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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jury Selection a challenge for LA trial re pedophile priests, with settlements in the news last year, and trial expected to last five to six weeks

By Kay Ebeling

One tactic we can anticipate in the upcoming pedophile priest jury trial in LA: the defense will say plaintiffs’ diagnosis of PTSD as a result of priest sex crimes could be the result of “other stressors” in life. “It’s our belief he ignores other stressors with respect to these plaintiffs,” said Wayne Mason in motions in limine hearings today, trying to limit the testimony of a psychiatrist in the trial which begins jury selection next week.

Mr. Perp Defender, you have a lot to learn about the damage a pedophile priest’s antics do to the human psyche. I don't know too many people who hallucinate and see demons because of “life’s stressors” but for example, last Tuesday, I really did think I saw ulcerous bumps on one defense attorney’s skin and pock marks all over the face of another. I went home sure that the defense team members were a gang of demonic spirits gathered on Earth at this time to carry out some dark karma defending pedophile priests in the Salesian Religious Order. I wasn’t joking when I wrote that here Tuesday. I hallucinate on a regular basis, and I’ve learned to live with it.

I’ve never met anyone who has dissociation, shakes, hallucinations, manic episodes, and uncontrollable rages because of Life’s Little Stressors. A lot of clergy sex crime victims have the diagnosis of “Prolonged PTSD,” the mind and body reacting and internalizing trauma “For Prolonged Periods of Time” and you don’t get this sick due to a divorce or a death in the family.

PLEASE. It was bad enough having to listen to Cardinal Mahony’s personal attorney Lee Potts (sketched above reading briefs) and a couple other defense dweebs talk about TV coverage of the Pope in Washington before hearings started this morning in LA Superior Court. I overheard a whisper about the archbishop: “He didn't take any pictures of the Pope because he was too close to him, it would be tacky.” Then Lee Potts gurgled to Mason, “How are they going to give Communion to all those people in Yankee Stadium?”

Come on, Lee Potts, get real. You look more like someone with a secret life on Santa Monica Boulevard than someone with a secret passion for The Eucharist. Your interest in mass distribution of Holy Communion sounds as insincere as George Bush getting up after the pope made his speech in Washington last night, patting the pontiff on the back and saying, “That was an awesome speech, awesome speech.” (Yuck Yuck!) All this fake reverence over the pope, when at the same time Lee Potts, of Cardinal Mahony’s predatory defense team, spent most of 2007 filing so many motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment in the clergy cases, that he wore down the judge and got cases struck down that should have gone forward.

Potts never denied that the rapes of children by priests in LA took place, as he filed his motion after motion to strike. Potts argued that a certificate was filed after deadline by a matter of hours, or a signature was incorrect on another filing. Potts would file 20-30 briefs at a time one week after another, and yes, some of those cases got dismissed on paper. In the end most cases dismissed in 2007 were included in the final settlements anyway, because of another state law. There was no real victory for Cardinal Mahony, but there were a lot of empty words spoken, sort of like the pope waving his hand and mumbling over thousands of people in Washington today.

Last year during the LA clergy cases, I wrote here that Lee Potts’ shaking and jiving, his almost manic motion filings and spit fire speech in litigation, reminded me of a person with. . . prolonged PTSD.

Judge Emilie Elias,
USC Law School grad, runs such a relaxed courtroom that at one point today she entered in her robe and said, “Did they all run away?” as the whole gaggle of attorneys was out in the hall. They realized the judge was back and all rushed back to their seats, as Judge Elias sat down and the proceedings began, very unceremonial.

Trial Expected to Last Five to Six Weeks

Remaining motions in limine will be heard next week, then begins jury selection. They have to identify a jury pool of persons who can serve for five to six weeks, then from that pool find persons with not too much knowledge about the clergy cases and settlements in LA last year. Jury selection will take two weeks itself.

Meanwhile City of Angels Lady is rediscovering a less literal side of my brain by bringing a sketch pad to court. The squiggles above represent Lee Potts in repose eyeing briefs as we waited for hearings to begin this morning, after he’d impressed everyone with his reverence for the Pope.

Give me a break. Thank God for movie channels on Cable, I'm skipping the news this week. When I heard five pedophile priest crime victims met in person with the Pope today and actually went off with him to describe what happened in private?

Man the thought of that gives me the creeps.

Onward through the fog. . .


hrh said...

Well, Ms Smartypants CofAblog, since the crimes happened in private, don't you think it's appropriate that Pope Ratzinger uses privacy when finally forgiving those five nasty, NASTY boys and girls for seducing those sweet, innocent, angelic priests over and over and over and over? -:) (Is that the correct icon for a smiley face?)

Hey, EVERYTHING this guy does gives us the creeps!

North Hollywood Insider said...

What to you call the removal of a Mexican Cult Religious Order (Legion Of Christ) Superior & Founder, As Well As Proven Serial Pedophile, named Marciel, from office, canonically censored, and placed under life time house arrest, while stripping the Order of loyalty oaths? A REASONABLE START.

Unfortunately, Benny since he did the above about 3 years ago, has not had the JETS (or balls) to do the same to at least 400 global pedophile perpetrating cardinals (Rog 'Mahal' Mahony is a blatent example) and bishops (gay boy Tod Brown in Orange County or gay Robbie Brown in San Diego) that are guilty of the same, beyond sin, or forgiveness, or absolution, costing laity at least $2.8 Billion Dollars thus far, in the USA, with no end in sight, no correction, and child endangerment still WIDELY pervasive with pedophileordained and religious still in active ministries as well as pensioned, retired, salaried, annuitied and hush monied elsewhere (all at laity expense).

If this minimum is resisted by these John Paull II (no saint) appointed CROOKS, each should be swiftly IRREVOCABLY EXCOMMUNICATED!

So how is Benedict the XVI th's hand forced into such minimal action? (Personally, I like the idea of SHOT WHILE ESCAPING and just winging each to make them slowly suffer first).

The answer remains the laity produce 100% of all Church revenue. Ergo, STOP DONATING.

The boys across the Tiber pretend to 'get' little, but move ever so efficiently when any red hat or miter fails to deliver on revenue; (that's why Bernie Law was really removed - donations in Boston plummeted by over 75% for 2 years in a row and have never recovered).

Is Joseph Ratzinger probably personally "ashamed"? Maybe, but his action do not back up his words in any remotely reasonable, cognitive, cogent, salient, formative, or reliable manner, of punitive correction, against hundreds of overtly guilty cardinals and bishops.

OK, the pr spinners will argue, "Hey NoHo, get real, Ratzy was voted in by these same CROOKS, he owns his job and place in history to these son of a bitches!?"

I would answer, "You know, pr spinners, you are correct, but that can easily be corrected by cutting off all funding in this fixed game."

No Curia Personal Accountability & Cardinal & Bishop Removal? NO LAITY MONIES! It is simple as that.

North Hollywood Insider
(aka "NoHo")

PS - If you doubt the BRAVE and ONGOING HONEST COURAGE OF MS. EBLING, truly a saint in the making, you might also want to check out the daily domestic and global coverage at:

that more than presents irrefutable and overwhelming evidence, on why the insitutional Roman Catholic Church continues to lie, hide, criminally cover up and steal BILLION$ from the laity.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady