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Monday, May 26, 2008

Correction: Salesian Mansion is not squatty and it IS to be sold along with a camp to pay 17 LA plaintiffs. Plus, the LA Times gets it wrong again

By Kay Ebeling

Good morning, folks, it’s time for some corrections. Re the Salesian mansion, which YES will be sold to pay the LA settlements, the Provincial House in San Francisco only looks "squatty" from the front where the public sees it, a faithful reader tells me. The mansion is “huge” and from side views it stretches w-a-a-a-ay back and takes up an entire city block.

Another correction: The Itzaina letter in the May 22nd post, where the Vice Provincial takes Ray Boucher to task and claims all Salesian priests are innocent, was not written last month as reported here, but less than 48 hours before the May 14th settlement, which included an admission that Titian Miani DID rape four plaintiffs. Also, Itzaina is not just "a Vice Provincial," but THE Vice-Provincial, my source emailed me scolding.

The camp to be sold is likely Camp Salesian, in Middletown, California, north of Santa Rosa, my source, who says he has to stay anonymous as that's how things are with the Salesians, said.

The Salesians have two camps, Camp St. Francis for boys age 7 to 13 featured in a post here last week, and Camp Salesian. “No activities appear to be planned at Camp Salesian in Middletown this summer,” said my source, “whereas a full summer camp program staffed by Salesians is scheduled at Camp St. Francis for this summer.”

So Camp St. Francis, with Salesian brothers running it, will be stock full of vulnerable boys age 7 to 13 along beachfront property outside Santa Cruz again this summer.

From the Camp St. Francis website:

Camp St Francis provides a wholesome Catholic setting for boys ages 7 - 13 to experience a meaningful and enjoyable summer with their peers

Camp Address:
Camp St. Francis
2320 Sumner Ave.
Aptos, CA 95003

I think there should be protesters where the parents drop the kids off for camp this summer every weekend, or at the camp entrance address above.

To warn the parents they are practically feeding their children to preying pedophiles.

The Salesian Religious Order has more pedophiles per capita than any other religious order in the United States.

And you want to send your pre-pubescent boys to be practically imprisoned no way out at summer camp with these predators?

God knows what goes on in those cabins.

Here’s another idea. Just an idea:

TO GET THE BALL ROLLING toward Congressional hearings about sex crimes in the Catholic Church

Something to Do:
Send letters to:

Lisa Pinto
District Director
Office of Henry Waxman
8436 W. Third St. #600
LA CA 90048

She is in Henry Waxman’s office here in LA.

Henry Waxman chairs the Congressional Oversight Committee.

So write Lisa Pinto and US Rep Waxman a letter and explain the problem of sex crimes in the Catholic Church

Include Evidence with your Letter. Articles from the paper, documents, etc.

Tell them the 140,000 to 500,000 victims of pedohpile priests have yet to experience justice.

Settlements across the country the last 10 years did nothing but further hide the truth, as hierarchy in the church never had to testify.

We need Congressional hearings.

We need guys like Cardinal Roger Mahony to testify, and since the bishops avoided speaking in public under oath with settlements across the country, let the bishops sweat it out in front of national cameras and the teeth and claws of fresh Democrats in the US Congress next year.

We need Congressional Hearings on Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church. And other clergy.

This is a great time to approach Congress for hearings, with the recent FLDS raids in Utah and Texas.

We can start by sending a lot of letters to Lisa Pinto in Henry Waxman’s office at:

Lisa Pinto
District Director
Office of Henry Waxman
8436 W. Third St. #600
LA CA 90048

If you can, cc me your letters.

Please also mention City of Angels blog and A Matter of Truth in Boston, as we are all working together to get national level hearings, either in the Senate or the US Congress, sometime soon.

It starts with small steps.

If Lisa Pinto is inundated with letters, all of them from clergy abuse survivors wanting Congressional hearings, it might help get the ball rolling. Send copies of your letters to me as well, so I can relish in their wordsmithery. . .

It's late I need sleep...

They Would Have Gotten It Right


No one was there from the LA Times the day of the Salesian settlement hearing last week. However, the Times ran a story the next day and it was obviously written by someone at a desk in an office who, after getting the assignment, spent 15 minutes on the Internet, made a few phone calls, then wrote the story. The reporter may not even have been in Los Angeles, from what I hear about corporate run newspapers today. He could have been in San Francisco, or Arizona, and it would not have made a difference in the story.


The Los Angeles Times Insulted the 17 Salesian Plaintiffs, all victims of pedophile priest crimes in Los Angeles, by getting the story wrong.

We Don’t have a newspaper in Los Angeles anymore.
We have blogs.

The Times wrote:

Father Titian Miani, now 81, had been accused of preying on youths when they assigned him to St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, where he allegedly molested four children

Had the Times bothered to send a reporter to the courtroom that day, they would have known that the Salesians admitted in open court, in front of the jury and the judge and the two reporters who were there, me and a woman from The Daily Journal--

That Titian Miani DID molest the four plaintiffs and that Edward Anthony Rodrigue IS guilty of raping other plaintiffs.

It’s not alleged anymore after they admit their guilt in court.

The LA Times still referred to the crimes of Titian Miani

As "alleged molestation."

That's what happens when you do beat reporting by last minute phone calls after the fact, instead of getting down and dirty and going document diving like we do here almost weekly at City of Angels Network.

An Epidemic of Pedophiles thriving in Southern California Catholic Churches for more than 50 years

And the LA Times is absent and then inaccurate for one of the critical hearings on the issue.

We Do Not have a newspaper in this city anymore.

Just blogs like mine.

(I work in TV. That's why I repeat myself so much.)

Here is the beginning of the LA Times story:

Salesians settle final L.A. Archdiocese priest abuse case for $19.5 million

By Richard Winton,
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 15, 2008

The Salesian Society agreed Wednesday to pay $19.5 million to 17 childhood molestation victims, ending the last unresolved case involving the Los Angeles Archdiocese's sexual abuse crisis.

The settlement came after jurors were seated to hear allegations that the Salesians knew Father Titian Miani, now 81, had been accused of preying on youths when they assigned him to St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, where he allegedly molested four children


I know, all newspapers always say allege until someone is locked up in prison.

They are more worried about getting sued than delivering the news.
My head is in Chicago already.
I'm going to my perp church to look for clues.
Just Like Nancy Drew pictured at left holding The Clock. As I work here in LA the mind drifts and I'm in Chicago on the Metra, riding from the city out to the western suburbs.

I’ll get off at Bartlett and go straight to my perp church St. Peter Damian, and see what I can find out about Fr. Thomas Barry Horne, did he leave behind more crime victims than me and my sister. . . .

I’ve been looking at Bartlett from Google maps. The Chicago Metra stops downtown Bartlett in exactly the same place as the old train station in the town in the 1950s.

I know exactly how to get from the train station to the church, it’s only a few blocks. I’ll wear walking shoes.

I'm also taking my laptop and camera and the entire story will be here at City of Angels Blog, day to day. . .blow by blow...

I know Father Horne took kid porn pictures of me and my sister.

I know he was a baccanalian type who was doing my mother in order to get to her daughters. Or maybe he just liked doing it with all of us, I don't know, maybe I'll find out. . .

I hope I will find more victims of Thomas Barry Horne, predator priest.

Or some other thing that will help me prove my case, like Nancy Drew.

My head is in Chicago already.

Even the SNAP conference sounds exciting and I don't usually like conferences, as I can't sit still. So I'm going to be squirming and twitching at SNAP in July this year, the first year I've been able to go to a SNAP conference.

The trip to Chicago is happening thanks to hits on my PayPal button.

And I still don't have quite enough, need to raise about $450 dollars more.

Every five dollars helps. Please click my PayPal and help me get to Chicago and stay long enough to do the research I need to write this story and live it at the same time here on the blog.

Life goes on.

Meanwhile, still working on one of the most bizarre reality TV shows in history, called America’s Greatest Dog.

Like so many reality shows, people come and live in a house with a group of strangers with video cameras going all the time.

Except these people are there with their dogs. Now they're fighting over who’s got the best training techniques, and you're abusing your dog, and oh boy.

Wish I could retire and just work on the blog. Maybe next year.

Onward . . . More to Come. . .

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arguendo said...

If the Times writer you are referring to is Richard Winton, then I can tell you he is local and is generally accurate and knowledgable. Use of the term "alleged" is likely Times policy to avoid defamation suits, and is applied whenever an accused has not been convicted in court. Stipulations and confessions apparently don't count.

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