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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jury selection continues, meanwhile City of Angels Network has an array of new videos, including Church of the Child Molester, banned by MTV

While jury selection goes on downtown LA in the Salesian cases concerning Fr. Jim Miani, we have tracked down a selection of post papal visit videos which are on topic, including "Church of the Child Molester." Producer Mark McKay of Toronto says his on-target short was banned from his regular segment on MTV Live.

Also featured: LA Plaintiff Cynthia Falter turns a web cam on herself to rap about rape by George Neville Rucker in El Segundo in first to third grade, and the continued mental rape from going through six years of a lawsuit, ending in the LA Archdiocese settlements last year. Her raw video is a preview of more stories to come about Cyndy's case and other cases, here at City of Angels Network.

We also searched YouTube and filtered out the truly distasteful, to find recent uploads that relate to the pope's recent visit and how it impacted the 500,000 victims of sex crimes in the Catholic Church. You can watch them without leaving the blog by clicking the video bars above.

FYI, watch these videos to the end and you see a selection of related short videos to view. You can spend hours clicking from one media to another, here at City of Angels Network.

Meanwhile we will check in daily with Emilie Elias' court to see when Opening Arguments begin which should be as soon as jury selection is complete, maybe next week. Attorneys on both sides agree the trial will last 5 to 6 weeks. . .

--kay ebeling


Diogenes said...

Hey Roger, do you ever watch these videos?

Do you really believe you are innocent Roger, as serial pedophile perjuring enabler of DECADES, racking up costs to laity of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and a CHILD body count that is Number One Of ALL ACTIVE RED HAT OFFICE HOLDERS?

Well, Roger at least you are Number One at something.

Exactly what set of drug cocktail blends do you take, to calm your nerves and soul, Roger?

Oh, yes, I forgot Roger, you sold those to THE DEVIL many years ago...therefore you are among the walking dead and don't need to sleep.

How's that phony and fraudulent cancer story working for you Roger, in it's 8th year; any sympathy?

Roger, did those fake injuries heal from a phantom attacker, months ago, when you went to mail a letter, but never filed a police assault report?

Yep Roger, over 80 recently published new 100% factual and empirical books on the ongoing curia criminal cover up, orchestrated by you, and your curia co-conspirators (Law, Hummes, Sodano, McCarrick, Egan, George, Rivera, O'Malley, Pell, Maida, Rivera, Leveda, Rigali, etc.) , which can be all found online at, or for free at many local public libraries, with such salient and cognent authors as: Richard Sipe, Leon Podles, Jason Berry, and Fr. Thomas Doyle, OP, must be some bad or fictional dream. Yeah, sure Roger.

Yes Roger, we know the entire US Academy Of Motion Pictures Art & Sciences Blue Ribbon Judging Panel was completely hood winked in nominating of 'DELIVER US FROM EVIL' as BEST DOCUMENTARY for 2006, one can watch for free, at:, or on DVD for free at local public libraries, or for a few bucks at NETFLIX.

Yes, Roger, no doubt the new film out on DVD, with free previews also at: entitled 'VOWS OF SILENCE' is also pure fabrication.

Yes, Roger there is no JJ Criminal Justice Report, in actual raped, orally copulated, sodomized, mentally tortured, physically maimed, kidnapped, suicided and murdered children, over decades, and UNDER REPOTED by a factor of at least a 10 mutiple.

Yes, Roger, the Philadephia Criminal Grand Jury Report, available for FREE, along with the JJ Criminal Justice Report, at
are figments of our imaginations.

Yes, Roger, you very recent loan taken out on an Irish Bank for $50+ Million Dollars, collaterizing laity paid for assets of the LA Archdiocese, and SCREWING the laity into paying off the loans over years, plus interest, or forfeiting real estate and schools, really did not's part of "some vast right wing conspiracy" propaganda smear.

Yes, Roger, we stole all the strawberries from the officer's mess, aboard the USS Caine.

Maybe "the Gates Of Hell shall not prevail against Christ's Church" Roger, but then again, what has that got to do with you, or your criminal organization called the LA Archdiocese?



North Hollywood Insider said...


The REAL North Hollywood Insider (aka "NoHo")

hrh said...

Aha, another paid shill for the ongoing criminal enterprise known as the RCC, attempting to distract readers from the matter at hand.

We also know that this jerk is not NoHo. Pathetic.

city of angels lady said...

Is asking a question is bashing? Are we just another Roman Catholic Church?

Diogenes said...


North Hollywood Insider said...

The phantom LA Criminal Archdiocese hack is back, at the City Of Angels Blog, pretending to be the real NoHo (North Hollywood Insider) - NOT.

Ignore the wack who does not even have the imagination, or courage, to sign their own name, claiming to be the real NoHo, in the above's more feable and transparent blog spoofing from the LA Archdiocese.



The REAL North Hollywood Insider, aka "NoHo", and not the brainless spoofer pretending to be...

Malibu Mama said...

LA Criminal Archdiocese is back taking on the plagerism of Diogenes name now, again in mindless rantings from the soul-less hacks endangering tens of thousands of children at laity expense, in the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, with no end in sight, and hundreds of new law suits being filed against Rog Mahal Mahony in process, with lots still in the courts, as reported on by Kay, with the Salesians and other religious order.

Electronic Auditor said...

USC Annenberg School For Communication Auditor Checking In City Of Angels Blog Readers

We note the attempted blog incendiary spoofing tactics of SHOUT DOWN, and deflection, from someone, or some entity, that does not want FACTS on the LA Archdiocese disclosed.

This is a clear cyber bully attempt; the bully is failing badly.

Indeed real felonious activity is being disclosed on the LA Archdiocese, for all to consider for themselves, at this LA area blog site.

Electronic Auditor
USC Annenberg School For Communications

Cal Tech Professor said...

Mahony and the LA Archdiocese should NOT be donated to for any reason, in their continued criminal cover up, at 100% laity cost, in billions of dollars, with zero correction, and child endangerment still widely pervasive.

For daily verfied coverage we recommend:

Cal Tech Professor
"And The Truth Will Make Your Free"

Mother Superior said...

The only way to STOP evil men like Roger Mahony is to take away their revenue; pure adn simple.

Mother Superior
Cloistered West Coast Order

Torrance Torquemada said...

Francis MacIntyre = Draconian Canonically Censored Thief, Embezzler, Perjurer, Meglomaniac. Red Gaucho Unfallen From The Roof Of OLA (aka "The Rog Mahal");

Timothy Manning = Spineless Administrator & Tacit Pedophile Enabler Via Benjamin Hawkes, Manning's Vicar General & Pedophile Himself. Red Gaucho Unfallen From The Roof Of OLA (aka "The Rog Mahal")

Unfallen gauchos mean these former red hats are no where near entering Heaven...if EVER.

Roger M. Mahony = Current, As Of Yet, Unpunished Meglomaniac Criminal Head Of The LA Archdiocese, Creator Of OLA (aka "The Rog Mahal")& Sole Reason The LA Laity Have Bills Over ONE BILLION DOLLARS, with no end in site, from ongoing waves of pedophile and pedophile criminal cover up law suits, with no corrections. Mahony's Gaucho is not yet suspended from OLA's ("The Rog Mahal") roof, but not soon enough...

The coversion of "The Rog Mahal" to a homeless shelter and transfer of all currently interned to unmarked pauper graves, is a JUST & FITTING use to this building, esemplifying the single largest guilty, arrogant, and unrepentant cleric office holder, with the largest child body count, in RC Church history.

May Mahony NEVER rest in peace.

Torrance Torquemada

Dionohomalibutorqtechetc said...

Satan is known by many names. But all are one.

Anonymous said...


I have to agree with Kay about this.

I checked the link at the Illinois attorney generals website, and what I saw was disturbing.

Granted, I am NOT an accountant, however, $900,000 (donated in 2006) dollars is a _lot_ of dough and not one penny, not one single penny it seems, goes out to help survivors.

It all goes, 96% of it anyway, to run SNAP.

In fact it always takes just about 95% of all proceeds to operate SNAP. Every year, whether they take in $900,000 or $500,000.

If you don't believe it, go see for yourself. The link is posted a day or two back on the blog.

I know that SNAP has conferences, cruises, and answers questions whenever the press has a question.

But I always assumed that when you donated $ to them that something was going back out to help survivors.

But looking at their disclosure statements, it simply does not appear to be so.

If I am wrong, if SNAP has helped you out, please speak up and tell us about it.

I'm not talking about moral support either. I mean monetary help.

There are many homeless and almost homeless survivors that need this type of assistance.

Anonymous said...


Even if SNAP is bogus, the crimes of the RCC and the hierarchy are so beyond the pale, it's like comparing firecrackers to nukes.

Louvin Brothers said...

Satan is REAL!!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately so is Jesus Christ.

Mahony and his ilk would do well to remember that.

city of angels lady said...

In honor of truth, openness and transparency that are required for a group like us more than any other group, because the root cause of sex crimes in the church is secrecy and hidden papers. So here is the link. Read for yourself and wait. Mr. Clohessy is putting together a response to my question, does SNAP really spend 600 to 900K per year on support, and if so, where is it spent. Since SNAP was created on the horrors of our lives, we have a right to know.
The information is here:
Go to

and click on yes.

Enter EIN # 361454398 and click on search, and the SNAP financial documents come up.

kay ebeling

SNAPista said...

GET REAL FOLKS. What kiind of pro pedophile enabling kool aid are you sipping?

The US Roman Catholic Church in collects over EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS per year TAX FREE, after all expenses.

Additionally, at least $2.8 BILLION DOLLARS have been fleeced onto the laity to pay, not coming from the regular annual collected tax free revenues, with no end in sight, on lawsuits settled, those still raging, and many hundreds of more still being filed, not including squandered laity assets, closed ministries, hacked payroll, sold off real estate, etc.

The 335 bishops and cardinals in the USA each have up to a $10 million dollar in monies they personally each control, before having to get any approvals from Rome or anyone, for any reason, per year.

SNAP has a microscopic budget of 1.5 million dollars per year (maybe) of which the two lead directors, working seven days per week, and taveling almost non-stop on behalf of victims, each get a laughable TAXABLE salary each of $75,000.

A better comparison might be a broken pea shooter to several thousands themonuclear warheads with full blow STAR WARS delivery and support capabilities.

I'm AMAZED that SNAP can even mount a fight, but then again, SNAP does have 100% TRUTH on their side, to Mahony and the NCCB's ongoing EVIL, LIES, FRAUD, CHILD ENDANGERMENT, STRING OF FELONIED, RACKETEERING, AID & ABETTING, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, EMBEZZLEMENT,& OVERT CRIMINALTY, daily verified and reported on at:

in the Abuse Tracker section.

What's next from the SNAP critics, being sponsored in their false accusations prompted by the Church Curia and spin artists? That SNAP is actually a branch of al Queda?

Point fingers all you want at SNAP, in bang for the buck, they are outing mutiple decades of curia EVIL.

Read any of the books by Richard Sipe, Jason Berry, Leon Podles or Fr. Thomas Doyle, OP at and you will realize, rapidly, that without SNAP, the victims movement for real exposure of miter and red hat EVIL, is substantially muted.

SNAP is a real spear in the NCCB's side, and they are accomplishing it for fraction of pennies on the dollar.

Go Ahead, Make Our Day...You Want FACTS? You want TRUTH? You'll Get Them!

(Not a member or supporter of SNAP either)

Quetzaquatl said...

Bring Mahony to me.

Wait a minute, I cannot use him, my priests have searched all through him and they say that he has no heart.

These white men with funny clothes are strange. I will have my priests search the rest of them to see they are heartless as well.

city of angels lady said...

If you are in a fighting mood, I guess you'd see my request as an attack on SNAP. I'm just asking for accountability, what any reporter doing research on this topic would ask, at some point.

I have no doubt Mr. Clohessy can explain how it took that much money to do all the work they've done this year. So here is a venue for them to clear the air and answer the question and settle any remaining doubts.

Yes the church has billions, but who wants to be like the church? Maybe less fight and more direct help to victims would stop a lot of criticism.

B. Blaine said...

SNAPista, take a Valium.

Asking a charity for financial disclosure is NOT tantamount to enabling pedophiles. To insinuate that it is plain silly. I mean hey, I'm OK with it. The documents do need explaining, so take a breath.

Inquiring about financial disclosure from SNAP the is NOT the equivalent of making Jesus disrobe to get His boarding pass. It's silly. It won't fly.

BTW Your reaction is hysterical.

B. Blaine

WavvyGravvy said...

SNAPista said.....

/////outing multiple decades of curia EVIL\\\\\

Really? Decades? Is this to be taken seriously? Names please? Out of the decades, maybe five names of curia evil that SNAP outed?
SNAP's self stated mission is not outing "decades of curia evil" Do they do this as sideline? SNAP's self stated mission is to provide support to survivors. There is nothing wrong with oversight. No one, nor is any organization, oh pllllease why should anyone have to explain this?
I would just say as anonymous did already, if SNAP is guilty of anything, it's certainly not child molesting. But then fraud and theft should not winked at either, even if it's only partial. Survivors have been used quite enough.

$NAPista said...

$NAP's leadership appears to have given themselves hefty raises each year. $60k per year to $75k per year to...? And the travel budget means they never had to spend a dime themselves. Professional victims. Sweet. $$$$NAP.

Brom's Bane said...

$75000 per year is laughable? Not in my neck of the woods it isn't. Anyone making that kind of salary with donated funds should never have to be asked to provide the public with facts and figures. They should display them ___prominently___ on their $17,000 website. Good grief! Thanks Kay for all you do.

Cal Tech Professor said...

It clearly appears there is someone signing in as "$napista, B. Blaine, wavvygravvy" with an agenda of DIVERSION or bait and switch, by attacking tiny SNAP, instead of addressing City Of Angels posts, the Mahony crime spree, fraud, racketeering, obestruction of justice and FACTS presented of billions of dollars in THEFT in BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the Roman Catholic laity, with pervasive child endagerment still occurring, in the criminal LA Archdiocese, and RC Church.

Welcome to the conversation.

Like Tod Boy Tamburg, spin and pr hack for Mahony found out, you can't refute FACTS and TRUTH. Your wild goose chase is one sick nonfactual side show of cyber bullying, that will be refuted in empiricism for every false and inflammatory entry you choose to make, plus the listing
of each and every crime of the current curia, and why no laity should be donating any monies for any reason.

To quote the rock & roll lyrics, "Give us your best shot, fire away!"

Cal Tech Professor
"And The Truth Shall Make You Free"

WavvyGravvy said...

Cal Tech

I totally agree with you that Mahony and the other hierarchy that have enabled the pedophile priests to avoid justice...are guilty of far too many crimes to list. There can be no question of it, it is self evident. The evidence may not always be allowed in court due to the amount of legal chicanery that millions will buy, but it is there for anyone who cares to look.

That does not mean however, that there are not other issues that may be of concern to survivors.

You said:

////it clearly appears there is someone signing in as "$napista, B. Blaine, wavvygravvy" with an agenda of DIVERSION or bait and switch, by attacking tiny SNAP, instead of addressing City Of Angels posts\\\\

I beg your pardon. The issue of SNAP WAS RAISED by the author of this blog. Let us remain factual.

Perhaps it's an issue you do not care about, or perhaps you do not wish to have it discussed. But some of us do care about it, for reasons City of Angels so eloquently stated herself already.

Survivors do not constitute a monolithic group that cares only about one issue. We are as varied as snowflakes and though we all hate the evil in the church some of us do have additional concerns as well.

Your comparisons of myself and others to Tamberg and other accusations are rude, and they are pure baloney.

You speak badly of cyber bullys (prior to insulting me), so you should agree that there is room for survivor's issues other than the ones you happen to approve of.

Cal Tech Professor said...


I DO NOT in any way refute or suggest you as a survivor have the right to raise any and all concerns you may have about any subject, including SNAP.

Equally, I will raise any and all false or untruthful assertions I read in regard to any entity to the over all topic of cardinal and bishop corruption, and continued enabling of thousands of cleric pedophiles raping, assaulting, maiming, torturing & sodomizing hundreds of thousands of children to this very day globally.

If you believe SNAP is self serving, that is you IS consitutional right to express.

However, I would argue based on the available HARD evidence, not opinion, to date, that SNAP seems to be consistently the most daily factual giant thorne, exposing vast amounts of curia corruption, and cost soaked to the laity, the sides of the bishops and cardinals.

Therefore, whether you have technical or fundamental concerns about SNAP is irrelevant to the true GOOD thay are doing in exposing, outing, and ridding the insitutional RC Church of many hundred of evil miters and red hats.

The number one group who loaths SNAP is those being exposed, the curia.

Therefore, it is NOT unreasonable to assume those attacking SNAP are directly, or indirectly, or unknowningly, aid and abetting the EVIL CRIMINAL CURIA.

Show me hard evidence that SNAP is harming survivors, I have seen NONE!

Cal Tech Professor
"And The Truth Shall Make You Free"

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady