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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Salesian Cases Jury Trial Update. Pretrial motions Thursday, jury selection begins April 28.

By Kay Ebeling

Hearings continue Thursday morning on remaining motions in limine for cases which were part of the LA Archdiocese settlement concerning the Salesians Religious order. Three of the remaining 17 cases are making their way to what will likely be a five to six week trial. Jury selection begins April 28th in the Stanley Mosk courthouse downtown LA.

The 17 victims of Salesian religious order brothers who were sexual predators received settlements for their cases last December along with the other 550-plus LA Clergy Cases plaintiffs. But the Salesian religious order still claims they had no knowledge of pedophilia among their priests and brothers the last 60 years.

If the Salesians lose these trials, they have to repay the LA Archdiocese moneys that were paid to the plaintiffs. If the Salesians win, the Archdiocese will accept the loss of up to $26.5 million dollars, as part of an agreement reached in December between plaintiff attorneys and attorneys for Cardinal Roger Mahony.

Hearings Thursday April 24 will focus a great deal on documents from the 1940s concerning the priest Fr. Jim Miani (aka Titian Miani) and evidence plaintiffs say proves the religious order knew Miani was a predator before they sent him to study in North America in the early 1950s.

A second trial is on calendar for August 2008.

City of Angels Network will be there reporting through all of it. . . -- Kay Ebeling


The REAL North Hollywood Insider said...

I want all of this to be OVER. Aren't ALL OF US SICK of this whole thing? Pay and be DONE!!

The REAL North Hollywood Insider (aka the REAL "NoHo")

North Hollywood Insider said...

Wow, now DRUNK, OR COKE SNORTING TOD GAY BOY TAMBURG, or maybe even EVIL Rog "Mahal" Serial Multiple Decade Pedophile Enabling Mahony, on a bender, and not 'flight ready' for turbo chopper duty, is assuming they are the "REAL North Hollywood Insider"...NOT!!!

More attempts to try to confuse loyal and growing legions of City Of Angels blog readers.

Well, I have to give Mahony "Hollywood", which was John Paul II's uncomplimentary nickname for Rog.

JP II is No Saint, and the recently reported miracle of curing a French nun turned out to be a FRAUD, in the attempted road to Karol's quickie canonization, as the single largest appointer of Cardinal & Bishop pedophile aiders, abetters, and enablers, in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

Maybe Karol can be Patron Of Pedophiles & Pedophile Enablers?!

Ooops, I think the position is taken already, by Lucifer, Prince Of Darkness.

Yes, "Hollywood" "Teflon", "Mahal","His Slickness", Roger Mahony, with a personal body count of over 1,200 raped, sodomized, orally copulated, suicided, murdered, kidnapped, extorted, perjured, racketeered, stalled, abducted, endangered, physically maimed, lied to, mentally tortured, deliquented, obstructed from justice, Children In BODY COUNT, on his watches, in Fresno, Stockton, & LA, while knowingly, and premediatingly, gaming the statute of limitations (and lobbying against extentions with laity monies in Sacramento) continues to SLICK any criminal prosecution.

Mahony further has directly aided and abetted MANY dozens of known ordained & religious ordered pedophiles to flee prosecution to Mexico, Asia, Ireland, and elsewhere, to the point of immediatley driving them to LAX, handing them CASH (not tracable) and telling them what diocese overseas to travel to, & await further instructions and hush monies, to prevent them from testifying, or returning, against Mahony, to LA, CA, & Federal Criminal Grand Jury Investigations.

Yes, our boy Rog even extorted George W. to call the Feds off, because of implied retribution with Latino voters, and because the Church buries so many (a cadaveur burial strike) threat.

The armies of lawyers hired by Mahony, again with hundreds of millions of laity dollars, and NOT listed in the settlement costs, take every opportunity to supress discovery, hard facts, and massively overwhemingly incriminating evidence, directly leading back the America's Single Largest Unconvicted Felon, in the Roman Catholic Church, Roger Mahony.

Since the virtual A-Holes at the LA Archdiocese want to try to cover my City Of Angels 'name', I will revert to:

'North Hollywood Insider', instead of the FAKE & FRAUDULENT ONE WANTING TO BE "REAL"...I suspect not even The Lord Almighty can help these damned souls posing as LA Archdiocese office holders..

Benedict XVIth, Pontoon and Swimmer said...

I don't care which "NoHo" is REAL, but both are REALLY nutty.

Benedict XVIth, Pontoon and Swimmer

North Hollywood Insider said...

CLICK on my name above and read what I REALLY THINK about Papa Benedict's visit to the U.S.


North Hollywood Insider (the real "NoHo"!!)

Agnostic In Anaheim said...

Once again we have cyber disinformation bloggers coming in, steal signatory names, from the pedophile enabling, aid and abetting, racketeering, obstructrion of justice (Pedophile Friendly) LA Archdiocese, trying to confuse City Of Angels growing legions of readers.

There remains only one solution laity, STOP DONATING!

Agnostic In Anaheim

Anonymous said...

I like it when I see disinformation being posted.

The vast majority of the readers of this blog are not fooled by it, and the victims sure are as hell are not.

So why do I like it you ask?

Because it means the enemy is afraid. The truth is here, and the church spin doctors have to respond to it.

They always try to suppress the truth of their guilt anyway possible, with lies, more lies, obsfucation of the facts, innuendos and accusations regarding the victims, rampant disinformation in the blogs, gainsaying in the press and old fashioned bullshit in the courts.

This is why the pope came to the my opinion. PR bullshit. He spoke big words, but words don't mean shit without action, even when they are spoken by pope rat.

It is all so obvious that it is laughable, and the results are predictable. While all of the above is meant to hide the truth and improve the church's deteriorating public image, the opposite is happening. The church is frightened. It's losing money, priests, authority and prestige. They are in trouble and they know it.

The mainstream media can fawn over the pope all they wish, the cat is out of the bag. I am utterly certain that CityofAngels blog has more credibility than the main stream press ever will, and the church hates it.

The leadership of the RCC is thoroughly riddled by a bunch of old, gay, corrupt, reprobate, men with no moral authority whatsoever.

And just about everyone knows it.


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