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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Imagine All the Bishops, Doing What He Said To Do--ooh-ooh-hoo-ooh, You May Say I Have The Audacity To Dream.

By Kay Ebeling
In 1994 I fantasized that the church would respond exactly like the Pope told the bishops to respond last week, with compassion for the victims. When my daughter turned five and I started to remember what happened to me when I was five, I had The Audacity To Imagine I’d go to the Chicago Archdiocese and tell them what Father Horne did to me and my sister, and like the Christian loving community the Catholic Church is, they would welcome us with open arms. The archbishop of Chicago himself would lean over me and say, “What can we do for you to make up for this horrendous crime?”

Since the Archbishop of Chicago stood over me in 1955 when I was seven years old and told me to stop babbling (and showing other children the moves Father Horne had shown me), this more recent fantasy is poignant. I imagined, in 1994 and in 2001 and 2004 and 2005 and 2007 each time I tried, that an archbishop would reach out to me and this time it would be different. It never was.

IMAGINE: The true story comes out, including whatever the church is covering up so desperately that they allowed these pedophiles to get at us. Imagine the truth of the total damage to the victims comes out, in spite of the power of PR, pseudo-advocacy, and media control, whatever tactics the church has used, from the start, to shoot down the crime victims and keep the true felonies performed on children from ever being public.

IMAGINE: Cardinal Roger Mahony has a spiritual awakening, (not like the fiction book that came out last year). The cardinal’s background leaves him a perfect way out of the mess he’s helped make the church. Imagine Mahony resigning as Archbishop and doing social work in LA pro bono. He speaks Spanish. It could happen. Mahony could slip into the third world, in LA it's just below Wilshire, and disappear.

IMAGINE: As the now Mr. Mahony resigns, he makes a powerful speech about the horrendous Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church. He says he can no longer take part in the archdiocese cover-up of crimes, and he will answer any questions from now on candidly, even if he incriminates himself.

IMAGINE: As the new Mr. Roger Mahony leaves the temple, he brings with him mounds of incriminating evidence all boxed up and addressed to go directly to Kay Ebeling c/o City of Angels Network in East Hollywood).
IMAGINE: It took a reader to tell me I wasn’t a flirt at age seven. I was squirming.

In 2004 I had a new fantasy when I connected with someone in the LA archdiocese, that the church would reach out and ask, What can we do for you. Back then the thought of a lawsuit had never crossed my mind. I just imagined I would get help from the church which had damaged me, the church that preaches this message of Confession and Penance and Reconciliation. (To read the story of my encounter with the LA archdiocese’s Sister Sheila, read January 8, 2008 post.)

One reader pointed out about the last post, I referred to myself as “flirting” when I was 7 years old with Father Horne in a previous post. The reader reminded me a 7 year old girl does not flirt, as she doesn't know what flirting is.

I should have changed the word to “squirm” not “flirt.”

Weirder still, I left out the second half of my connection to “impure thoughts:”

Father Horne taught me to talk dirty, in the Confessional. He got me in that dark place and taught me these dirty words, fantasies that involve ideas no little girl would know, and yet those “impure thoughts” are with me to this day.

He had me talking dirty to him in the Confessional at age seven.

Then in 1953 we moved to from Illinois to California and I went to Confession in a new church for us, somewhere near San Marino. When I began repeating what Father Horne taught me to say, the priest ran out of the confessional with his eyes bugging out and his mouth wide open going ‘GAAAAAAH” I came out of my side and didn't understand what I’d done wrong.

He just wanted me out of that church that minute. One of my first experiences of people despising me when I didn't know why.

My mom came out from the pew where she waited, and biting her lip, she led me out of the church.

Hmm, it was Father Horne’s fantasies then,
But today

A lot of people have disappeared, been shot down not only by the church but by the movement. Write to me

IMAGINE: Me starting this blog, after being shot down trying to be an advocate over and over again, even by persons who identify themselves as advocates. I almost had no imagination left in me at all in January 2007. Then I started the blog and got rejuvenated.

IMAGINE: Me instead of quitting, instead of letting them defeat me, starting a blog and turning into a new person.

If you're one of the victims of Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church, and you've tried to organize an event, and you've been shot down and because of that you quit, get in touch with me. I’ll teach you how to start a blog or we'll do something...

If you want to talk and go public and put your story out there forever,
What you've gone through with the church, what you've gone through with advocacy,
Once it’s out there on a blog, it’s out there. No one can take it down but you.
I’ll show you how to start a blog.
And begin publishing your own version of the truth about Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church.
Don’t Be Scared
If you're doing what's Right, there’s nothing to be scared of

In my ghetto Bible Study groups there’s another topic that keeps coming up, the Power of God, especially in the last few weeks, as in, DON’T BE SCARED to do what you know is right. A lot of us have to do things that are frightening, but if you're praying and God is with you, there’s no reason to be scared.

Whatever happens, if you're praying and in a relationship with God, do what you have to do, and whatever happens is all right.

Don’t Be Scared.

We need to be brave.

IMAGINE: Someone who is still a priest or monsignor, still inside the confines of the church, has a spiritual awakening and realizes it’s time to come forward with what they know.

And that brave soul will contact me and pass me a briefcase or a box or a blue dress, something that starts to tell whatever it is the church was covering up when they refused to stop the pedophiles.
What were they covering up when they let the pedophiles get to the children? There’s more story here that needs to be dug out.

IMAGINE: That priest or nun or accountant, or even a suddenly rejoiced Cardinal Mahony, will bring me the equivalent of Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress, so that City of Angels Blog nee Network can get more than 300 readers every post.

IMAGINE: Today that the true nature of the Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church will come out.

That all the powers of PR
And whatever tactics the church has used,
From the start,
Even pseudo-advocates
To shoot down the crime victims and keep the total details of the crimes from ever becoming Public --
We will be able to bypass all those obstacles
Even the “movement” seems to have put in front of us.
And be able to tell the total story of crimes committed from the bishops on down

Put your story out in a blog. Then it’s there for the world to see freely. And once it’s published, what can the bad guys do?

IMAGINE: All the victims and advocates who have felt shot down and quit coming, coming back, even the ones who just decided to quit after New York and Washington last week.


Quitting accomplishes nothing except to let the bad guys win. There’s a couple more activists who quit after events Washington and New York last week. Please don’t quit.

If you feel like you got shot down trying to do something about your priest rape cases, contact me. I’ll teach you how to start a blog at least.

We have to do something.
We can’t let them get away with this

Last week the pope told bishops around the country to look at the crime victims as individuals and reach out to them with mercy. So here I go imagining things again, that any minute the phone will ring and Cardinal George will be on the line saying, “What can we do for you to make up for this horrendous crime. The resources of the Church are here to help you.”
MEANWHILE, I type every word everybody says, with every utterance on my paid job, perfect training for covering jury trials, first one the Salesian cases coming up.
For the last 10 years I’ve had this job you have to call bizarre.
There are only about 30 of us in the world.
Transcribers for Reality TV shows.

See whenever they do reality TV, they go out to homes and far flung places and video ALL THIS STUFF, and someone has to go through it all. That's what I do. I go through raw videos for shows like E! True Hollywood Story and Extreme Makeover, and write down everything that's going on in the B-Roll, (with angles and time codes every 30 seconds) plus I write verbatim everything they say, word for word, including every “um” “you know”-- to get my pay rate up, I developed ways to transcribe faster and faster. Now it takes me about an hour to transcribe a half-hour tape.
Here is where the
Nothing Happens In God’s World By Mistake part happens:

As it so happens, as we begin the Salesian trial next week, I can sit in the courtroom and write down everything the lawyers and the judges and the witnesses say, because I now transcribe half the speed that people speak, the speed of speech if I can leave out the "uh's" and "you know's," a skill I learned long before I ever knew I'd be doing this reporting.

Do you see the miracle there?

Because I’ve been doing this weird job in reality TV for 10 years, I'm able to do this blog.

I'm one of 30 or so people in the world who do this kind of transcription.

It's a God thing.

Saturday night for a show called "America's Greatest Dog" I transcribed future lines of dialogue from a future male model in a bark park with his dog:

“No, [STAMMERS] my dog has been amazing, just, uh, putting me into like, you know, a pattern of like a schedule.”
Dear Mr. Fantasy, like in the video box above, Imagine the whole story -- all the crimes, the total truth, published here at City of Angels Network.

That picture at the top inside the post, that's me, Nancy Drew. And above that is a video box with Dear Mr. Fantasy, music that fed my nascent imagination.
Onward. . .
IT OCCURS to me that people don’t understand when I say “Please Click the PayPal Button”

PS My daughter’s boyfriend just told me some people might not know how PayPal works to applaud the blog. Anyone with a bank card or any credit card can go to my PayPal and use that card to send cash to City of Angels Network. We never see your bank card information, your applause gets put on our PayPal account for me to withdraw cash. So if you want to send money to City of Angels Network and help finance investigative reporting on Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church, please click the button that says “Subscribe” in the top left column under “Applaud the Blog.”
We're like slapstick dancers, when you clap real hard, we dance even faster.

Onward through the fog. . .


Anonymous said...

OK, so I have my political success within the church ahead of the welfare of the children entrusted to us.

And I have lied countless times... (mental reservation)and I am responsible for the misery of many, many people. Because of me,children will pay a very high price, they will not ever reach their potential, they will suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction, intimacy problems, divorce, homelessness,and some will take their own lives.

And you know what I say? Tough shit assholes! That's what I say. If any of you chumps are even thinking of taking us to court, consider what the most recent batch of victims went through...6 years of scorched Earth legal tactics that even shook up our own lawyers. And after all of that no one really got all that much, a few did but only a few.

We gave as good as we got, I'll tell you that. Families crumbled under the strain, no one expected us to fight as hard as we did, no one. Our funds are limitless and nobody, but NOBODY fucks with us.

Remember, billions of believers think we have the power, the very keys of Heaven and Hell. As long as they believe it, we will always prevail. We will never relinquish our power, and if a few of our princes want to fuck little boys, well ok more than a be it. Live with it.

His Eminence, Roger Mahony

hrh said...

Could the previous comment have been penned by Tipsy Gay Boy Tod in a lucid moment? Just wondering.

nellie said...

There is an old yiddish saying, "From your mouth to God's ears".

Keep writing Kay and keep speaking the truth. If we don't shut up eventually they have to listen!

Torrance Torquemada said...

Apologies In Advance To Bob Seager & The Silver Bullet Band

Here comes old Rog, he thinks he's mighty fine,
Her come gay Tod Boy, he's steppin'
right on time,
There go the street lights bringing on the night,
Here come the peds, faces that bring on fright,
All through the shadows, they come and they go,
With only one thing in common,

Here comes Rog in his turbo chopper, thinking himself so serene,
Here comes the poor shaked-down for more green,
Her comes the lawyers, glitteratri, and the cops,
One thing for certain, it aint's never gonna stop,
Unless the laity stop the dollar hustle and flow...
With only one thing in common,

It happens in George's Chicago, Boy's Club we mean,
On the crooked and cracked streets of Bernie Law's Boston,
Up in NYC, full of Egan clerical QUEENS,
And it went on yesterday & it's going on tonight,
You can be assured Roger & the Criminal LA Ardiocese aren't treatin' somebody right.

And Rog's looking out for himself, though he believe he's mighy fine,
And Rog's covering for many peds,
just to beat the fines,
And Rog will deflect everytime.
When the light flickers into the black pitch strife,
Well Rog we'll be slide'n into darkness and out of sight,
All through the EVIL
Watch Rog come, and watch Rog go,
With only one thing in common

Fremont Place (Hancock Park) Ex Lay Donator said...

To The FLASHDANCE 'Maniac' Tune:

Just still a boy out to fright, pickin' a fight out of a bully's delight,

In the real-world no on cares about Roger at all, they know he's crazy,

Locking horns to the beat, but no soul or heart, harming throngs of kids for life,

Roger prances all about the danger zone, where as an enabler becomes
a monster in his own,

Roger's dark legions can cut you like a knife, his gift comes from the fire, on a pitch-forked crime spree

Roger's a meglomaniac, meglomaniac we know,
And Roger's a-spinning, like he always has before!
Roger's a meglomaniac, megolmaniac
we know,
And Roger's a-spinning, has caught up to him once more!

North Hollywood Insider said...

Word has reach us that at least 5 major contributors to OLA Cathedral (aka The 'Rog' Mahal) want their names quietly removed from the clear etched panels out on the wall, next to the freeway over look, on the east side of the bizarre plaza area, as they consider their names displayed there "bad for business" with ongoing felonious disclosures of the Mahony crime sprees.

Pedophile enabling is not exactly at the top of most civic and philanthropic associations want list.

No doubt the Man Boy Love Association will want on the credits soon?

North Hollywood Insider
(aka 'NoHo')

North Hollywood Insider said...

By the way, I DISASSOCIATE myself from the bigoted ANTI-GAY rhetoric of the recent posts. I mean, we're not the KKK, people!

North Hollywood Insider
(aka 'NoHo')

Anonymous said...


How dare you call me a tipsy boy.

Sincerely, T. Tamberg

Anonymous said...

Ebeling runs a hate group blog.


The REAL North Hollywood Insider said...

The last North Hollywood Insider comment is not from the REAL North Hollywood Insider, but another cyber identity signature thief, and bully attmepting to intimidate (which will not work).

Hmmmm, KKK, when was that mentioned? Though the pointy hoods and white robes of the Klan are a direct fashion knock-off from the Spanish Catholic Church in processionals, to this very day.

Since when is stating sexual predisposition anti anything?

Unless of course it's in direct canon violation of celibacy rules, or used against offending and guilty office holders, by pedophile rings to blackmail them.

The transfer FOR DECADES of pedophiles, instead of calling to cops, did not occur in a vaccum; while the continued harm, physical assault, rape, oral copulation, sodomy, physical maiming, suiciding, mental torture, murdering, kidnapping, extorsion, racketeering, perjury, embezzkement, fraud, aid and abetting, in relation to thousands of CA children, in Fresno, Stockton and LA, under Roger Mahony's direct watches, by said pedophiles, is the REAL ISSUE.

Of course instead of the discussing FACTS, whomever continues the 'deflection play'; directly out of the Criminal LA Archdiocese PR Spin Playbook.

Whomever is trying to copy comments left by real contributors to this blog site, and their signature identities, must have one real low IQ, if any (no offense against real mentally disabled, who were among the many raped and sodomized children Mahony allowed to be assaulted).

The REAL "NoHo"

Pissed In Pasadena said...


I guess so, if you hate pedophiles, pedophile enablers, pedohile aid and abetters, costing Roman Catholic Laity ate least $1 Billion dollars, with no end in sight, and no punishment of guilty Roger Mahony, in the LA Criminal Archdiocese.

Santa Monica Lay Roman Catholic said...

There are over 80 empiricial and recently published books on the subject of overt obstruction of justice and ongoing felonious reacketeering activities of Roger Mahony, and many hundreds of Cardinals and Bishops, of the Roman Catholic Church, all at 100% laity expense, you can read for free at your local public libraries, or purchase online at:

Among the large list of very accurate and accomplished authors you may wish to consider are:

Richard Sipe
Leon Podles
Jason Berry
Fr. Thomas Doyle, OP

Also check out for FREE the 2006 US Academay Award BEST DOCUMENTARY nominated DELIVER US FROM EVIL, again, at your local public libraries, on DVD, or

An excellent and 100% accurate new film you may wish to consider is: VOWS OF SILENCE, also out on DVD.

There is daily verified information on the ongoing criminal cover up of Roger Mahony and the Roman Catholic Curia at:

The solution to all this is for laity to STOP DONATING until all the guilty, like Mahony, are removed.

Santa Monica Lay Roman Catholic

Babel Hills Jew said...

Apologies to the late Ms. Judy Garland, and the following satire is meant only for educational purposes, of this blog's readers:


Downtown, under the rainbow,
Way Down Low,
There's a Cathedral, were
you really don't want to go.

OLA, under the rainbow,
If You Only Knew,
Where all childhood nightmares,
Really do come true!

Someday you'll wish on a star
And wake up where the peds are far
behind you,
Where troubles melt like law suits
Away above the spinning chopper
That's where you'll find us.

Downtown, under the rainbow,
Cardinals fly,
Cardinals fly under the rainbow
When then, will they hear our

Someday YOUR WISH upon that star
will come true,
And the curia will be in jail too,
with no more red hatted lies,
But until that day, as they say,
LAITY just don't pay!

Downtown, under the rainbow,
inclusion is a fraud,
OLA, just stay away,
unless you're part of the pro
pedophile blogs...

Babel Hills Jew Married To A Nice
Roman Catholic Girl


Ebeling runs an anti-gay hate blog by tolerating the rantings of a bunch of mouth breathing homophobes.

North Hollywood Insider said...

Welcome to the conversation AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES!

Your project looks really look most impressive to me, with an army of MD's on your advisory board, and web site at:

Your assertion, on behalf of your organization, if you are truly part of this good organization, and truly speaking on their behalf, is not "anti gay", it is however indeed ANTI PEDOPHILE, ANTI PEDOPHILE ENABLING, ANTI FELONIOUS PEDOPHILE AID & ABETTING, over many decades, by Roger Mahony, and the unaccountable Roman Catholic Curia, who perpetuate child endangerment, by protecting pedophile perpetrators in the LA Archdiocese ministries and religious orders, to this very day, in the rape, sodomy, physical maiming, oral copulation, mental torture, sexual assault, kidnapping, suiciding, deliquenting, murder, obstruction of justice, racketeering, embezzling, tax fraud, etc. with Roman Catholic laity monies, donations, and assets.

That is NOT "hate or anti-gay", and if you are officially speaking on behalf of the AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES, you are seriously harming their fine and noble cause towards a CURE.

Gays are not pedophiles.

Gays are nor pedophile enablers.

Gays are not unprosecuted, unconvicted, and heniously guilty Roman Catholic Cardinal pedophile enablers/aid and abetters.

I cannot believe such a noble organization as the AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES would allow such poorly thought out rhetoric, and in point of fact HATE CYBER BULLYING, to appear on behalf of their name, and will be calling some the MD's I know on the Project's Advisory Board to ask them directly.

North Hollywood Insider (The Real One, aka "NoHo")

Aids Project Los Angeles said...

Cyber bully? No Ho, you're a Cyber Bigot. Your previous posts rant about GAYS and GAY ORGIES. That you are talking about priests and bishops is a stupid and fake excuse. Just say NO to the CYBER BIGOTS like No Ho. Why is Ebeling silent? Does she condone such homophobic rantings?

Aids Project Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

It must be OFFICIAL! You read it here first (LET'S HOPE NOT) the person allegedly speaking for the AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES is endorsing the rape, sodomy, and sexual assault, by known serial clerical pedophiles, of thousands of children over DECADES, and the ensuing criminal cover up, at Billions Of Dollars of LAITY MONEY, WITH NO PUNISHEMENT OF ENABLERS LIKE ROGER MAHONY, of the Roman Catholic Church and LA Archdiocese!

Send this over to Steve Lopez, he'll have a field day with at The LA Times.

NoHo is no bigot, look in the mirror you sick Cyber Bully, you are embarassment to rationality, logic, facts, truth, and defaming the AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES in the process.

Member Of The Hollywood Gay Community & A Roman Catholic

Cal Tech Professor said...

For the edification for regular readers of City Of Angels, what you are witnessing, is a classic attempt at a SHOUT DOWN by the person, or persons, name calling, and deflecting, claiming to be from the AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES, as well as those stealing signature entry ID's.

The purspose of these tactics is to stifle, or supress disclosure of FACTS being discussed, or reduced participation and readership, to the blog site.

There are several books out on the subject, among them: 'Cyber Bulling: Bullying in the Digital Age' by Robin M. Kowalski, PhD, Susan P. Limber, PhD, and Patricia W. Agatston, PhD, as well as: 'Cyberbulling & Cyberthreats' by Nancy E. Willard

Cal Tech Professor

Rasta Ralph said...

As da saint'd Jimmy Cliff says man:

"Well they tell me of pie in
the sky
Waiting for me when I die
But between the day you're
born and when you die
They never seem to hear your

So as sure as the sun will shine
I'm gomma get my share now of
what's mine
And the harder they come the
harder they'll fall one and all"

Rasta Ralph

Anonymous said...

Oh my my.

Who would attack a blog that seeks justice for the crimes of pedophile priests and the church officials.... church officials that continue to hide the truth about their involvement in these sick crimes against kids to this very day?

Hmmmm? Oh, I wonder who would do that....

HINT: They fight against the victims of these pedophile priests with millions of dollars of laity donated cash.

HINT: They wear funny hats that look just like fish heads from the side.

AIDS PROJECT indeed. Nice try though. You only have one problem, and that is this, the Truth is not on your side. Never has been, never will be.

city of angels lady said...

Cal Tech Professor is right. It happened on the SNAP message board so much people stopped using it. Over and over again, every time you'd get a dialogue going and start comparing notes, digging, this idiot would chime in with long posts that are totally off topic. No matter what people write, this person keeps posting long off topic posts.

On purpose, keeping us from getting together. It's insidious and they pay PR firms to do this stuff, no accountability.

I stayed on the board a year before I couldn't bother with it anymore. SNAP could keep it under control, they choose to ignore it too. Nasty waste of a potential resource.

I don't want to make posts here too too private or difficust, as I'm kinda libertarian.

So keep contributing the valuable information and ignore negative stuff. -- City

Anonymous said...

Very true City.

They come to draw attention away from the church's crimes, to get people distracted, to turn the conversation to anything else. They will say ___anything___absolutely anything___ no matter how ridiculous or how outrageous it is, to cause a controversy that ISN'T about the crimes of PEDOPHILIA and RAPE within the church.

We won't be fooled again. For them to be totally, utterly and completely ignored would be righteous.

Anonymous said...

100% of Roman Catholic Bishops are either active homosexual themselves or knowingly provide cover for active homosexual priests under their direct jurisdiction or for their actively homosexual brother bishops.

Outing Cardinal Egan,lombardi,72095,6.html

Outing Cardinal McCarrick

Out a bishop or cardinal near you...

West Hollywood Proud said...

Comfort yourself by pointing fingers at everyone but yourselves. But know that at the end of the day, your many previous posts which are laced with anti-gay, homophobic rhetoric speak louder than any of your fake professor and anonymous whines to the contrary. You run a web blog that tolerates hate speech. Truth.

Malibu Mama said...

From Bobby Bare's Version:

"Dropkick me, Jesus, through the goal-posts of life,

End over end, neither left or right,

Straight through the heart of them
righeteous up-rights,

Dropkick me Jesus, through the goal-posts of life,

Make me, Oh make me, Lord, more than I am,

Make me a piece in your master plan,

Free us from Mahony's tempestion BELOW,

I've got will, Lord, if You got the toe.

Bring on the brothers, who've gone before,

And all the sisters, who've knocked on your door,

All the departed, dear, love ones of mine,

Stick'em up front in the offensive line.

A lowly bench warmer I'm, content to be,

Until the time when you have need of me,

The flash on the big score board signs from on high,

The big Super Bowl way up in the sky."

The early martyrs and saints of the Church, slaughtered as innocents for entertainment, were repeatedly historically reported to be SINGING prior to many forms of gruesome torture and death.

St. Thomas Aquinas reminds us all: "They who sing, pray twice."

We at the City Of Angles blog, sing of our torture, persecution, martyrdom, and even online harassment, by an EVIL Curia like Roger Mahony, probably the single biggest unpunished crook (thus far) in the history of the American Roman Catholic Church, and WE IN THE LIGHT & TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL!

"And the truth shall set you free" St. John

Malibu Mama

Cal Tech Professor said...

Amazing, the LA Archdiceose pro pedophile enabling denyer has come back for more, delusional as they clearly present themselves.

This denyer (proably alss believes there never were any Nazi's or a genocide) has the audacity to suggest real contributors to City of Angels, like me, with a nephew who is a sexual abuse victim of a Roger Mahony directly enabled priest, do not exist! Simply amazing.

Nice try you pitiful excuse for a human; it won't work.

Cal Tech Professor
Our Motto: "And The Truth Shall Make You Free"
Founded 1891

I've ask some colleagues over at USC Anneberg School of Communications to start reading this site, as it is a classic case study in the continued , but failing, attempt, of cyber bullying, on behalf of, or directly sponsored by, the criminal element over at the LA Archdiocese.

Anonymous said...

HW wants the readers of this blog to post about anything but the crimes of the church.

Don't get caught up in the false accusations of those sent to distract you. It is wasted time.

The fish that bites the worm gets the hook. Don't take HW's bait. Ignore it. It is designed to lure readers into petty bickering.

Brawley, CA RC Lay Victim said...

A friend of mine in New York City, a victim of Edward Egan's protection of scores of pedophiles, told me since the Pope's visit, hundreds upon hundreds of new victims are coming forward all over the USA, to seek legal action in the courts against the Church in civil actions - not for the money, but to get perpetrators and their Church enablers from prospering from their crimes.

Viva The Victims'Courage!

Brawley, CA RC Victim

recovering in riverside said...

Malibu Mama you are RIGHT ON!

Song brings joy; we as victims are NOT AFRAID of low lifes like Mahony!

Here's one back to you from HEART:

"Quite some time, I been sittin' it out,

Didn't take no chance

I was a pris'ner of DOUBT.

I knocked down the waitin' wall

Ain't no sin

Got the feet courage, deal me in!

Comin' straight for you. You made my mind.

Now I'm stronger. Now I'm comin through

Straight on, straight on for you

Straight on for you!

Now I know I got to play my hand

What Rog don't know, every victim understands

My heart keeps playin' it through

with you, my friend

I'll take my chance on you again and again...again.

Comin' straight on for you. You made my mind

Now I'm stronger. Now I'm comin' through

Straight on, straight on for you

Straight on for you!"

Recovering In Riverside

city of angels lady said...

Only reference to gay bishops is to point out they have something they are hiding, which contributed to enabling of pedophiles.

Why would I write any anti gay posts? Besides, how do you know I'm not gay? I used to live in West Hollywood, I mean, do you know, I mean really know?

Anonymous said...

So, "Professor," it really ISNT about what happened in your family that is the issue. The issue is why can't you and your ilk talk about it without resorting to gay-bashing? Look at many of the previous comments in many of the previous posts. Nearly all of them make some nasty reference to gays and homosexuals. When you and your ilk are angry, you are likely to call someone a homo or gay boy. Tell your imaginary friends at Annenberg to look at those references, too. One should cry for Cal Tech, if you are indeed an "encourager of ideas" there.

Reading & Responding From USC said...

Poor 'Anonymous', who pretends to have comprehension problems.

Kay Ebeling correctly stated: "the only reference to gay bishops is to point out they have something they are hiding (they can't be 'out of the closet' in their so-called moral office positions, or careers, at least publicly) which contribute to enabling (by the bishops - easy just to transfer problem clerics) of pedophiles."

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CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

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