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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pope Felony tap dances while advocates drool and crime victim wonders why. Meanwhile here are Salesian Motions in Limine for trial next week

By Kay Ebeling

The first and only jury trial in LA concerning pedophile priests begins next week, just as the lead perpetrator, the Pope, is distracting Catholics and the media on the East Coast. Since Americans now have the Patriot Act and Extraordinary Rendition, the prudent response to the pope stepping on US soil is his arrest and indefinite detention. Instead we'll have non stop coverage of praise and glory by bug-eyed frothing crowds following the Pope around as if the Catholic Church hadn't turned 5000 felons loose on the US population and let those pedophiles disguised as priests rape thousands of children in the last few decades.

Motions in Limine filed by Salesians for the trial in LA next week are copied below, naming everything the Salesians don't want mentioned in Court. Hearings begin April 14 and all 23 motions in limine by defendants and 6 by plaintiffs have to be heard and ruled on before jury selection and the trial can begin. So might as well follow the pope around, please take rotten fruit in case you get within a stone's throw. . .

With these 23 motions Attorneys from the Foley & Lardner firm show they will do the same obstruction in LA as they did when they defended the Salesians in San Francisco in 2006, obstruction such as flooding the court with 23 motions in limine when rarely are there more than 10. Why not? Attorneys who represent the Catholic Church and its felons seem to have a bottomless briefcase full of cash. Here are their 23 concerns:

(MIANI TRIAL) - Motions in Limine by Defendants The Salesian Society and St. John Bosco High School:

No. 1: To Exclude any reference to Liability Insurance in Voir Dire and Trial.

No. 2: To exclude All Evidence Relating to Larry Lorenzoni, Ralph Murguia, and the Unidentified Clergy Person Named by Plaintiff Ron H.

No. 3: To Exclude Any Reference to the Instruction of 1962 and the Crime of Solicitation.

No. 4: To Exclude Reference at Trial to "The Catholic Church," The Vatican, The Pope, The Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and/or Cardinal Mahony.

No. 5: To Preclude Expressions of Personal Opinions, and References to Litigation and/or Settlements in Other Actions Arising Out of Allegations of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Clergy Including the Recent Settlement by the Los Angeles Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

No. 6: To Exclude Testimony Regarding Plaintiffs' Knowledge of Molestation of Other Victims of Clergy Abuse.

No. 7: To Exclude Evidence of Fr. Titian Miani's 2003 Arrest.

No. 8: To Exclude Expert Testimony of A. W. Richard Sipe.

No. 9: To Exclude Testimony Regarding Servants of the Paraclete.

No. 10: To Preclude Fr. Liam Hoare from Testifying as to the Translation and Meaning of the 1948 Italian Letter.

No. 11: To Exclude Evidence Relating to Alleged Misconduct Between Father Miani and Other Victims Not Parties to this Action.

No. 12: To Exclude Testimony of ---- (other victim not party to this action, so not named in City of Angels Blog)

No. 13: To Exclude Evidence of "Particular Friendships" and the "No Two Alone Rule"

No. 14: To Exclude Evidence of or Reference to Gun Carried by Miani.

No. 15: To Exclude Post-Abuse Evidence Unrelated to Damages.

No. 16: To Exclude Portions of Testimony by Monsignor James Cain.

No. 17: To Exclude Unlawful Sexual Abuse by Persons Other Than Miani.

No. 18: To Exclude Evidence of ----- M.'s Confession and Manifestation. (Name redacted by City of Angels Blog)

No. 19: To Exclude Expert Testimony of Fr. Thomas Doyle.

No. 20: To Exclude Expert Testimony of Robert W. Johnson Regarding Ron H.

No. 20: To exclude Expert Testimony of Robert W. Johnson Regarding Ron H.

No. 21: Regarding Order of Proof on The Notice Issues.

No. 22: To Exclude Expert Testimony of Umberto Lenzi Regarding Plaintiff Ron H.

No. 23: To Exclude Expert Testimony of Carol Hyland Regarding Plaintiff Ron H.

Plaintiffs Motions in Limine concern keeping their health and personal sex lives out of court.


Best thing the advocates for crime victims could do is ignore him.

Turn your back on the Pope.

Instead, VOTF raised $63 thousand for a full page ad in the New York Times -- for the Pope. And since the ad only cost $52 thousand, now they are raising More and More cash for More and More one page ads to run for one day.

To be tomorrow's fish wrap.

All over America there are crime victims of pedophile priests who never filed a lawsuit, or filed and were denied, or got a pittance for a settlement and they still face insurmoutable problems daily.

And VOTF is in a fund raising frenzy to run ads -- to expand their brand identification. VOTF even admits these ads are about themselves, not crime victims:

"Viral marketing use(s) preexisting networks to produce increases in brand awareness," is how Janet Hauter of VOTF explained it in a breathless memo to members, trying to explain why they are raising more and more money to run more and more ads.

VOTF is frothing at the mouth, running around in some kind of ecstatic state, just because the lead felon in our crimes is coming to America.

They can raise $63 thousand dollars in a week for an ad to promote themselves. VOTF would not even exist if it were not for the crime victims. Still, I run out of cash every month producing this blog and write a lot of posts with my stomach growling.

VOTF could have supported three survivors for a year with that money. Honest, some of us do live on that small an income.

Right now, I'm so discouraged and disappointed so bad I did not even want to post. Thank God for persons who called me, or I'd still be in bed.

The ads by VOTF are making crime victims depressed.

You can help.

Tell me one concrete thing, one specific incident where VOTF or SNAP or anyone who claims to advocate for crime victims has ever done something for a victim. I mean, helped them get into an apartment, gave them a car, got them health care, anything.

NOTE: Holding your hand and getting you to an attorney to file a lawsuit does not count. I mean direct help to a struggling crime victim.

Can anyone tell me one significant thing VOTF or SNAP has done for a victim, besides press conferences and national conferences, and I'm sorry, but getting your name in the media and being quoted also does not count.

Please write to me with examples of HELP a crime victim has gotten from one of our brand-awareness-expanding advocacy groups. Help me get out of this slump these ads and this frenzy for the pope are creating.

On the East Coast as pretrial motions go through LA Superior Court the man in red shoes will probably throw himself on the floor to kiss the carpet at some point as it makes for a great photo op.

Salesians deny that their pedophile priests do anything more than just love the kids in their schools and parishes to death.

Onward. . .


North Hollywood Insider said...

Here's A Prayer:

What if the Pope came, and NO ONE DONATED!?

Let Us Pray, for it is YOU, the laity, who have the power to STOP overt ongoing evil, costing you mutiple billions of dollars, with no end in sight, no correction, and child endangerment still pervasive, by not donating, and forcing guilty red hats like Rog 'Mahal' Mahony from office.

North Hollywood Insider

city of angels lady said...

This came as email from a computer challenged victim:

"Dear Not so dear Pope Benedict the too many: Have you no shame? Must you subject the victims of your policies to more pain? A few days from now the media will bend over backwards to show glassy eyed teenagers thrilled at your Dolce and Cabaña‘d presence. Victims will hear you referred to over and over as “his Holiness” or “your Holiness”, while the people raped by your priests and policies cringe. You are the ultimate un-desirable alien. If you want more money from the morons in the pews, why not hire a boiler room agency. You know call Catholics at dinner time across the U.S. and say someething like--"

End of email. . .

study the past said...

These 3 stellar popes are all from the same family--

The Orsini family was one of the most celebrated princely families in Italy, and which had large possessions throughout Europe. Orsini popes include popes Celestine III (1191-1198), Nicholas III (1277-1280), and Benedict XIII (1724-1730), numerous condottieri (mercenary leaders or contractors) and other political and religious figures.

Pope Celestine III (1191-1198; born into the noble Bobones family, ancestors of the Orsini family), was elected Pope at age 85, which is amazing in itself, especially since it was in order to fulfill a specific political agenda—he crowned the Emperor Henry VI on the day after his election. The ceremony epitomized the absolute supremacy of the Pope. He was chosen to be Pope even though he was not even a priest and was only a deacon before becoming Pope.

Pope Nicholas III (1277-1280) gave new significance to nepotism and simony. He elevated 3 of his closest relatives to the cardinalate, and gave others powerful positions. His alleged discussions with king Rudolph could be interpreted as an attempt to found principalities for his nephews and other relations. Dante in The Inferno talks to Pope Nicholas III, who was condemned to spend eternity in the Eighth Circle of Hell, reserved for those who committed Simony, the ecclesiastical crime of paying for offices in the hierarchy. In Dante's story the Simoniacs are placed head-first in holes, flames burning on the soles of their feet. Nicholas III was the chief sinner, which is demonstrated by the height of the flames on his feet. At first he mistakes Dante for Pope Boniface VIII. When the confusion cleared, Nicholas informs Dante he foresees the damnation for simony of not only Boniface VIII but Pope Clement V, an even more corrupt pope. Each one is more corrupt than the prior because they build on the lies and corrupt legacy of each other.

Pope Benedict XIII (1724-1730). According to Cardinal Lambertini (later Pope Benedict XIV) he "did not have any idea about how to rule". The government effectively was run by Cardinal Niccolò Coscia, who had been Benedict's secretary when he was archbishop of Benevento, and who committed many financial abuses to his advantage, ruining Papal savings. According to Montesquieu, "All the money of Rome go to Benevento... as the Beneventani direct [Benedict's] weakness". The comment to Benedict's death by Pasquino, the popular satirist of Rome, was: "This tomb encloses the bones of a little friar: more than a saint's lover a protector of brigands."

The history of the papacy and hierarchy is the history of corruption.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady