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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Arrest the Pope now while you can! More than 4400 pedophile priests raped thousands of US children. That is what the VOTF full page ad should say

By Kay Ebeling
Forget about taking a weekend off, VOTF is about to run a full page in the New York Times that waters down the message that 4400 felons operated openly in the United States as Catholic priests, raping thousands of children.

I'd like to see an ad that says "Arrest the Pope! He aided and abetted felonies of 4400-plus pedophile priests who raped thousands of American children." Now that would be an effective ad, it would probably get the attention of those outside the "survivor movement" and it sure would be a better use of $63 thousand dollars. (A comment just now said the Pope can't be arrested. What about the Patriot Act and Extraordinary Rendition? The guy in robes sure looks suspicious to me-- city)

Plus VOTF has a petition for us to sign that says: "1. Treat survivors of sexual abuse with the justice and compassion our faith demands." It was "Rape" of children by Catholic priests in cities all across America. How could VOTF forget to mention that in Number 1 of their petition? It was sodomy with boys younger than 10 years old, drugging of children to photograph them. Pedophile orgies went on openly in rectories and other church propterties, involving groups of priests. VOTF's smiling language does not get the message across, but sounds like it's trying not to be too offensive -- Trying not to offend when talking to the lead perpetrator in this massive gang bang of American children, The Pope.

Where is the outrage in VOTF's full page ad? You don't communicate outrage with 10 point gothic type.

VOTF wants to focus on priests who abscond with money, and whether priests should be married or just have women on the side. There are numerous other organizations devoted to the numerous other problems in the Catholic Church.

Who cares about all the other felonies committed in the church, 4400 Catholic priests raped thousands of children in the United States.

Voice of the Faithful has apparently lost its focus.

Weren't they formed out of outrage over priest sex crimes?

Now they want to reform the church.

God, like no one has tried that before.

In one week VOTF raises $63 thousand dollars to place an ad in the New York Times for one day. Why not return your focus to the crime victims and raise money to buy land and build a permanent recovery center.

Why not finance a private investigation, like one done by a journalist on a blog by clicking my PayPal button?

Or there's a nice lot in New Mexico that used to belong to the Paracletes, and it already has the spa-like recovery atmosphere in place. Why not raise money to buy a piece of land like that as a recovery center for survivors of rape by priests, and in a hundred years or so, THEN turn your focus onto other crimes.

Why is VOTF rapidly taking its focus off the Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church?

The ad design as it stands has such a mass of print it could be selling anything. It could be an ad for a trade school in back of Motor Trends. In the ad VOTF seems to be trying to cram as many words and ideas into a one page ad as possible. The ad goes on and on about 700 different topics and never makes the point.

Get Focused.


You don't have to say anything else.

This pope and the one before him aided and abetted the 4400 felons who raped children.

They hid behind the Catholic Church and our American First Amendment to get away with it.

Sodomozing children is RAPE not "abuse" so please at least put the words RAPE BY PRIESTS in your ad.

4400 Felons were turned loose to prey on American children and the church and American Justice have really done nothing about it.

VOTF should put that in big letters at the top and then beg the US Attorney General to arrest the pope as soon as he steps on US property.

An ad like that would get mainstream attention.

You don't put an 8-chapter book into a one-page ad, just making the print smaller and smaller so you can cram in more and more.

Just say 4400 pedophiles raped children in the US for more than 50 yearsunder the guise of being Catholic priests.

Arrest the Pope as soon as his shoes touch American soil

All those donated funds wasted on this pile of print that never seems to mention or communicate the horror of these crimes.

If VOTF can raise 63 thousand dollars in one week for an ad in the New York Times that runs for one day, why haven’t they raised money to buy land and start a recovery center? Or do something concrete for crime victims. How many conferences can you guys go to?

Why does VOTF continue to milk down its verbiage, moreso on a monthly basis, so that we can expect by the end of the year they will just be sitting in the pews wondering why there hasn’t been any reform.

VOTF wants to focus on REFORM?

Yeah like nobody has tried that before.

It was RAPE OF CHILDREN often sodomy, often photographed.

That is not abuse that needs reform. It's rampant felonies committed by priests on American soil.

Arrest the Pope next week while you can!

Being penetrated with fingers of a Catholic priest when you are five years old is not "abuse” unless you are trying to cover up the crimes.

Onward. . .


North Hollywood Insider said...

"ARREST THE POPE"...nice thought, but let's get a reality check here...

#1, The Pope is the head of a soverign country, he has an automatic civil and criminal exsemption from prosecution.

#2, Most of the Curia and Cardinals (unfortunately highly GUILTY Law, Pell, Hummes, Mahony, Egan, George, Rivera, O'Malley, etc. included) also have diplomatic immunity from any domestic criminal prosecution, with citzenry passports issued to each, from The Holy See (VATICAN).

#3 (It's a semi holy number)the ONLY 'WAY' to nail these son of a bitch pedophile and racketeering miter and red hat enablers, fleecing mutiple billions up billions of dollars from the laity, over nutiple decades, with no correction and child endangerment still pervasive, is to shut down their revenue stream.

Said another 'way', LAITY STOP DONATING!

Only when the money tap is shut off, does Rome move against EVIL miters and red hats.

St. Peter Damien PROVED this FACT, just under 1,000 years ago, against the curia; Martin Luther went even further; and it's time for a real shut down by the laity now!!!

For daily verified and empirical coverage, that the curia, their laity paid for armies of lawyer$, and PR hack$ cannot block, or supress, beside Kay's fine efforts on this blog, check out:

No Prisoners!

North Hollywood Insider

city of angels lady said...

They can use Extraordinary Rendition. They can arrest and detain anybody now with the patriot act, and Ben sure looks suspicious to me.

North Hollywood Insider said...

You are correct Ms. Ebling, Benny Boy is guilty as MORTAL SIN, but you are not going to SEE any federal prosecutors or FBI types placing His Holiness in cuffs, as he gets off the airplane, because to do that, there'd have to be mutiple arrests across the USA, starting at the Rog Mahal (OLA)...hmmmmm, not a bad idea...well, one can always pray for MIRACLES and divine intervention?

North Hollywood Insider

city of angels lady said...

No one will notice or write about a New York Times ad unless it says something radical and astonishing and newsworthy. What else can a NY Times ad accomplish but get attention. Thanks, NoHo, you are sparking new ideas in me.==City

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady