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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Monday, June 30, 2008

From Justice Denied: What happened in Ohio 2005 when lawmakers were about to pass SOL reform? And why would bishops even buy sex abuse insurance?

By Kay Ebeling

Reading JUSTICE DENIED, I have to stop and copy this here with permission of Author Marci Hamilton.

It’s in Chapter Six, page 80, “The Ohio Sleight-Of-Hand.” Someone in a position of authority over Ohio Republican lawmakers as well as Roman Catholic heirarchy needs to investigate. Who else can we go to but our federal legislators?

What happened in Ohio when legislators were about to pass a law opening a window to eliminate the statute of limitations on child sex crimes in the fall of 2005? What happened overnight in closed door meetings that caused the bill to turn into something entirely different?

Behind closed doors, in secret meetings? This is America, not Louisiana under Huey Long.

As described in Hamilton's book quotes below, Catholic lobbyists at least crossed lines of ethics, if not into criminal activity, in Ohio in 2005, and considering the offender is a tax exempt church, the level of amorality and influence peddling is astounding. When people work hard to get to their state capital and testify, they expect the democratic process.

Excerpted here are paragraphs from Justice Denied"

From Chapter Six: “Barrier #2: The Heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.”

“The heirarchy of the Catholic Church is no different from any other determined legislative player - if it cannot win on its own merits, dirty tricks will do.

"Survivors of clergy abuse spent two solid years of their lives talking to Ohio legislators, attending hearings, and holding rallies to make the point that child sex abuse survivors deserve SOL reform and window legislation.

“The Senate passed the bill unanimously. But the bishops held the upper hand, and late on the night the window bill was supposed to finally pass in the Ohio house, the bishops succeeded in making the bill disappear.”


More from JUSTICE DENIED by Marci Hamilton:

“SNAP fought hard in Ohio to get a window passed. The proposed law extended the SOL for all current and future childhood sexual abuse claims, and, like California’s law, opened a one-year window during which the SOL did not apply.

“In the Ohio Senate, the stars aligned for SNAP perfectly.

“I was there the day the Senate passed the window legislation unanimously. March 16, 2005. [Survivor Tony Comes of HBO documentary Twist of Faith] spoke, and senators spoke movingly as did several current Catholic priests who themselves had been abused as children by clergy.

“Survivors filled every available seat, wearing lanyards with pictures of themselves as children. Survivors clapped and cried; it was deceptively easy to believe that the bill would sail through the House as well.

“That did not happen.


What happened behind closed doors late that night in Ohoi?

From Justice Denied, continued:

“In the House the opposition began in earnest. I suppose no one will ever know the actual motives of the Chaiarman of the House Judiciary Committee, John Williamowski”


That name was John Williamowski, Republican from Lima, Ohio,

More from Justice Denied:

“[Williamowski] had one meeting after another with survivors, telling them he was on their side, but then he also held meetings with those in opposition, which included the Catholic Conference of Ohio, and Bishop Frederick Campbell of Columbus, [whose] testimony revealed financial concerns, such as the loss of insurance coverage, were playing a role in the Catholic Church’s attack on the legislation.”


From Justice Denied, continued:

“SNAP pushed for a public hearing and got one on Nov. 10, 2005.

“Days after the hearing on whether the window was constitutional, on Nov. 22, 2005, there was a second hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Approximately 115 survivors and supporters were in attendance.

“For almost 12 hours, the committee heard testimony from 41 individuals, out of 67 who were prepared to testify.


Plus all those survivors telling heartfelt stories, how could the bill not have passed?

Justice Denied excerpt continued:

“Survivors were hopeful. However, the night the window bill was supposed to pass on the floor of the Ohio House, the Republicans went into caucus and reappeared with a subsitutte bill. The window had disappeared and was replaced with. . ."

END OF EXCERPT from Marci Hamilton's new book.

I remember November 2005. A lot of people were wondering on a message board at the time, "Who dropped the ball?" It was too abrupt. It did not add up. Something was not right?


Ohio ended up with a totally ineffective bill that no one wanted so it didn't pass, where survivors could hire a lawyer, fight church attorneys, all that just to get a name put on a list of perpetrators.

of perpeptrator priets and employees to a list,
if the bishops weren't criminals themselves.

The Catholic Church's role in denying justice needs to be investigated.

“So much for fair play when the issue is childhood sexual abuse in Ohio,” writes Marci Hamilton at the end of the Ohio debacle section.

A lot of people say Ohio 2005 is SNAP’s biggest failure. What went wrong?

To Me it is The Ohio Debacle.
What went wrong on the eve of the Ohio House Vote?
How did the Catholic lobbyists get past the advocates and what should be justice at a state lawmaking level?

PLEASE ASK your US Senator and Representative to investigate this kind of back room lawmaker lawbreaking and outright unethical dealings when you approach them about a federal investigation and hearings.

Add it to your list.


I gotta run this as well as it's so funny, from Justice Denied:

It starts on Page 51, the opening of Chapter 5: Barrier #1, The Insurance Industry.”
Bradley posted this right after the LA settlement in July 2007:
Hamilton quotes blogger Chris Bradley, a Santa Cruz writer who blogs at deeply blasphemous dot blogspot dot com while writing a “blasphemous novel called Simon Peter”

Bradley posted this right after the LA settlement in July 2007:

The key words in the news coverage for me are INSURANCE and then SEXUAL ABUSE INSURANCE.

The Catholic Church in LA has sexual abuse insurance. Sexual abuse insurance.

This is wrong on so many different levels.
The first is that you can buy sexual abuse insurance.
The second is that someone actually bought sexual abuse insurance.

This is just killing me. That there are companies - no, no, companies do nothing, that there are people who said, “Oh yeah we're willing to give you liability coverage in case someone in your institution rapes children.”


Bradley blog post quote continued:

We're comfortable making a profit off of helping your institution protect itself from punishments you’d get from systematic child abuse on a monstrous scale and your morally indefensible cover-ups of these crimes.

I mean, even beyond the legality of something like this, the simple morality of it…boggles my mind.

The second part is that the Catholic Church sought out this kind of insurance.

You only get insurance against events you think might actually happen.

REPEAT: You get sex abuse insurance because you know sex abuse is happening.


Investigate this. Why did they get insurance for the sex crimes unless they knew the sex crimes were taking place?.

Again the above quote is from deeplyblasphemous dot blogspot dot com and the book excerpted is Justice Denied.

From cover to cover, Marci Hamilton's new book is full of cogent arguments and talking points that would convince any lawmaker that we need to abolish the statute of limitations on sex crimes nationally.

MAKE THE LAW universal from state to state.

Me, I'm a living argument myself for eliminating the statute of limintations. Here I am in LA writing about all these people who are victims of the same crimes as me, getting settlements.

But I can’t get one because my rapes took place in Illinois.

Is that equal protection under the law?

Deals made behind closed doors like the one that defeated SOL legislation in the Ohio November 2005?

Back room agreements that blatantly go against what has been agreed to through public meeting and the democratic process?

Someone needs to investigate, let’s hope a new US Congress in 2009 will want to uproot this kind of corruption and replace it with a government of integrity. Hopefully hearings into the Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church will be part of that change,

Onward. . .

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Going to The Woods to research my story next month

Below, St. Peter Damian Church c. 1953

By Kay Ebeling

Warming back up. I’ve spent a lot of time lately looking at the area of Illinois where I'm going next month after the SNAP conference to investigate my own story. The mansion is still there on Lake Street outside of Bartlett. Today, I can look straight at it on a Google satellite map. Click down you can see details, the surrounding forests, click down again, you see yes, the long driveway is still there, probably paved today.

I expected it would all be developed now, but eerily, it’s not. Lake Street appears to be a four-lane highway today. The turn off to Bartlett looks like just a little road from up here, the satellite view. Back then we joked our neighbors were sheep. There was almost nothing but farmland, and Bartlett, a train stop with a town around it.

I did a short search at bishop accountability and discovered:

After my perp priest left in the 1970s, a new priest, James Ray, took over as pastor until 1988 when he left to go to a parish about 20 miles due north in the tiny town of Wauconda. He was followed at St. Peter Damian Parish by Ray Lupo, who stayed pastor there until 2003.

Lupo “resigned” and Ray was “removed from ministry” Ray in 1991, Lupo in 2001 according to the Chicago Archdiocese announcement in 2006 which began: “The following Archdiocesan priests are no longer in public ministry because an allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor has been substantiated.”

Both Ray and Lupo had to leave the priesthood due to allegations of sex with children while at St. Peter Damian Parish in Bartlett.

So the church where my sister and I were raped by the parish priest in the early 1950s has had one pedophile priest serving after another since our perp Father Thomas Barry Horne founded the church in 1949.

I found this out a few weeks back. Now I'm on my way to Bartlett to find out more.

Bishop Accountability says about James Ray:

Ray was removed from Transfiguration parish (Wauconda) in 11/91 at the behest of Bernardin's commission, which had been set up after the 1991 Mayer accusations. Parishioners at Transfiguration church were informed that Ray was alleged to have offended at his previous parish, St. Peter Damian in Bartlett. Archdiocesan officials confirmed Ray's removal only after reporters specifically asked if he had been removed at the commission's request.

William Lupo’s careers is a little loopy, the database at BA has his as:

St. Mary's in Des Plaines (1979-86) parish school had 173 children
- Our Lady of the Wayside in Arlington Heights (1986-90) name misindexed and mislisted as Lupe in 1987 Directory; parish school had 649 children
- St. Peter Damian in Bartlett (pastor 1990-2003) listed in the 2003 Directory; no parish school
- Resigned 12/02, according to 3/20/06 archdiocesan announcement

Sheep would show up at the fence that marked our property line. You drove out that long curvy 2-lane highway from Chicago, about an hour, passed the left turn into Bartlett, then about a half mile on the right. A gravel driveway back then, you went up a small hill, then forged down a long straight path through the trees.

It must have been a mansion. It had a ballroom. Then a partition and a smaller living room area, I don't think we ever opened up or used the ballroom. My parents did throw a lot of parties, cocktail parties ala 1950s, think rural Breakfast At Tiffany’s style.

Father Thomas Barry Horne was a regular at my parents’ cocktail parties.

The house had a tower. A Tower. Honest. My playroom was at the top of the tower. Talk about isolation.

Here is the scene. Mom is an atheist who married her Catholic boss. She was a waitress. She was a raging angry waitress. Her studies at Chicago Art Institute came to a halt when her parents lost their business 1929, now she’s waitressing.

He’s going to Loyola law school and managing Hardings restaurant.

My dad worked his way through Law School during the Depression. Yeah I'm proud of him, even though he may have been in on the pedophilia himself.

There must have been a radical side to my dad even then, to come from a from a family full of Irish Catholic cops and marry this atheist girl, not only atheist. Her parents, my grandparents, migrated from Poland in 1900 so they could have the freedom to be atheist.

Her parents, my grandparents, came to American for the freedom to be atheists.

1949, the Catholic lawyer and his atheist wife have three children and move from Chicago to this rural place.

And at the same time Father Thomas Barry Horne comes out from Chicago to start St. Peter Damian church.

My dad is an usher there, my mom plays the organ, the oldest sister has a miraculously beautiful soprano voice and so is the church soloist.

My family is all over the place in this church.

Father Thomas Barry Horne spends hours and hours out at our place in "the woods," keeping my mom company, while my dad is on these weeks-long business trips.

Here is the scene. I'm in that playroom at the top of that tower. Or I'm playing outside in the woods. Both of my sisters are old enough to be in school, I'm at home with a mom who really doesn't like the way her life has turned out. I don't know, I guess she never got over having to quit art school in 1929.

Mom the atheist, angry that she’s stuck out in the middle of nowhere at home with a preschool aged girl, when the priest comes to call she’s more than happy to hand me over to him.

That's one possible scenario.
Being there next month will trigger LOTS of memories

I know from seeing the long driveway going up into the woods from my satellite viewpoint, that once I get there, my feet on the ground, the actual geography around me, a lot more memories will come up. I know from playing Google God and following the road from the Bartlett train station, which is today the Chicago Metra station in Barlett, that once I go the three blocks to Crest Street and see the church a lot more will come back.

So I’ve been distracted last few weeks, haven’t been able to post. I also got strangely sick when it came time to go see Bishop Robinson in Culver City. Looking back, it could have been because I was going to see Bishop Robinson. It also could have been because I read about Ray and Lupo.

Ray and Lupo, they sound like a vaudeville act.

I really have been working 12 hour shifts with a day down every 8 or 10 days lately to keep from having to work too much while I'm in Illinois. But the idea has opened up to me that I can take more trips like this, as my boss can digitize tapes and send them to be anywhere in the world to work on. I can do my job from any motel with an internet hookup in the room, all over the country next few years, and that's what I just might do.

So after the SNAP conference next month I'm staying, taking that Metra train out to Bartlett, and I'm going to do a little digging.

Will be posting blogs and videos here all the while.

In the early 1950s when we lived outside Bartlett, you drove from Chicago out a long curving 2-lane highway, Route 20, which was and still is the road between Chicago and Elgin. The forest is still there, the house that once had a tower is apparently still in there under the trees at the end of that long driveway. My dad had a wife and three children and purchased 20 acres with a mansion on it surrounded by forest. That same year 1949 Father Thomas Barry Horne came out from downtown Chicago to start St. Peter Damian parish.

I'm going to be there next month.
Onward. . .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MORE PROOF: Scanning and uploading documents will be ongoing at City of Angels 11, here is a sampling, more on Servants of the Peraclete this week

By Kay Ebeling

We continue to scan and upload Paracletes Documents at City of Angels 11 over the next week, then we'll leave those and other documents at that site for the next few months. So if anyone needs proof that Roman Catholic hierarchy knew there were pedophile priests raping children in American parishes as far back as the 1950s, click on a document to enlarge it, and while you are at it, print it and show it to your US representative. Here is a sampling of what you will find at City of Angels 11 this week: (By the way, Comments are once again open here at City of Angels 4.)

Add the letter on the right in with Island Letters from a previous post. Here we see the Paracletes have to get rid of the Island of Tortola, where they have sent problem priests to keep them away from the public. Dated November 1960. (Click to enlarge and print)

The second page, 1960 technology photocopy is at right. Father Gerald worked hard to establish these colonies to keep the pedophiles away from parishes, but by 1960 he was losing to a secular AA 12 step influenced form of treatment.

Fitzgerald Pioneered Direct Mail Marketing sending letters to Archbishops All Over The Country about the Paracletes and their work with Problem Priests

April 9, 1950 Letter from Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald to Bishop Charles Buddy of San Diego is at right, click to enlarge and print.

This is a fundraising letter for the already thriving Via Coeli treatment center for priests with problems including sex with children. It states they are treating priests "from more than 35 dioceses and 9 religious orders."

The word "homosexual" in a 1950-60's letter between priests does not mean what the word means to us today.

In letters from the 1950s and 1960s concerning Servants of the Paracletes, the "padres" often use euphemisms. “Psycho sexual problems” was an official term, but it was agreed (in other documents here) that “homosexual acts” included pedophilia.

And they were likely sex acts with children if they also involved the poice and criminal charges.

April 9, 1950 letter Quotes of Note:

Our institution is in no way Diocesan or provincial, and, due to the charity of our ecclesiastical superior, priests are received here from all over the country.

Demonstrates how they kept the Servants of the Paracletes work secret from parishioners and lay members of the churches.

Fundraising appeals were direct to the bishops. This letter was most likely typed and retyped, with a different address put in at the top, then the generic greeting and content of letter.

The April 1950 letter was likely sent to bishops all over the country since it states they are treating priests "from all over the country."

Hard to believe the bishops and their nearby colleagues did not know about pedophilia amidst all the fund raising and promotional work of Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald.

'nother quote from the letter:

“Hence this direct appeal to the Hierarchy for donations to build and equip a proper, modest monastic retreat house unit.

AND AGAIN proving the work of Paracletes with problem priests was no secret from church hierarchy, from April 9, 1950 letter:

"At the present moment we have priests at Via Coeli from more than 35 diocesses and archdioceses and from 9 religious communities."

The June 1953 Letter

June 21, 1953,Letter at right, (click to enlarge and print) another fundraising appeal as: “where else shall we find means to care for these most abject and despised of men.
Another national appeal to bishops “all over the country” to “All the Archbishops” including another invitation to visit and tour.
Again, how can bishops claim they had no knowledge of priest pedophiles when Fr. Gerald, as he pioneered direct mail marketing techniques, bothered them for donations regularly, and reminded them of the Servants of the Paracletes work.

from the June 21, 1953 letter.

Fitzgerald is

“Of the Archbishops and Bishops of our country: from the Archbishops and the Archdioceses of America a yearly donation.”

“Last year less than half the Hierarchy gave anything directly to this apolstolate of priestly succoring."


“We invite Your Excellency to visit us at any time in this Vally of the Blessed Sacrament, Jemez Springs, New Mexico.”

NOTE FROM KAY: I'm swamped at work, working double shift so I can take time off next month and go to Chicago. So all this week, I'm doing a Renovation Nation tape, a Hulk Hogan Celebrity Wrestling tape, and then scanning a document, one after the other over the next week. . . onward.


Friday, June 20, 2008

LA PROOF: Ties between St. John Seminary, LA Archbishop, & Paracletes rehab center for pedophile priests shown in deposition testimony & letters

By Kay Ebeling

The bishops claim times were different back then, how could they know about pedophile priests? Truth is in the 1960s Timothy Manning, Archbishop of Los Angeles, was sending so many priests to Via Coeli in New Mexico, (in photo below right), he was talking with center director Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald about opening a branch of the rehab center near Los Angeles.

Fitzgerald's assistant, Fr. Joseph McNamara, even made a trip to San Bernardino to meet with Bishop Phillip Straling about opening up such a branch.

Below, McNamara testifies for the LA Clergy Cases about the relationship between the LA Archdiocese and Via Coeli in a June 2007 deposition. He confirms he and Father Gerald took bishops from all over the country on tours of the rehab center. Also below, Letters from 1959 and 1960 reveal a regular conversation between hierarchy "padres" about the pedophile priest problem in the LA Archdiocese and at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo Ca. (A young McNamara is pictured at right.)

Click the docs here to enlarge, read them, print them, there are more to come next week from this Paracletes Collection. You should be able to print a copy of the enlarged docs for yourself from your screen.

Please, click the docs, read, and cogitate, then email me with ideas. McNamara's deposition testimony, which is in the nine pages following, needs no further commentary, it speaks for itself:

Page 2

Page 3
Page 4

Let me step in and interrupt for a paragraph:

How about if
50 or so activists print these and other particularly condemning documents and take them to the US congressional offices in our regions? We can use this blog as a platform to make sure people all over the country have a collection of items. This calls for a concerted organized effort, if anyone is getting concerted and organized. In 2009, when the new US Congress begins, we could all go on the same day and drop a stack of docs on our local US representatives' desks and say, We Want a Federal Investigation We Want Hearings.

That is just one idea.

Deposition testimony continues
Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

READ the First Kenneally letter below:

The above letter from William J. Kenneally to James Francis Cardinal McIntyre, then Archbishop of Los Angeles (April 6, 1959, date of this letter) significant because it references Via Coeli and conversations between McIntyre and Kenneally, who was Rector of St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California, at the time.

Yes, St. John’s Seminary, where future pedophiles were trained by practicing pedophiles, and later turned loose on the Southern California population as parish priests.

QUOTES OF NOTE FROM THE April 6, 1959 Kenneally letter above:

“A recent letter from a priest guest at Via Coeli informs me that they have begun a series of informal lectures there for padres. I do not know whether there is any information between this fact and our recent conversations, but I thought Your Eminence might like to know this fact.”

Reveals that the Archbishop of LA and the Rector of St. John's seminary discussed priests with sexual problems and treatment at Via Coeli in 1959.

Also in the above letter they discuss a pedophile priest Cleve Carey, from the era. We have the Rector of St. John’s Seminary saying:

“Many thanks for deciding the case of MR. CLEVE CAREY whose scrutinium was somewhat uncomplimentary. Actually we felt the same about it as does Your Eminence.”

The Rector of the seminary and the Archbishop of Los Angeles here are talking over Cleve Carey, soon to become a pedophile priest.

And it's 1959!!!!

The Archbishop of Los Angeles talked over Via Coeli including its tours with the Rector of St. John's Seminary. And wait until you see the Bishop Buddy letters about San Diego pedophile priests who went to Via Coeli, soon to be scanned for a post next week.


Dead. Los Angeles. Accused of abuse between 1963-1966. Died 1988. LA archdiocese says 2 accusers. Named in at least 1 civil suit.

This is from the LA Times database in bishop accountability:

(Note seven transfers since the Rector of St. John's Seminary and the Archbishop of Los Angeles discussed him in 1959 in the same letter where they discussed Via Coeli.)

Status: Dead

Named in civil lawsuit and in archdiocesan report.


1961-63 St. Barnabas Catholic Church Long Beach
1964-66 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1967-67 St. Kevin Catholic Church Los Angeles
1968-70 Holy Cross Catholic Church Los Angeles
1971-71 St. Luke Hospital Pasadena
1972-74 Little Company of Mary Hospital Torrance
1975-76 St. Frances X. Cabrini Catholic Church Los Angeles
1977- Retired


Each entry represents an allegation of molestation of one plaintiff at the location. Some plaintiffs have accused a priest of sexual misconduct in more than one parish or other location.

1958, 1963-66 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1963-64 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1963-64 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena
1964-65 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Gardena

Something tells me there are more victims of Cleve Carey.


Read the back and forth between Kenneally and Gerald Fitzgerald in the 1959 letter below:

In the 2nd Kenneally Letter, (at left) we have a banter about AA, and how it calls, “unscientific and outmoded the good old fashioned sensible petition of the Church. Interesting because it shows the friendship and closeness between Kenneally and Fitzgerald.

But the letter (Page 2 at left) also reveals the chism Fitzgerald was beginning to feel as the new secular approaches came in and made his treatment techniques, which were based on prayer and the spirit, seem to be outmoded.

The letter above left shows a pretty close friendship between Fitzgerald and the Rector of St. John’s Seminary, and open talk about the treatment at Via Coeli.

In 1959!!!


August 1960 letter below from Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald to "Very Reverend Provincial"


“In God’s Name, get this man laicized as quickly as possible.”

“Men who sin repeatedly with little children certainly fall under the classification of those who ‘it were b better had they not been born.’

“As a layman, the civil authorities will make short work of his activity and place him in the protective custody that his type merit.

“As there are many little children in this Canyon, where I am the shepherd of souls, I could not in conscience consider receiving him here.”

August 1960 letter to Provincial is below:

ABOVE: In God's Name get this man laicized.
Could they have been talking about Titian Miani?






SALESIAN CONNECTION as it was cases against that religious order that produced these docs in the Los Angeles 2003 lawsuits

MINUTES in this batch




Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Music Video: Roger Mahony Hymn (aka Help Us Jesus) featured today up top at City of Angels Network

By Kay Ebeling
Time for a mid-week music break from reading all these documents. Click the video box above the headline to watch the music video of a song written by an LA musician after seeing the movie Deliver Us From Evil.

The song is “Roger Mahony Hymn (aka Help Us Jesus)” and the band is The Wrynkles.

“We are musicians from the seventies now in our fifties," said, Ron Frederick, band leader and vocalist, "and we spell the band’s name that way instead of other people making jokes about old men playing music."

What inspired the song? “About six months ago, I was going to write a sarcastic song about Jerry Falwell, around the time he died. I was sitting at work and coincidentally that day Deliver Us From Evil came in the mail from NetFlix.

“Suddenly I had to write that song.”

The rest of the band are Dave Hall the bass player, Richard Paine on drums, and Fred Grabert on guitar.

You can get to the song on YouTube by copy and pasting this in the search box at YouTube:

Roger Mahony Hymn (aka Help Us Jesus)

Then at the right click on more information to read the lyrics a sampling of which is here:

(words and music by Ron Frederick, c2008)

The bells ring for you in churches untrue and unfaithful
With children abused, and priests stand accused of love hateful
What's really much worse is you put the church first, holy deception
Not one parent heard even one single word of protection

We know you never cared, you never cared for those children
We know you never cared, your lies and betrayals so cruel

Mr. Frederick says he's not a crime victim himself. "I wasn't molested, but I know about it."

Watch the video all this week up top here at City of Angels Network.

Monday, June 16, 2008

PROOF: Bishops knew about pedophile priests as far back as 1950s and worked to keep the problem secret. Documents here, click to enlarge

By Kay Ebeling

The documents scanned in below prove the Catholic Church hierarchy knew pedophile priests were a problem as far back as the 1950s. Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald, director of Via Coeli in New Mexico, (pictured at right) realized after years of treating sexually deviant priests that there was no “cure” and wanted to put the predator priests on a remote island where they could do no damage. He pled his case to bishops all over the country with personal visits and correspondence back and forth, some of which is scanned in below. But a growing belief in 12-step programs and surprisingly secular treatment concepts defeated Fitzgerald. Via Coeli instead in the sixties began treating pedophile priests as men with “issues” in need of talk therapy.

Not only did the church know there were pedophiles among the priests, but Catholic Church hierarchy had been well educated in pedophilia by Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald. Documents here show that bishops kept Via Coeli and its work with problem priests secret from the parishes. Meanwhile bishops were touring the Northern New Mexico treatment center and sending pedophile priests to Via Coeli, beginning in the 1950s, as these documents prove.

This is a long post with only a sampling of the documents from a lawsuit against the Paracletes in the 1990s in New Mexico, which were released to the public in June 2007, see the court order insert at right. (Click to enlarge.) Also you should be able to print to your own computer any doc enlarged here.

What I hope is we don't just read all this and go Hmm, Interesting, but as a group, survivors of church sex crimes do something with this information.

One idea I have is someone from as many regions as possible print out these documents. Then all of us on the same day, with word going out to the press, carry these documents into the Congressional district office in your community, hand delivering them to our representatives in the US Congress across the country, all on the same day.


As a group all on the same day, we’d deliver the docs to local congressional offices and ask for a federal investigation and hearings.

That's just one idea.

I hope people will read this post and email me at with feedback about ways to use this material.

The Paracletes Documents will stay at the top of City of Angels 11 (linked at left & at top) so as more posts go up here at City of Angels 4, you can continue to access this post in the next few weeks at City of Angels 11, where we will also continue scanning docs over the next weeks.

The story begins with Plaintiffs' Opposition to Defendants Motion in Limine to exclude reference to Servants of the Paracletes is the LA Clergy Cases, quoted here:

“Defendants (the church) take the position that they were blind to the warning signs and nature of pedophilia, because in the past, when the abuse of plaintiffs occurred, times were different. They (Church attorneys) have stated that the Salesians, like the public at large, were unaware of the epidemic of clergy sexual abuse.

"The evidence demonstrates that the Catholic Church was well aware of the problem of clergy sexual abuse before and during the time plaintiffs were sexually abused. In fact the Catholic Church were experts in the problems of pedophilia priests and the recidivist nature of pedophilia.”

Read the documents. They show that Fr. Fitzgerald was a lone voice, calling out in letters, personal visits, even magazine articles to bishops from the time of the mid-1950s. Don't return these "vipers" to the parishes. Fitzgerald was just beginning to develop a remote island as a treatment center when he was removed as Director of Via Coeli.

ABOVE: Gerald Fitzgerald met with Pope Paul VI in 1963 to discuss the pedophile priest problem.


In August 1963, convinced that pedophile priests posed a serious problem for the Catholic Church, Father Gerald Fitzerald traveled to the Vatican, met with the Pope and discussed treatment of pedophile priests at Via Coeli, documented in the letter to Pope Paul Page 1 at right, pages 2 to 5 following (click to enlarge). A quote from Page 1 of the letter from Father Fitzgerald to Pope Paul:
“In accordance with Your Holiness’ desire I am summarizing some convictions on the problem of the problem priests."
Quote of Note from Page 2 below: “Unfortunately there is an understandable temptation to consider the brilliant student as adequate for the priesthood without a deep scrutiny of his interior spirit. 3.) There has been an alarming increase in the present era of priestly casualties. . . the present conditions could have been easily predicted and are not in themselves surprising."

Page 3 to 4
Personally I am not sanguine of the return of priests to active duty who have been addicted to abnormal practices, especially sins with the young. (ME: Remember this was 1963 from the head of the Parcletes to the Pope after they’d met and discussed problem priests.)

Page 4
Because of the tremendous scandal given, I would most earnestly recommend total laicization. I say 'total' designedly because when these men are taken before civil authority, the non-Catholic world definitely blames the discipline of celibacy for the perversion of these men. They argue - rightly or wrongly - that these men turn to boys because they are denied the right of marriage.

"I Myself In Audience With Pope, Spoke Of This Matter"
September 1964, Fitzgerald was still following up on his audience with Pope Paul, here with a letter to a superior in the Paracletes in Rome, like so many letters, trying to convince that pedophiles were permanently sick, not to be returned to parishes:

On Page one at right: “3. I myself in an audience I was privileged to have with His Holiness, Pope Paul, spoke of this matter which undoubtedly has been one of the deep concerns of his fatherly soule.
Page 1-2 “4. May I take this occasion to bring to your attention what is a growing concern to many of us here in the States. When I was ordained, forty-three years ago, homosexuality was a practically unknown rarity.”

(NOTE: The word "homosexual" was at that time lumped into the same category as sex with male adults, teenagers and children, as shown in other documents from this June 4 load..)
He says 3 of 10 cases in 1964 are “representing aberrations involving homosexuality, a growing problem “in the wake of World War II.”
ALSO ON PAGE 2 of the 1964 Durick letter:
“We know of several seminaries that have been deeply infected and this of course leads to a wide infection.”

AFFIDAVIT OF FATHER JOSEPH McNAMARA begins at Left. McNamara took over as Director when Fitzgerald was forced to step down.
“We considered men who were attracted to male children, teenagers, or adults as ‘homosexual priests.’”
“When talking among ourselves, we used the term ‘homosexual’ (to describe priests with ‘psycho-sexual difficulties.’

“Until Servants of the Paraclete adopted the graduated program of rehabilitation proposed and recommended by Dr. John Salazar, SOTP did not deal with priests who had molested children or priests who manifested any form of what we considered to be sexual aberration.
We did not think of sexual activity with a male, whether a child, a teenager, or an adult, to be the result of a biological or psychological condition.”
Over and over again

Bottom of page 3 to page 4

(8) “Prior to the adoption of the graduated program of rehabilitation, If we learned that a resident who had been sent to Via Coeli Monastery for a different reason, such as alcoholism, was ‘homosexual’ - attracted to male children, teenagers, or adults, he would be told to leave immediately

“9. Father Gerald thought that such priests -- meaning priests attracted to male children, teenagers, or adults -- should be completely segregated from society, and consequently wanted a remote ‘island refuge’ far from civilization and a monastery would be established and such men could live and try to save their souls.

“Servants of the Paraclete could not keep guest priests there, as if it were a prison. Similarly, Servants of the Paraclete could not assign guests priests to duties in parishes or dioceses, either temporarily or permanently.

Whether a guest priest performed any priestly duties or activities in parishes was entirely up to others, as whether a guest priest performed any priestly duties or activities in parishes was entirely up to others, as were questions about how, when, where, and under what circuere questions about how, when, where, and under what circumstances such duties and activities would be performed.
September 26, 1957, letter from Father Gerald to the Bishop of New Hampshire, below,

In context with other documents, the letter shows in 1957 Fitzgerald did not want to return these priests to active duty as "Their repentance is superficial and motivated by a desire to be again in a position where they can continue their wonted activity."
"A new diocese means only greener pastures."
"To sum up: we are willing to shelter Father but it should not be with any hope that he will be recommended to another bishop even after he has spent some months with us.
"Even though it is true that many Bishops, especially in the West, are in need of priests."

In 1971 Bishop of Worcester wrote that David A. Holley's history gave "little hope for his being able to resume an effective ministry for a long time, if ever." The history was molesting boys. 1971. The bishop of Worcester wrote about it to Via Coeli below:

Here is what bishop accountability reports about Holley:

Abused in Massachusetts and sent to Paraclete center in New Mexico for treatment. Convicted 1993 of abusing 8 boys between 1972-1974 in Alamogordo, NM. 275-year sentence. Many victims in many states including 2 dioceses in Texas.
Quotes from 1952 letter by Fitzgerald below:

“We find it quite common, almost universal with the handful of men we have seen in the last five years who have been under similar charges - we find it almost universal that they seem to be lacking in appreciation of the serious situation."

"As a class they expect to bound back like tennis balls on the court of priestly activity. I myself would be inclined to favor laicization for any priest, upon objective evidence, for tapering with the virtue of the young.”

“In practice real conversions will be rare.

Many bishops believe men are never free from the approximate danger once they have begun.”

THE ABOVE LETTER proves 2 things: Fitzgerald wrote long letters to individual bishops explaining the lack of a cure for pedophilia. Also that the topic of priest pedophiles was discussed among bishops, with Fitzgerald’s phrase: “Many bishops believe men are never free from the approximate danger.”

Apparently Edmund Boyle was at large: “If Edmund Bolye returns here or we learn of his whereabouts we will notify Your Excellency.”
PROGRESS REPORT on BERNARD BISSONETTE: Listed here as a "Code 3" resident at Vie Coeli.

Bishop Accountability Also Has A Listing For Bissonette in the database under B:

Worked in Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, and New Mexico. Accused of abuse of numerous youths just about everywhere he served. One alleged victim committed suicide. Another victim filed civil suit 2002 and in July 2006, Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the suit was timely filed and sent it back down to lower court to be tried. Laicization announced in 3/06

ABOVE: Progress Report and samples of 2 re Bissonette
Fitzgerald was a promoter, and he advertised, phoned, visited bishops telling of Via Coeli treatment for pedophiles et al.

By 1957 Fitzgerald did not want to treat pedophiles any more at Via Coeli but preferred to buy an island and put them as far away from civilization as possible.

Quotes: In September 18, 1957 letter below: “To Archbishop and Co-Fonder” (Possibly a letter that was reproduced and sent to many different archbishops)

“For the sake of preventing scandal, we will not offer hospitality to men who have seduced or attempted to seduce little boys or girls.”

“It is for this class of rattlesnake I have always wished the island retreat - but even an island is too good for these vipers.”

“When I see the Holy Father I am going to speak of this class to His Holiness.” Which he did, in the Pope correspondence shown in the letter at the top of this post.

To Set Up An Island:

This Class Of Rattlesnakes:


It’s like pulling teeth, but at left in a May 11, 2007, deposition McNamara does admit that there were tours of the Paracletes’ Via Coeli in the 1950s. Bishops from all over the country came to Via Coeli for a tour or a seminar, on priests’ sexual problems, which did include “sexual impropriety.”

Pages 90 and 91 are on the left, click to enlarge and read the deposition. It takes two pages of transcript but McNamara admits there were seminars and tours for bishops in the 1950s. McNamara worked alongside Fitzgerald and took over as Director of Via Coeli when Fitzgerald was forced to step down.

Below in Fitzgerald's Own Hand:

September 26, 1957, letter from Father Gerald to the Bishop of New Hampshire, below, left and right, pages one and two (Click to enlarge).

In context with other documents, the letter shows in 1957 Fitzgerald did not want to return these priests to active duty as "Their repentance is superficial and motivated by a desire to be again in a position where they can continue their wonted activity."
"A new diocese means only greener pastures
"To sum up: we are willing to shelter Father but it should not be with any hope that he will be recommended to another bishop even after he has spent some months with us.
"Even though it is true that many Bishops, especially in the West, are in need of priests."

From Christ the King Seminary in New York to Father Gerald at left, documenting a phone call, shows that bishops were communicating with Fitzgerald on a casual personal, friendly basis about their problem priests.

Bishops knew who Fitzgerald was and what he was doing at Jemez Springs with pedophile priests as far back as 1959, as we see in this phone memo.

The memo above follows up on a phone call to Jemez Springs about Robert John Smith, saying there had been “complaints by some parents” It’s dates September 11, 1959.

Robert John Smith, pedophile priest apparently came to Jemez Springs after that phone call. Here is all we have in bishop accountability (so far) about Robert Smith pedophile priest:

Seminarian. “Accused of abuse. Died 1987 Santa Fe. New Mexico. Source: Albuquerque Journal 3.20.98


FATHER GERALD was ever a promoter. At left we see a letter that was apparently mimeographed (It was 1957) or typed over and over with carbon paper and sent to Archbishops and cofounders. Since everyone knows what he's talking about, he only uses code words.

In the above left letter Gerald Fizgerald writes to an anonymous Archbishop or Cofounder:

"It is for this class of rattlesnake I have always wished the island retreat."

Fitzgerald is planning to see the Pope:

"When I see the Holy Father I am going to speak of this class to His Holiness."

He did meet with Pope Pius VI in 1963, unfortunately, the Pope he's been speaking with for years, Pope John, had died one month earlier.

The Salesian Connection

At left, click to enlarge)
Q: All right, as you sit here today, are you aware of any Salesian priest or brother ever being referred to the Servants of the Paraclete?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you tell me what decade that individual was at the Servants of the Paracletes?
A: There was one in Jemez when I was a novice in 1970 and there was one in St. Louis when I was there in the

'90s and there was one in Jemez that I -- those are the three I remember.
Q: But he predated 1970, correct?
A: Yes.
Page 83-84, the witness is quick to answer that

the priest was treated for schizophrenia, no objection from the church attorney.

However, when asked (p. 83 continued), "Do you know whether he had been accused at any time of having had sexual contact with children or teenagers?


Objection. Lacks foundation, calls for speculation, hearsay and violation of the psychotherapy and clergy privileges and right to privacy.

Five grounds for objection.

But the church attorney had no problem with the witness saying the priest was schizophrenic. In that release of information that the priest had a major mental illness, no privacy violation in the preceding question, just the one about child molesting.

Church attorneys should be disbarred, the way they twisted law for archdioceses.

In God's Name Get This Man Laicized:

August 1960 letter (right)
to "Very Reverend Provincial"


“In God’s Name, get this man laicized as quickly as possible.”

“Men who sin repeatedly with little children certainly fall under the classification of those who ‘it were getter had they not been born.’

“As a layman, the civil authorities will make short work of his activity and place him in the protective custody that his type merit.

“As there are many little children in this Canyon, where I am the shepherd of souls, I could not in conscience consider receiving him here.”


ARTICLE 1950s shows in house publications reported on the Servants. AND another common theme, the Servants DID NOT go to the laity for support. The Laity did not konw about the Servants, but the Bishops and Cardinals were Very Aware of Via Coeli and what type of priests were sent there.

There's More

As I go through more of this pile of docs, I'll put an announcement at City of Angels 4 that more are being posted. This post with all the documents will live here at the top of City of Angels 11 For a time.

More to come, literally. . .

The Catholic Church in New Mexico sent sick priests to do supply work regularly in the parishes within close driving distance of Jemez Springs.




SALESIAN CONNECTION as it was cases against that religious order that produced these docs in the Los Angeles 2003 lawsuits.
THE L.A. Connection through St. John Seminary

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