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Friday, May 2, 2008

UPDATE on Salesian Cases and thoughts from a wandering mind while waiting for jury to be selected for pedophile priest trial in LA. . .

By Kay Ebeling
The hearing on First Amendment challenges discussed last post for Monday is continued to Friday June 20th, at 1:45 p.m. in Dept. 308 on Commonwealth, as the Miani cases jury trial will be in session most of May and early June. To Clarify, the motion to compel which was quoted so freely here yesterday, concerns production of documents and evidence for Salesian cases going to trial in August. The brief was from plaintiff attorney Katherine Freberg.

Jury selection continues Monday downtown in Department One as the cases concerning the Salesian priest, Jim Miani progress to trial. The photo above is a preview of an article to come this weekend at City of Angels: Aftermath of the Pope’s Visit.

Meanwhile, did anyone notice the FLDS story that began to fill the media a week before the Pope arrived disappeared a week after he left? What news there is now about the arrests on the fundamentalist Mormon sect ranch is embarrassing admissions from law enforcement that they made mistakes. Hmm, could it be the whole thing WAS a setup to try to divert attention from pedophiles in the Catholic Church while the Pope was here -- and it apparently did not work? Or am I hopelessly paranoid seeing plots and schemes everywhere, now that I've watched how the Catholic Church conducts its legal defense.
Why Doesn't 'Abstinence Only' Education Work? The Catholics Do It With Priests...

News out last week shows America spent $1.6 billion on Abstinence Only sex education for teenagers under the Bush administration and the numbers on teen pregnancies and Sexually transmitted diseases are the same or on the rise since the Bush ideologues stepped in.

They should have looked at how great abstinence only worke in the Catholic Church with its priests.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: A lot of Barrack Obama supporters say if you condemn the candidate for his pastor Jeremiah Wright’s actions, you have to condemn Catholics for not leaving their church because of pedophile priests.

Well, Obama has disconnected himself from Jeremiah Wright, so --

Does anyone else see the similarities in the way the political candidates manipulate the press and the way Roman Catholic hierarchy do? To keep our minds on trivial small things, so we don't see the huge ones.

Almost as if they all have the same PR consultant.

Always steering you in another direction so you don’t look at the real truth.

MEANWHILE: The photo above is a preview of an article to come this weekend: Aftermath of the Pope’s Visit.

Guess Who is in the picture and you win a prize

Onward. . .
Onward. . .


Anonymous said...

Is it that pedophile Jesuit busted in Chicago (can't remember his Irish name) that Francis George enabled, long after the false and fraudulent claim that there are no more pedophiles left in secular, religious, or ordered ministries, per the Dallas NCCB PR Stunt Charter Of Protection, that was never implemented? Cough, cough, never mind about THE BOY's CLUB ped ring thriving in Chicagoland , to this very day.

Or is it another ped priest hanging out looking for more children to molest and assault, with miter and cardinal tacit aid, abetting, enabling, and approval, at 100% laity expense?

OK, I know, it's one of the legions of attorneys, 100% paid for by the laity, racking up hundreds of millions of dollars in fees, spying on victims pretending to be one of the victims at a rally?

Grave Digger

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are hopelessly paranoid.

North Hollywood Insider said...

'Anonymous' is Tod Tamburg folks, PR hack for Roger Mahony, serial pedophile enabler.

North Hollywood Insider said...

Oops, sorry, folks. Not sure which Anonymous we're talking about. My bad.

Diogenes said...

Anonymous and North Hollywood Insider are the SAME PERSON, or so I have been told.

Anonymous said...

More cyber spoofing from the LA Criminal Archdiocese under Roger Mahal Mahony folks...trying to confuse names and contributors to this blog site.

The KEY to any entry that is from some pedophile enabler, over at The Rog Mahal is a lack of factual content, on the ongoing billions of dollars in monies ripped off laity, without any punishement of guilty aid and abetters, like Mahony in their texts.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady