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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jury sworn in Thursday afternoon, opening statements Tuesday 5.13 AM for Salesian cases jury trial in LA Superior Court.

A jury was sworn in Thursday afternoon and opening statements are scheduled for next week, Tuesday morning, May 13, in the Salesian cases jury trial, a source told City of Angels late yesterday, and the court clerk confirmed this morning.

City of Angels Network will be there. Meantime, enjoy the ever changing videos.--ke


Anonymous said...











Anonymous said...

So the pope wasn't a Nazi. He was only 14 years old as a Hitler youth.

Never mind the fact that church lawyers have held many teenage victims of church pedophiles to adult standards.

He's just in charge of a huge organization that is riddled with pedophiles.

That zealously defends pedophiles.

That destroys the personnel files of pedophiles.

That fights the victims of it's pedophiles in court.

All while pretending to represent the Lord.

I would have preferred being called a Nazi.

Cal Tech Professor said...

The LA Times posts a brief report today, 5/9/08, on the Salesian civil pedophile and criminal cover up trials also, and the religious order's refusal to join in settlement with the LA Archdiocese THAT WAS AT LEAST $660 MILLION DOLLARS, NOT INCLUDING LEGAL FEES, COURT COSTS, ETC., all at laity expense.

What is not stated, and the LA Archdiocese does not want the LA laity (being hoisted with 100% of the bills to know), is there is a new large wave of victims coming foward and filing new civil or criminal actions, post Benedict XVI th's brief PR Damage Control Tour, nationwide.

Nothing can be corrected until all incurable pedpohile perpetrators, as well as unpunished and incurable cardinal and bishop pedophile enablers, aid & abetters, like Mahony, are each removed from their offices and the Church. Maligent tumors must be removed.

Cal Tech Professor
"And The Truth Will Make You Free"

Brom's Bane said...

What are the odds that there is a settlement or a delay before next weeks opening arguments?

The church always blusters but when the rubber hits the road historically they settle.

Consider San Diego..........

supposedly bankrupt and unable to come up with more than $95 million, Bishop Brom suddenly found $198,000,000 when it became clear that their BS tactics had failed and that they were headed to court.

Cal Tech USC Phony said...

Oh my god, you're such a liar! You're not a Cal Tech professor and you're not a USC Annenberg professor. You post with multiple names, but you're fooling nobody. SNAP will be investigated and held accountable for its use of our money. And there's not a damn thing you and your multiple personalities can do about it.

Santa Monica Roman Catholic Lay Member said...

You are probably right in your comments Brom's Bane.

Though many have reported the Salesians love the scorched-earth approach to litgation; per their pedophile aid and enabling, via perjury, obstruction of justice, racketeering, etc.

There is a large file on the Salesians at:

Time certainly will tell.

You can bet my kids do not attend any Salesian school.

Santa Monica Roman Catholic Lay Member

Anonymous said...

Cal tech is not a liar. And we see what is going.

Someone is extremely desperate to confuse the facts as much as possible regarding SNAP. Someone is either obsessed or or otherwise motivated to make the issue confusing and tiresome to the point of disappearing.

Cal Tech said nothing about SNAP. And yet this phony cal tech chimes in with the same over the top style that is increasingly familiar.

I'm VERY glad that Kay understands that it's the cost of freedom on the internet.

This is an outlet for truth and it's making somebody quite nervous.


Regarding the Salesians I would also agree with Brom's Bane.

The church has a lot to lose if there is a trial. Therefore I really do hope there is one, but the church will buy it's way out at the last moment, as usual.

Then SNAPista, aka phony CalTech, aka Austin Powers, will likely post that it was tiny SNAP that singlehandedly brought the Salesians to their senses.


Onward Kay! Onward!

city of angels lady said...

I'm sure that David Clohessy will have a clear and articulate way to explain how the money was spent. Like any public non profit tax exempt entity, they will gladly show where money comes from and how it's spent, as, we are all working from a place of high ethics, aren't we, as we combat the Church of Low Ethics?

For now, enjoy the videos.

PS The Salesians always fight settlements and go to trial and usually fight the verdict after the trial. Only difference here is they have to pay back Mahony if they lose.

Read some back posts here at City of Angels for more background, I don't want to keep writing the same stuff over and over, and

I am having too much weird stuff happen in my personal life to not think someone is fucking wiht me by the way


Anonymous said...

The Salesians may be trying to beat the record for most pedophiles in active religious order ministries globally, formerly held by The Legion Of Christ, and disgraced Marciel, the Legions founder.

In Fiji and Samoa, and other South Pacific isles, there are lots of these creeps being hidden by the Salesians.

Brom's Bane said...

If I'm wrong I about the silly Salesians going to trial no one will be happier about it than I.

Scumbag after scumbag under oath, committing perjury to hide the truth. Lying to protect their privileged way of life, which is, having sex with children.

Oh please God, let them go to trial.

I only wish it were on Court TV for us all to see.

And as it likely isn't, you see how critically important this blog is.

Something has to happen to punch through the denial still present in the laity.

These lying bastards haven't changed. Not a bit.


Do men of God really need to live in luxury to serve Him?


But what about the poor?

Here's an idea. Let's help the poor ourselves. Do you know someone struggling financially? Are you OK financially....or more appropriately, do you donate to the church?

Give it directly to the poor instead.

Are you afraid of these men? Do you fear that they can harm your soul?

Men that are perverts rapists child molesters liars thieves embezzlers and more?

Do you think because they wear funny clothes and hats that they can do these things and still represent the Lord?

If so, I don't know what to say.

Yet it seems to be the only explanation for a laity that continues to support criminals.

Come on church. You are the church, you are the people of God. Do what is right. Be brave and cut off the funds of these impostors.

The Holy Spirit said...

"And ye shall know them by their FRUITS"...

BB has 'got it', cut off the money laity, you control it!

Criminals like Mahony & Pedophile Salesians cannot survive without a stream of income.

Fiat Lux et Veritas (Let There Be Light & Truth),

The Holy Spirit

Ira Louvin said...

SATAN Is Real! And he posts under several names on this blog, "The Holy Spirit" and "Broms Bane" being the latest pathetic attempts to shout down anyone who would call $$$NAP to accountability for use of funds solicited off the grief of victims. SATAN Is Real! Away from us, SATAN!!

Quetzaquatl said...

Just an observation

At first SNAP was defended by equating anyone who asked questions about SNAP's finances with pedophiles, by calling them liars and defenders of the church, and accusing them of all sorts of other nonsense.

Now it seems that this spin machine
is changing directions, by pretending to BE one of the those who have questions about SNAP......and of course... simultaneously acting like a certifiable lunatic.

It's still yet another attempt to smear anyone who would ask normal, routine questions about this charities finances.

For the record, I support Kay asking Mr. Clohessey about where all of the donated funds have gone.

How can the church be asked for accountability if survivor support groups cannot model accountability themselves?

And of course we can and I am sure SNAP will.

That much is obvious to anyone, but the question that is a bit more difficult to answer is why are they doing it? SNAP loyalty? SNAP obsession? Something else?

Someone is bothered greatly by this blog asking SNAP simple questions, no question about it.


God bless and keep you.

Kay Ebling said...

"Why?" Quetzaquatl asks.

Because you are an IDIOT who seems to be the only one obessed with SNAP.

Mr. David Clohessey said he would respond.

Your continued off posted topic cyber bulling indicates strongly it is you alone who are mentally unstable.


Quetzaquatl said...

Is it Ebling?

The name is spelled E b E l i n g for future reference.

How often does a person misspell their own name?

Not even Quetzaquatl does that.

It just reinforces my earlier point.

Someone is disturbed about SNAP and is trying hard to twist things out of shape, but it's not me.

I am only an observer who accurately repeats what I see.

shoedog said...

Quetzaquatl said...The name is spelled E b E l i n g for future reference.

Ouch! Who's the IDIOT now, hmmmm, Ms. phony impostor and not the real Kay?

Damn! You just been PWNED!

WavvyGravvy said...

Ask Clohessey if he knows who this lying shill is who's hell bent on silencing any questions.

Anonymous said...


A small Wikipedia article, "Disinformation"

Salesian and Mahony standard procedure.

copy and paste this link into your browser

Anonymous said...

Disinformation = Waterstone

Any breathing soul knows WIKI is pure fabrication.

Anonymous said...

See this video before it is banned and removed from YOU TUBE--The humorous you tube video "Automatic Confession" which pokes fun at the Catholic Church through a fictional story of a church that installed a new automatic confession service...

shoedog said...

I seriously doubt that You Tube will yank that, it's harmless, and especially if they didn't pull this:

"Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church"

Just paste the above title into the You Tube search box. It's sad, very sad, but we all know it's about 90% true.

Anonymous said...

Major diversion of revenue (hundreds of millions of dollars) from affluent parishes is going on, right now, to help pay for mounting and uncorrected law suits, across the USA, including but not limited to the Salesians.

Just like Mahony's floating of a loan with laity paid for assets and real estate, for $50 plus million off an Irish bank, to stick the costs of the loan, it's pay back, and interest, back on the laity, the number of FRAUD & EMBEZZLEMENT cases is DAIY mounting and reported on in the RCC by the press and at

The only solution is for the laity to stop donating until all guilty cardinal and bishop office holders are forced out and punished.

Anonymous said...

Yep. And since it costs the bishops zero, they don't care_____at all. It's not their money.

I actually think they laugh at the laity, I really do. I think they sit about watching porno, drinking wine, smoking weed and having sex with each other, paid escorts and kids.

All while laughing at the gullible and the so easy to fool laity.

Just dig into the testimony of some survivors. Why do you think the bishops avoid trials anyway? Innocent men would DEMAND trials.

If what the church apologists said were true, that survivors and their attorneys are just greedy........then they would have been to put to public humiliation and shame long ago in the court of law and public opinion.

And the Pope would have stayed in Rome last month.

My theory is that ultimately, people don't give to the church because they're altruistic. They give to the church because they're afraid of pissing off their priest.

Make the priest mad and he won't forgive their sins, and that could mean fire. Due to being steeped in this belief system form an early age they cannot shake the belief that they need a priest to communicate with God. This being the case, it doesn't matter how big of a scoundrel the priest is, he has still their immortal soul by the short and curlys.

Not being Catholic maybe I miss the mark but find other ways to rationalize why people keep giving to an obviously dishonest and morally bankrupt institution.

They're scared of the boogy man.

That's why the church keeps wearing funny clothes and hats that are straight ought of ancient Babylon, some of the flock is frightened and or impressed by them.

Church, grow up. Are you not commanded to search for Truth? Do you really think these clowns have it?

Like another poster said, you'll know them by their fruits.

Anonymous said...

Call ME names will you, you vile little guttersnipes? Do you think I care? Let me explain something to you simpering fools.

Go ahead, call for all the money to stop. It will never happen. I can excommunicate you, or I can give you and your loved ones indulgences, for a price.

Your choice. Go ahead and laugh. See if you laugh when you or your spouse, or your child is on their death-bed, suffering. When the next breath might well be your last.

When you MUST face the realities of heaven or Hell.

You'll beg for the assurances I have to offer. You always do. Who else can help you besides us? We are the ones, the ONLY ones, who the divine access that you had better have when it really counts, when you are dying. And you know it.

Don't get mad because I have a hedonistic lifestyle. What is a little pleasure compared to your eternal salvation. You know nothing of the battles I have to fight for the souls of of the people. That's my business.

Does that make you angry? I don't care. I'll never admit saying this anyway. All the evidence in the world can point at me and you will excuse it all.

SO anonymous knows what my game is.
I'm sooo scared, I'm shaking, I'll be exposed.

I've BEEN exposed! No one cares. Don't you get it?

So go ahead and write your little posts about me. Write your blogs, shout the truth from the rooftops.
I don't really care.

See you around.

R Mahony, Cardinal, LA diocese

Saint Michael The Archangel said...

"R Mahony, Cardinal, LA diocese", last time we checked, even in "Guttersnipe"-land, it was an 'ARCHDIOCESE', as in ARCH Criminally run, bought & paid for under John Paul II, & currently criminally headed.

"See", salvation comes through Yeshua ben Yosef, not your souless DAMNED carcass Rog.

Your eternity project, The Mahal, will be demolished, & it won't take 3 days either, or on 2nd thought, we might leave it as a homeless shelter, to remind everyone of your incarnate EVIL.

"500 Hundred Years", who's the out of work screenplay writer/hack who came up with that Bull on your web site? (Not the Papal kind either).

You may not care about yourself Rog Boy, but we're here to go after your brothers (Louis & Neil), niece(s), friends, colleagues, school chums, business associates, etc also...

You don't even have a clue of what real SCORCHED EARTH (as in Divine Retribution)is, Roger, but soon, we promise; VERY SOON. And Rog, we're really going to enjoy this.

There is no teflon, lead, kevlar, stolen & diverted laity billion$, oil lease revenues, legions of lawyers, squandered assets, moats, etc, that shall save anything associated remotely with you, or your existence, Roger.

All shall be wiped clean.

The express elevator you are on Rog has one button; DOWN.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady