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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jury Selection could be over by Thursday PM, opening statements as early as Monday, in first trial in LA concerning pedophile priests

By Kay Ebeling

Jury selection could be complete as early as Thursday afternoon, according to a source in the first Salesian cases trial, which will be the first time a case concerning pedophile priests has gone before a jury in Los Angeles. Opening statements could start as early as Monday May 12th.

Monday of last week when jury selection began, jurors who could not afford to serve for a 5 to 6 week trial made their cases to Judge Emilie Elias. Since then, the task has been finding jurors who have not heard too much about the settlements between the Los Angeles Archdiocese and more than five hundred plaintiffs last July.

Apparently they have run into no serious problems, and opening statements will likely begin early next week.

City of Angels is not covering jury selection, since our reporter is also a victim of a crime similar to ones to be discussed in the trial, and we don't want to taint a potential juror. We are staying away from Jury Selection but will be covering the trial and interviewing participants on camera for videos at City of Angels Network as the trial progresses.

We will post here as soon as a jury is selected and a date and time set for opening statements.

The trial will be in LA Superior Court, Department 308, on Commonwealth & Sixth Street, 14th Floor, Judge Emilie Elias' court.

For background on the trial read previous posts here.

Meanwhile at City of Angels Network we keep adding and changing videos daily, up top above the headline and down the left hand column of the blog, so keep coming back.


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$NAPista said...

$NAP's leadership appears to have given themselves hefty raises each year. $60k per year to $75k per year to...? And the travel budget means they never had to spend a dime themselves. Professional victims. Sweet. $$$$NAP.

VCounty said...

Can you find out why there are a few missing years of the SNAP filings? What did they tell you, Kay? And, are those the only salaries they drew during those years? Go get 'em, Kay!! Thank you!

THE REAL SNAPista said...

Some pro pedohile Church cyber spoofer, with no imagination, back bone, soul, or brain, stealing signatory bloggers names, again, in the above comments, has no idea what they are talking about.

It could very well be $60 K per year, that is taxable, for the 2 top SNAP diectors you PRICK, I heard $75K, but in either case, that works out to LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE, for the hours these dedicated saints in the making, on behalf of all sexual victims of the RC and other organized religionous abuse (Orthodox, Baptists, Jews, Anglican, Hundu, Islam, etc.) are working per year (about 4,000), out of suits cases and mostly on the road, compared that to a base TAX FREE salary of at least $150,000 for a RC Bishop, plus, up to $10 Million in tax free (no over sight or approval needed) per year, of FLEECED, EMBEZZLED, 4 set of books, stolen, laity monies, per SEE, not including perks like apratments, homes, cabins, resorts, all expense paid 1st class travel, house keepers, boy friends expenses, cooks, free laundering (tailored wardrobe and money), full medical and dental, life insurance, pension, cars, choppers, private jets, etc.

You really are delusionsal "$naptista".

It's the thieving institutional RC church red hats and miters that allowed, and are STILL ALLOWING for the wholesale rape, sodomy, oral copulation, physical maiming, kidnapping, raceketeering, obstruction of justice, and mental torture of hundreds of thousands of children, with no correction, or punishment of the vast majority of perpetrators, or aid/abetter/enabler cardinals and bishops, at at 100% laity expense ($2.8 Billion Dollars in the USA alone, and countingg with no end in sight).

You want to attack SNAP, OK what about YOU? What's your agenda you sick curia step and fetch it enabler!


The Real SNAPista
(Not a member or contributor to SNAP)

Malibu Mama said...


How about the last 2,000+ "MISSING YEARS" of ripped off laity monies in the mutiple hundreds of TRILLIONS of tax free dollars stolenm by the institutional Church?

Malibu Mama

city of angels lady said...

Children, behave.
In pursuit of truth, I leave the Comments section here anonymous so persons who feel they can't leave their names can feel free to post. But please stop yelling at each other and use indoor voices.
mama kay

VCounty said...

Agreed, Kay. This Snapista guy is a real hothead, and an ill-informed one at that. The June 2007 issue of Los Angeles Magazine has LA Biz Observed's Mark Lacter on salaries around town, from Vin Scully's $3.5 million to Paul Magers' $2.3 million to Larry Mantle's $117,777 (in 2004) plus dozens of others — did you know that Michael Nelson, editor of The Tidings, makes $57,510, double what Cardinal Roger Mahony is paid a year?

WavvyGravvy said...

I agree as well.

Reasonable, intelligent people should be able to discuss the various topics pertaining to the clergy abuse disaster here, even disagree, without being so disagreeable about it as some. Hopefully they change their ways.

It seems that the mere mention of SNAP's finances has brought out those who wish to intimidate others into silence.

SNAPISTA says they are not a supporter of SNAP. I find that amusing.

Personally I have no issue with a salary of 75,000 per se. But as Mahony's salary clearly reflects, salarys are but meaningless book keeping tricks for some. I think we all know that no one making less than $50,000 lives it up like Mahony.

Having said that I am content to wait and hear Mr. Clohessey has to say on this subject.

But I will not be shouted down, bullied or insulted out of this area of survivor opinions.

ME thinks SNAPISTA doth protest too much.

I think I will just ignore those who obviously have an agenda, as there seems to be plenty of rational posters here. Gotta love the internet.

Anonymous said...

Wavvy said:

"I think I will just ignore those who obviously have an agenda, as there seems to be plenty of rational posters here."

Well said Wavvy. I've never had anything to do with SNAP, but you know you're on to something when get a reaction like the one from the REAL SNAPista. I have questions as well, and I am not a pedophile enabler. I'm also anxious to hear what Mr.Clohessey has to say. Someone said professional victims. Let's hope not, because the church would love it. But then again, if SNAP is using victims to solicit donations and only a few inside people are benefiting from those donations, that has a name, and the name is fraud.

Austin Powers said...

"Roger Mahony makes HALF of what the LA CRIMINAL ARCHDIOCESE TIDING EDITOR MAKES"? Really, most interesting!

Exactly what blend of drugs are you on?

Please explain to those reading here, by what set of financial miracles allowed the LA Cardinal, and historically the single largest aid & abetter of clerical pedophiles in the history of the American Roman Catholic Church, with the highest child body count, to travel first class on all airlines, very frequently? (One or two round trip tickets a year alone first class, should take this entire amount of money, you are claiming Mahony to be earning)?

Let me guess, the airlines like pedophile aid & abetters, and automatically, as standard policy, upgraded and comp them?

Congratulations Kay, you have successfully been conned, or co-opted by direct agents for Roger Mahony, and no longer apparently care about FACTS OR TRUTH.

Black Tie Dinners ( with high rollers and RC fat cats in Vegas and Boston I guess are free to get to for Roger?

But let's say Roger is making half the salary of the the propaganda rag The Tiding's editor gets in taxable American income?

What is Roger being paid in the other sets of books, domestically, or off shore, or across the Tiber? The answer is MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, laity diverted dollars (TAX FREE).

check out:

check out:
under Mahony's name

vcountry's quotation of the LA Magazine paid for placed pr piece, is really quite pathethic, in an attempt to legitimize such a FLAT OUT LIE, KAY.

Even Bernie Law, at Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome has a base salary of $162,000 US Dollars per year, plus expenses, his own palace, linos, body guards, etc., and we are to believe Roger makes LESS?

If you really believe such unwashed tripe Kay, let me know, we have some useless gator infested swamp land to sell you, with no mineral or access/easment rights, in the Florida Everglades.

wavvygravvy and vcountry also go by the alias WATERSTONE, a known pro NCCB paid for blog disinformation pundit and cyber hacker.

International Man Of Mystery

VCounty said...

Sure sounds like the "REAL SNAPista," doesn't it? Probably because it is. His defensive (and offensive) answer makes it seem like he is the same person.

Anyway, it is unlikely that LA Magazine would "plant" a pr piece for the church, since the story covered all sorts of salaries.

Keep digging, Kay, we need accountability from all sides. SNAP has never had any questions directed at them. No scrutiny isn't healthy. They should be as transparent as the church they constantly demand transparency from. Model transparency, SNAP. Here is your, our, chance to come clean.

Austin Powers said...

Ever notice Kay vcountry, and wavvygravvy, don't deal in FACTS, much like the miters and red hats?

LA Magazine is owned by the Emmis Publishing & Communications, who own many city and region puff piece magazines across the country, and regularly deal in placing PAID FOR PR articles with false and unsubstantiated information.

The proposterous statement that a multi millionaire like Mahony, or his twin brother, or older brother, also both multi millionaires, make "half the salary" of the LA Criminal Archdiocese Tidings Propaganda Editor, who reports directly to Mahony, remains a FLAT OUT BIG LIE.

Kay does vcountry even know Roger has major PR Agencies on the LA Criminal Archdiocese payroll, all at laity expense, in the MILLIONS OR DOLLARS per year?

These hired PR Agenices are there to generate EXACTLY the fabricated press placed positive stories and false fluff the 'LA Magazine'prints vcountry is citing, in exchange for print advertising revenue?

You are being USED Kay.

Austin Powers

VCounty said...

And the "facts" in your bitter response are....?

Nobody would confuse LA Magazine with National Geographic, but the guy who wrote the piece, Mark Lacter, is a business journalist. Doubtful that he is on the take for the church. But then again, there's a conspiracy behind every tree, isn't there?

Let Kay uncover the facts without you bullying her or trying to shout her and others down.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, lay off, Austin, International Man of Mysery.

Austin Powers said...

"Oh Behave" yourself vcountry, incidiary fabricator of false rumors on victims rights groups.

I still see no evidence whatsoever of your SNAP charges MAN?!

As a matter of fact, if you are not an agent for Dr. Evil (aka Rog Mahal Mahony), you are clearly shagging and dealing in a lot of bad vibes and rotten untruths.

Austin Powers
International Man Of Mystery

Quetzaquatl said...

VCounty said, ||Let Kay uncover the facts without you bullying her or trying to shout her and others down.||

Exactly. I couldn't agree more VCounty.

Anyone who tosses around terms like pedophile enabler so cavalierly and uses such a hyperbolic style can only be an unstable, scared or an aspiring professional rabble rouser. If someone is actually paying you to do this they should demand a refund, because you aren't fooling anyone.

I do hope you keep posting though, because you are entertaining.

Kay, I hope you don't let any of this upset you. You have to know that when you set out to document the actions of the Devil that the Devil will react by trying to frighten you when you get close enough to make him feel threatened.

That's how you know you're doing it right. May God richly bless you and keep you.

Torrance Torquemada said...

I still see NO FACTS of so far false accusations (this being day four since you claimed you would produce some v country, anonymous, $napsita, wavvygravvy, and your other pro miters and red hat signatures...)

Well, put up, or SHUT UP!

Torrance Torquemada

Smiling Away said...

Dream on Torrence Powers,

We will never be silenced.

Did you forget about the link to Illinois Attorney General's Website?

Go to and click on yes. Enter EIN # 361454398 and click on search.

There are some facts there.

You know, where the SNAP financial records are that show that SNAP spends 95% of every dollar it takes in on .....SNAP.

Hundreds of thousands spent on SNAP. SNAP, and not survivors.

I'm sure that SNAP representatives can explain this. So what is your problem?

You were also asked about the "Decades of evil curia being exposed by SNAP". You asked to name five of them.

You have named no one. I'm still waiting for your uhm, ahem...facts.

You keep spouting misdirection, lies and feeble attempts at creating emotional responses.

We'll keep an even keel and keep posting the truth that is out there and continue to probe for more.

You can continue to yell and scream and post stupidity. It will not matter.

Torquemada, what a perfect name for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repoting on the Salesian crime spree upcoming trial coverage Kay.

Roger Mahony has been claiming it was "all behind us" since 2002.

Last time I checked, we are a third or so of the way through 2008, with many perpatrators priests and monks Mahony helped hide in Mexico and elsewhere still being persued for rapes, sodomies, and attacks on children, from the LA Archdiocese as well as LA religious oreders, and many still in active ministries.

Nun Too Soon

Torrance Torquemada said...


5 Decades Of Evil Curia Enablers are list at:, that is the repository of factual information, I was completely unaware SNAP had any such public records of such?

What's your point? That SNAP is not doing their job? Who made you in charge of how SNAP decides what is important or not, are you a former board member? Did SNAP promise you something they did not do for you?

Here are a list of known pedophile (EVIL) curia serial pedophile aid and abetters, many that SNAP has mentioned, outed, or documented also:


And a list too long to totally list here, but over the past 5 or 6 decades, listed at:

including MANY other miters, red hats, priests, monks, religious, vocationed, nuns, etc.

You really are quite inane trying to compare the shoe string costs of tiny SNAP (that are voluntarily donated revenues as far as I know), to BILLIONS OF RIPPED OFF DOLLARS, to this very day, of the curia's malfiensence, embezzlment, obstruction of justice, and felonious racketeering.

I'm still waiting for proof of your unproven, or even remotely accurate claims SNAP is doing anything with the small amounts of money they collect, that are even remotely questionable, other than exposing curia and clergy criminals, and aiding civil and criminal actions thereof, against such pervasive insitutional criminality, to date costing all laity at least $2.8 Billion Dollars, with no end in site, just in the USA among RC;'s, and a whole lot more among other regions also.

You are saying in effect that some tiny underground sect called Christians are at fault for burning down Rome; I think NOT Nero.

Torrance Torquemada

Anonymous said...

Most people understand that there is a huge difference between outing and mentioning. You really don't have any shame do you?

What I, and others here have stated is crystal clear despite your ongoing attempts to obfuscate it.

All anyone stated is that a fact concerning SNAP's spending 95% of all of it's funds on itself is disturbing to us. And Kay asked Mr. Clohessey to explain it.

And rather than wait for that explanation, you have been on an incredibly boring, self documenting, insulting, hyperbolic, stupid and dishonest marathon of mis characterization's.......trying desperately to make anyone who finds that FACT questionable look ridiculous or worse.

Your pathetic behavior not only speaks for itself, it is beginning to, at least in my mind, cast more doubt on SNAP. And it's right out of the "evil curia's" playbook.

Go screw!

Quetzaquatl said...

Hey folks. Don't let this person, Torquemada, and all of their other monikers get to you. He/she and his/her methods are obvious to all. Ignore him/her.

The Truth will alway rise up and shine for all to see, no one can stop it. God bless and keep you all.

WavvyGravvy said...

Someone is trying very hard to cloud the issue around SNAP's form 990 and vilify and slander anyone who dares ask the question, what does SNAP do with the money that it receives in donations..

Someone thinks that no one has the right to ask that question. It reminds me of the Bush administrations habit of calling into question the patriotism of anyone who dares question his policies.

Calling anyone who disagrees with them pedophile supporters and the like, it is truly a fine example of cyber bullying.

Since SNAP uses the plight of survivors to ask for donations, then all survivors have right, I'd say even a duty, to ask where that money goes.

The reactions of SNAPista show that for some, SNAP means that Someone Needs A Psychologist

Kay, please keep up the good work. Don't let the bastards get you down. The comment section can always be closed down if you get sick of it.

The blog is the important thing.

I for one am very appreciative of all you do Kay. An honest journalist who focuses on survivor's issues is priceless.

Who covers the slimy Salesian's like Kay? Who else goes document diving?

Kay is not only honest and brave, but she is driven to seek out the truth.

I would invite everyone who can afford it to please press the PayPal button and give what you can. You'll be glad you did. This is a very worthy cause.

city of angels lady said...

FYI, Clohessy was friendly but reticent in conversation Thursday, said he would have numbers and some kind of submission for City of Angels answering our questions early next week.

This blog remains open for anonymous postings in the name of free speech in a stifled world. Just as in radio we have to put up with Rush Limbaugh, here in Comments we put up with snarling.

Freedom ain't easy. You have to figure out who is telling the truth.

Cal Tech Professor said...


I know you might find this simply EARTH SHATTERING (note tongue in cheek tone).

What's Next? An indepth investigation into Water actually being Wet?

Why should it surprise ANYONE that 95% of what is taken in by SNAP is spent on SNAP activities?

There seems to be some kind of inference, if I'm reading this running dialogue correctly, that SNAP is spending 95% on a few employees, which their posted reports (referenced by the SNAP critics blogging on this site) do not even begin to indicate.

There is clearly a disconnect in wavvygravvy/quetzaquatl/vcountry/
waterstone/anonymous' nefarious attempts to some how infer that SNAP is not serving the interests of victims, when they clearly demonstrate, almost DAILY in press conferences, new civil and criminal law suits on behalf of victims, etc., (documented daily at verified that indeed whomever they get their donations from, and I have no idea where that comes from, would seem to be getting their monies worth.

The Torrance person may be a bit over the top, but it does sound like there is a 'witch hunt' going on at this blog site on a victims advocacy group, with the failure of those asking for answers as of yet being able back up any alleged wrong or harm by SNAP, to DEFLECT attention away from the real criminals in the Roman Catholic Curia, like Roger Mahony and the Salesians.

Last time I checked, the posts by Ms. Ebling were about SALESIAN civil pedophile law suits, not SNAP.

The analogy made of the Christians being blamed for Rome's burning by Nero, I believe is clearly on target, until I see evidence of arson by the Christians (torches, fuel, bodies, burnt city?), which has yet to be produced.

The continuing droning about SNAP by the person, or persons, is not of any substantive, or for that matter interesting, discourse, or contribution, and I suggest contributors try to stay on the posted topics Ms. Ebling is reporting on.

Cal Tech Professor
"And The Truth Will Make You Free"

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady