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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mass in an empty stadium would be great. Victims of Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church vent about papal visit, call in to online TV show tonight

By Kay Ebeling
Broadcasting online this evening, Educating To End Abuse at will feature victims of Catholic clergy sex crimes reacting to the upcoming papal visit at 6PM central, with a toll free call in number: 866 - 905 - 8855. Person for person, a soft poll of the crime victims yesterday evoked the same reaction to the Pope’s upcoming visit. Who cares? We should turn our backs. Hope to see empty seats in the stadium for the papal Mass.

PEGGY WARREN:* I just don’t get it. Why aren’t more people infuriated over Pope Benedict's visit? This is the man who headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which handles the clergy sexual abuse cases. Need I say more. Pope Benedict, a.k.a. Cardinal Ratzinger, allowed child rape to continue for decades and he is still allowing such atrocities as Pope. All Catholics should be sickened and ashamed, ...society should demand justice and put him behind bars.

“Crappy,” said one survivor from Boston who didn't want to be identified. “Most of the churches they've closed have high property values. In one church the women of the World War Two generation gave their wedding rings to be melted into the church bell so that the gold would make the sound purer. The church sold the church right out from under them."

The LA Archdiocese produced a video to welcome the pope featuring Cardinal Roger Mahony blessing a cow. Not just any cow. The archbishop of LA and his media staff took b-roll from an event last March and put a generic sound track on it (Mexican horns of course). “This video welcome will be played on the big screen at Nationals Stadium in Washington, D.C., as part of the festivities surrounding the Papal Mass on April 17, 2008,” reads the caption over the video at their website (linked at left). Roger Mahony did not even shoot special footage for the Pope’s visit, just used what they already had in the film can from this year's Blessing of the Animals on Olvera Street.

Several victims of Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church are reeling emotionally as the Pope’s visit next week comes nearer.. A few have emailed me paragraphs full of exclamation points, many don’t want to talk on the record, but the deep down anger and disillusionment that for some had been buried is coming to the surface as American media goes ga-ga over a big “story” that must be a story because everybody else is writing it. (Including me. . .)

“It takes a village to cover up the crimes of sexual abuse against innocent children and Benedict is the “Village Idiot” who led the conspiracy.” -- Mike Ference, Pittsburgh

“Obviously, this is bullshittery of the first order and the worst kind,” said Kay Goodnow. “The best way to let this pope know that the clergy abuse situation would be an empty stadium... For me, no close encounters with the pope, my choice. Besides, ticket prices are exorbitantly expensive, and those attending will be herded like the sheeple they are.”

“It’s like hello he’s ripping the wounds right open,” said Robert Costello of A Matter of Truth Boston. “That's why we're doing the vigil, to remember the survivors, not the Pope.

“In the middle of all this pope frenzy what he have to remember is that thousands of children were raped and those people have to be remembered,” Costello said.

NPR Morning Edition Saturday morning will feature interviews with Costello and several other survivors from Boston, venting about the Pope’s skipping a trip to their city on his visit to America. Costello is featured guest on tonight's KCTU program as well.

Looks like wherever the Pedophile Priest Kingpin goes next week he’s going to be pestered about the Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church.

I hope the media just pesters the Pope to death about Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church.

Actually I hope the US uses the Patriot Act and Extraordinary Rendition to arrest and detain the Pope. . .


One survivor had the healthiest reaction. This person dealt with his archdiocese in the 1990s, got some help, realized he would never get any more help, was homeless for a few years, found his way back up, now has a good job, an apartment and health insurance that pays for his continued therapy. He’s at home in his body, at peace. His reaction re the Pope's upcoming visit:

“Oh, is the Pope coming? I didn't know.”

Here is a comment from another California crime victim who prefers not to give his name:

“Joseph Ratzinger, former CDF Prelate, as Cardinal, for 24 years, under the 27 year reign of John Paul II, had standing orders NOT to prosecute religious superiors, bishops, or cardinals (like Rog 'Mahal' Mahony who allowed over 1,200 children to be sexually assaulted just in California during his watches in Fresno, Stockton and LA), and were overtly criminally covering up pedophile enabling, domestically, and globally (if not blackmailed themselves for their own personal homosexual, heterosexual, or pedophile crimes).

“In essence, Ratzinger, "was just following orders" from John Paul II, who is no saint (last year's claimed miracle in the framing of JP II towards a quickie canonization, by some nun being cured through divine intervention by JPII, also turned out to be a FRAUD).

“Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI TH, personally described the mountain of sexual assault files, on children, globally, on his CDF desk (tens of thousands at a minimum over multiple decades, costing laity multiple billions of dollars, with no end in sight): "FILTH".

“Each and every guilty miter or red hat should be irrevocably EXCOMMUNICATED.”

The writer from California continues:

“Why is Benedict XVIth showing up in the USA? The growing trend, by many major deep pockets, of NOT contributing, has already begun, and the Pope needs to come to shore-up further revenue loss, among deep pocketed Roman Catholic contributors, to the Church. Any other spin of why Benedict is coming the USA (which is over 45% of the global revenue stream to the Church) is pure fabrication.

“No Prisoners!”

This same writer linked me to Mahoy’s movie at the archdiocese website. Moooo

Onward. . .

*Peggy Warren is producer of Educating to End Abuse on KCTU Wichita

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In a whiny article titled, "Institutionalized Dissent Greets the Holy Father," ultra right wing / fascist / neo con Karl Rove friend uber Catholic Deal Hudson shows he's still the same Old Deal. Who's the Real Deal? Here are a few places to check--

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

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