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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Now, Pope, for your penance. sell enough statues at the Vatican to start a foundation for ALL the victims of sex crimes in the Catholic Church

By Kay Ebeling

The Catholic Church has to acknowledge its role in turning sexual predators loose on our society. Instead of criticizing us for our loose morals in America, the Vatican has to start recognizing the residual effects of its own crimes. I was a sexual predator all my life, when I look back on it. I forced men to have sex with me, although I thought it was seduction. So think about it. All 130,000 of us victims of sex crimes in the Catholic Church went into the world with our warped psycho-spiritual-sexual confusion and each of us affected anywhere from three to a hundred to more other people.

With all those pedophiles raping boys and girls in Catholic churches, don’t you think that enabled and empowered pedophiles all over America? Why do you think we have an epidemic of children being raped even murdered in America today? Maybe it’s because predator priests got away with it for 50 years and warped our entire society.

The only time I stop raging is when I write and post here, knowing someone is reading it vents my rage. But the other day I went ballistic on Sunset Boulevard. A bus went by without stopping and I ran after it and then stood in the street legs bent both arms in the air, flipped the finger with both my hands and screamed, “F--- you, f--- you” at the driver. Since it’s LA my behavior went almost unnoticed.

Still this is the rage I carry inside, always just under the surface ready to gurgle or burst out. This past week seeing constant looped footage of Benedict with that silly smile on his face didn't help. Considering there are about 130,000 crime victims like me to whom the church has never paid a settlement or even helped to get therapy, or even acknowledged in their statistics -- they only count 13,000 victims, the number of people they've helped. They don’t even count the rest of us.

Subtract 13,000 from 130,000 and you see there are okay say, 117,000 people out there like me with a lot of unresolved anger that could come out in other ways. The church HAS to do something for ALL the victims. Sell a few statues from the front of the Vatican and set up a foundation for ALL of us. Don’t make us go through five years of fighting your attorneys to get help, just set up a foundation for us to go to for grants and help ALL of us and stop pretending this was a small “crisis” for which you feel shame. It was an epidemic of predators set loose on the American population because they could disguise themselves as priests and YOU, POPE, you are responsible.

DO SOMETHING, don’t make one more statement to the press, don’t visit with one more victim, unless it is to TAKE ACTION.

My rage is so bad this week, I was glad to see the character Sugar, or Mr. Chigurh in the movie No Country For Old Men. He was a raging maniac but he could still walk through a drugstore with nobody noticing him. He had this way of walking. So I’ve been using my PTSD acquired ability to adopt other people’s persona, and I’ve been adopting his manner of gate, the look in his eyes-- I’ve been adopting the persona of Mr. Chigurh to maintain my own rage so I can go out in public. Luckily I don’t have a telephoto AK47 or whatever that thing was in my back pocket like Sugar does.

The church recently acknowledged 13,000 victims of Catholic priests who are sexual predators. Since 1 in 10 come forward the number is more likely 130,000. On top of that since more victims don’t come forward because it’s the Catholic Church and their families still go there, the number is likely much higher than 130,000.

Today for the first time I read in mainstream media a quote from an attorney in New York acknowledging that there are a lot of other victims that the church has done nothing for. NOTHING. So when I see a bunch of people reaching out and praising the leader of this church, I start throwing things.

That smile, that goofy smile on the Pope's face. I’ve used that same smile myself, when I was trying to purposely project happiness, but inside I really wasn’t feeling it. His smile said, yes, yes, just smile like me and you too can be like Christ. But he looks like some kind of wood nymph creature what body structure you can imagine under that white dress. Has he ever worn jeans, or done anything a normal person does? Oh right. He's holy. BS, get a job.

The Pope was able to say he just found out about how bad the priest sexual predator crimes are. How could he be pope and not know what was going on? I know I'm repeating myself. That's what unresolved anger does to a person. The Catholics are going to hear from all of us over and over and over again, until this gets RESOLVED.

The same media who are reporting what the pope says are the ones who told us there WERE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

It was such a breath of fresh air to read one article last week, in the New York Times, where the reporter didn't just go to SNAP to get a quote. He wrote an entire article about the victims of priest sex crimes and the reporter never went to the professional media statement people, never even mentioned SNAP. It could be a good sign.

This one New York Times reporter actually dug a little deeper. He called an attorney not affiliated with SNAP and got a statement from him instead.

It’s a small step but it's a start.

At least E! has stopped using college interns to do my job and I'm working this weekend. I'm about to start transcribing a two hour interview with Charlize Theron. Too bad I'm not gay.

Onward. . .


Anonymous said...

How terribly bitter, angry, out of touch, and irrelevent.

Lay Roman Catholic Pew Jihadist said...

Good to see 'Anonymous' (aka Tod Tamburg, or 'Tipsy Tod', the spokesperson and pr hack for Rog 'Mahal' Mahony) is back on the real FACTS and TRUTH about the LA Archdiocese blog.

In the LA Times today, His Slickness "Teflon" Rog Mahal Mahony, says he plans to SQUEEZE the Roman Catholic children more, by extorting their parents into kicking in $50 million to pay off settlements of over ONE BILLION DOLLARS (just in LA) run up by Roger, for his ongoing child endangerment and pedophile enabling.

Of course Mahony personally caused this, and takes no personal responsibility for decades of overt pedophile enabling, as well as 'aiding and abetting', in Fresno, Stockton, or LA, by resigning.

Rog knows Bill 'Darth' Leveda won't go after Rog, at CDF, because Rog has the blackmail goods on Bill's enabling in Portland and San Francisco, before getting diplomatic immunity, and moving to Rome, like Bernie Law did...a Holy See get out of jail free card.

Watch DELIVER US FROM EVIL, the 2006 US Academy Award BEST DOCUMENTARY nominated film for FREE at:, or for a few bucks at Net Flixs, or FREE from your local public library (if Rog hasn't stolen those copies).

In legal fees, court costs, long ago hiked and acessed parish insurance liability premiums, closed ministries, hacked payrolls, embezzled archdiocese assets, sold off properties, coveniently closed gay orgy seminaries and CRISCO parties, closed parishes, etc., all at 100% laity expense, Mahony now threatens he'll start closing parish and parochial schools in LA, if the laity don't help out...

The ongoing Mahony crime spree goes unreported over at the LA Times, because Zell, the new owner, is a buddy of Mahony's, and Eli Broad, (who also tried to buy the LA Times), in many third party blind trust real estate and business development deal$, for Mahony's personal financial gain (sometimes in his old or twin brothers' name$).

Hope you are reading all this IRS?!

I have a better idea, let's sell off Rog's turbo chopper, OLA (aka The Rog 'Mahal'), and his cabin, beach and lake houses, retreats, Rome apartment and Martyr's church, and private real estate deal portfolio first.

Is Ms. Ebling's verbal expression, of the 'old familar suggestion' to a LA Bus Driver "off" topic? Not really, but the expletives should be saved up 'en-masse', particularly for the head of the criminal enterprise known as the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Roger 'Mahal' Mahony, who pretends to be in charge.

In point of fact, they who have the gold make the rules Rog, and that's the LAITY.

You are nothing more than a sick sad excuse for a devient criminal cleric Roger, who's legacy in LA will be as the single most corrrupt office holder - (no small feet with Tim Manning allowing his Vicar General Benjamin Hawkes to run a massive pedophile ring in the ordained ranks of LA) as well as Francis MacIntyre's theft of secular nuns' salaries, vocations, pensions, schools, and convents).

I guess about the only thing you might still have Roger is your immortal soul, but the jury is out on that also, as the 'in the know' odds makers are giving 3 to 1 you long ago sold it off to The Devil.

As the laity (who create 100% of all revenue in the Roman Catholic Church) continue to vote with their feet (Mass attendance has fallen nationally by 42% in the last year in the USA) and wallets and donatations are PLUMMETING, (despite spin and lies to the contray, from the institutional Church press releases) you would all be well advised not to hand over a single penny to this overt red hatted CROOK, to force his removal.

The Holy See moves against clerics who do not deliver on money.

With the Euro to Dollar exchange rate harming Mahony's diversion of hundreds of millions of dollars per year, in off shore oil lease revenues, long ago willed to the LA Archdiocese (not The Holy See where Rog is diverting it) from the Marion Davies estate, Rog is DOWN in his quota across the Tiber folks, again, at 100% laity expense.

Last one out the door, throw the lit match onto the poured gasoline.

Lay Roman Catholic Pew Jihadist

Anonymous said...

All of ya need some verbal immodium.

Well, is he? said...

Listen to his voice, you decide

Observe his actions, he plans to prevent pedophiles from entering seminary, takes no action against those who remain or create the rings

His pals, Georg Gaenswein, Bill Leather Levada, Betty Baum, Roger the Dodger, Donna Wuerl, Francis “Society made ‘em do it” George, Edward Outed Egan, Aunt Ted (McCarrick), Bernie Law

His clothes, red shoes, Prada, and Gucci sunglasses

North Hollywood Insider said...

It is insteresting that ANONYMOUS never deals in facts or truth, and likes to only deflect; clearly directly out of the Rog Mahal Mahony Serial Pedophile Enabler Playbook.

North Hollywood Insider
(aka "NoHo")

Agnostic In Anaheim said...

The Holy See = One Big Drag Queen Show (With A Large Budget)...

Agnostic In Anaheim

benedict xvi th said...

Well, what a SURPRISE. My POPE really LOOKS GOOD in those outfits of his.

Benedict XVI th
Pontiff, Sinner & Surrounded By JP II (no 'saint') Appointed CROOKS

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady