, after what he did to Father Matthew Fox, that was completely horrible. I'm glad that Fox went to Germany and posted his own set of pronouncements to Ratzinger in the same
place that Martin Luther posted his proclamation.

I'd like to discuss the abuse crisis with Matthew Fox, he's now a priest in the Episcopalian Church, who took him in after Ratzinger Vicious dumped him.

Ratzinger is trying to ignore the crisis.

Ultimately I can respect Mahoney because he was a big enough man to admit that he actually had been one of the "bad guys" in that he admitted that he had his head in the sand and cost his people dearly with his poor leadership. I mean I can respect someone who can admit
he was wrong, and actually ask for my forgiveness. That's a big turnaround from how I was treated when I first approached them.

I know we've made an impact with Mahoney and its clear that he's gotten over embarrassment and is taking a zero tolerance approach, that he admitted he needed to take long, long ago.

I can't respect or even recognize Ratzinger, as he's been at the heart of the problem, and continues to deny the problem exists. Not much of a leader or a man, a pretty small minded individual who's likely a closeted homosexual who uses his power to get the freedom that he would deny the rest of us.

(Frater D is the nom the plume of one of the LA Plaintiffs.)

Write, write, write -- ebeling

Arrest the Pope. Use the Patriot Act, Extraordinary Rendition, ship him to Gitmo==ebeling



bostonpadre said...

Don't be so easy on Ratzinger or Mahony, or any other of the hierarchy that abetted the whole crisis.

I do not accept the "apologies" of these split-tongued members of the hierarchy. There is no real heartfelt sentiment to their words.

As long as ONE of the bishops (or cardinals) who knowingly moved pedophile priests fromparish to parish are stilin positions of authority; as long as ONE bishop is not reprimanded for abetting the heinous actions of those who raped us; as long as ONE of them is "honored" in being removed to Rome, I remain a VICTIM and am not a survivor.

study the past said...

It was said that Pope John XII (955-64) turned his home, the Lateran Palace, into a brothel and used the papal treasury to pay gambling debts. He died at age 24 after he was caught in bed by the husband of one of his mistresses in 'the very act of adultery'.

Pope Benedict IX (Pope at age 12) was bi-sexual, sodomised animals, ordered murders and dabbled in witchcraft and Satanism. He threw wild, bi-sexual orgies. Benedict IX was Pope 1032-44, 1045 and 1047-48. He was described as "A demon from hell in the disguise of a priest...", and St Peter Damian said of him: "That wretch, from the beginning of his pontificate to the end of his life, feasted on immorality". Dante estimated that under Benedict IX the papacy reached an all-time low in immorality and debauchery. When he was 23 he survived an assassination attempt (strangling at the altar during Mass). Benedict went on to marry his cousin and sell the papacy to his godfather, Gregory VI.

Pope Innocent VIII (1484-92) sired 8 illegitimate sons and many daughters, some openly acknowledged. His reign as Pope was known as 'The Golden Age of Bastards'. He authorised an inquisition against those thought witches. He married his elder son Franceschetto to Maddalena de' Medici, the natural daughter of Lorenzo de' Medici, who in return obtained the cardinal's hat for his 13 year old son Giovanni, later Pope Leo X.

North Hollywood Insider said...

Mahony has been enabling pedophiles for 3 plus decades, and long ago should have been criminally prosecuted for aiding and abetting, racketeering, perjury, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, as well as a premediated accessory to child endangerment, in at least 1,200 rape, sodomy, oral copulation and sexual asault child cases, just in California, costing laity in excess of ONE BILLION DOLLARS, with no correction, or end in sight, and Mahony still hiding dozens of pedophiles in active ministries, just in LA.

Ratzinger was under orders from John Paul II (no saint), when CDF Prelate, not to go after these pedophile enabling DEVILS in red hats and miters, and only went after the pedophile founder of the Mexican religious cult, The Legion Of Christ, Marciel, after JP II died.

Claims of Rog 'Mahal' Mahony's cooperation, or reform, are 100% DELUSIONAL, this guy would sell his mother (dead or alive) into slavery, if there was a buck to be made, no doubt with the help of his twin, and older, brothers.

Granted, Benedict XVIth is no saint either, but to suggest Mahony has reformed, is the equivalent of saying Osama bin Laden wants to coexist in peace with all non Wahabi terrorists...

What vintage of Jonestown Kool-Aid are you drinking Frater-R?

BostonPadre has it correct...

North Hollywood Insider

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