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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tell it to the Pope in writing or on cable TV Thursday night: How the papal visit affects victims of sex crimes in the Catholic Church

By Kay Ebeling
This is going to take more than one post. I asked fellow victims of Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church to comment on the upcoming visit by the Pope. Two letters are run below. In a second post at City of Angels Blog tonight we will run quotes from more of the crime victims with their reactions to the upcoming papal visit. Email me at if you want to write an editorial or do a phone interview airing your views.

Thursday night on a cable and internet TV broadcast-call in show from Wichita, Robert Costello from A Matter of Truth in Boston is the guest. Costello told City of Angels Blog today: “To come to this country and not come to Boston is arrogant. There was a thing on this morning, he hopes coming here will heal wounds. It’s like hello he’s ripping the wounds right open.”

The program Thursday night is Educating to End Abuse, one hour beginning at 6 PM Central Time. Toll free call in number is 866 - 905 - 8855 and producer Peggy Warren hopes it will be a forum for crime victims of sex crimes in the Catholic Church to air their feelings. (Also, the 'Pope Bobblehead' DC Metro ad, which the Church demanded be taken off the air, is still running in the video box above.)

In the two letters below, Jay Nelson in Albuquerque writes, “that a former member of the Hitler Youth would come to America to see Ground Zero on Hitler's birthday, that seems nothing less than obscene.” “His church has become a charnel house for the murdered souls of its victims,” writes an LA victim using a nom de plume.

Arguendo writes:
The pope is irrelevant, and so is his visit. By their actions (notably inactions) over decades, the leadership of the Roman catholic church have made their institution irrelevant. Officially, has put itself forward as a force for moral good, but in practice it has become a safe haven for perpetrators of unspeakable evil against children.

It does not matter that this church doctrinally condemns such molestation. Its failure to stop the perverts in its employ from abusing the most vulnerable of its flock has become the signature fruit by which this institution is known, and rightly so. And this is just the first of a long litany of misdeeds that can be laid on the doorstep of the Vatican. Most notable are the failure to provide care and comfort for the victims, and use of the loopholes in criminal and civil law to shield itself and its staff against accountability.

To me, these acts are perversions of the church's core doctrine, it very reason for existing. As pope, Ratzingdict (or Benninger) should spend all his waking hours in bringing the behavior and attitudes of his churchmen in line with the moral standards of their teaching. Instead, he is obsessed about eradicating heterodoxy, and lets orthopraxis go to the dogs. He acts less like a shepherd and more like a sheep farmer who raises lambs for the dinner table. His church has become a charnel house for the murdered souls of its victims.

It should be an embarrassment for upstanding people to call themselves catholic any longer. And even more so for secular and foreign dignitaries to pay him any mind, much less respect, when he comes knocking on their door.

Ignore the old man in the odd clothes. he has nothing to offer but evil.

Kay: use my nom de plume Arguendo

Jay Nelson Writes:
The bug bit me. I'm preparing my timeline for how it's really all Ratzi's fault for my blog, so have been distracted.

My reaction:

I hope, but do not expect, far more balanced media coverage on this trip than on previous papal progresses. Will they mention the protesters, a low turn-out, the expenses?

This man wants to be seen as a peacemaker but he has sown more dissension in the Church and between the Church and the world than any pope in modern times.

That's why I've call to BOYCOTT BENEDICT. He should be ignored.

And I wonder why a former member of the Hitler Youth would come to America to see Ground Zero on Hitler's birthday. That seems nothing less than obscene.

Remember Robert Costello is the guest on Educating To End Abuse at its new time: 6PM Central. He will talk about the Vigil at Lott Gallery and the upcoming papal visit 866 - 905 - 8855.

These were sex crimes and victims feel hounded by nonstop media coverage. Air your views in writing at City of Angels Blog by emailing me at with your comments.

Onward. . .

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CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

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