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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Friday, May 16, 2008

How many believe Catholic priests will lie under oath to cover up sex crimes? Every potential juror raised their hands

By Kay Ebeling

One of the questions was, “How many of you believe the Catholic Church has covered up sex crimes?” Every potential juror in the first day of voir dire raised their hand, in the Salesian cases which settled before going to trial this week in LA. At another point attorneys asked, how many of you think a Catholic priest will lie under oath to protect the church and, again, every one of them raised their hands.

Emilie Elias is a no-nonsense judge who was really glaring down from the bench just like the picture at left in the settlement hearing Wednesday in LA Superior Court. She presides in a community full of no-nonsense people. I looked at that jury and they were ready, savage with pencils poised to find a hundred reasons to award punitive damages if the cases went to trial. The Salesian defense was not going to be able to do the dance around justice they pulled off in San Francisco in 2006. Wayne Morse slouched home to Texas in tears.

The day before the settlement in LA, a jury in Vermont came back with the largest civil award in the state's history, $7,750,000 in punitive damages against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, which might have been on the Salesians attorneys' mind Tuesday night when they agreed to settle. One altar boy from Vermont held out, refused to settle with about 18 other cases earlier this year, insisted on a jury trial, and was awarded $950,000 compensatory along with the record breaking $7.75 million award in punitive damages. The Burlington verdict, reached by the jury in less than five hours, is a signal to the Roman Catholic Church. People who serve on juries are ready to award massive amounts to plaintiffs when given the chance to decide punitive damages.

In a phone interview Friday morning, plaintiff attorney Tony DeMarco described voir dire: “The judge’s perspective was, okay, everybody knows about the settlements in LA last year, that's a given.”

The judge instructed the jury: “You've got to ask about the facts of this case, this particular case. The jury has to be fair on the facts of this case, listen to evidence and render on the facts here. Not on the other cases in LA last year.”

It’s likely impossible to find 11 people in Los Angeles who wouldn't find the archdiocese and all its Manchurian responders guilty.

The judge realized the predicament and resolved it with a legal swipe which is apparently Emilie Elias’ style. Earlier I observed that instead of pretrial hearings, Judge Emilie Elias did away with about 27 motions in limine from the defendants for these cases by bringing all the attorneys into her chambers to talk over refreshments, then looking at each of them squarely and saying, Listen. . .

DeMarco said. Sure it was likely there would be a huge award from the jury as in Vermont if we went to trial, but then the cases would spend years in appeals.

In Vermont less than 24 hours after the 7 plus million in punitives to one altar boy, the case was under appeal.

Evidence from the 2008 Salesian cases in LA will dribble out.
And be reported here at City of Angels

In other deposition testimony, Howse had revealed that all the boys at St. Mary's in Edmonton avoided the infirmary. They knew if you went to the infirmary, you were going to be sexually molested by Father Jim Miani or one of the others. (See Lester Howse in the video at top of page.)

Howse said kids would vomit in the closet and have raging fevers but refuse to go to the infirmary because of the sexual abuse at St. Mary’s in Edmonton, negligenty supervised by the Salesians who have to pay $19.5 million to 17 plaintiffs after the decision in LA Superior Court this week.

In the settlement hearing Ray Boucher for the plaintiffs told the jury that their very presence weighed on defense attorneys, just their being there had power in the move to settle the cases.

Me, I saw that jury, and I think they couldn't wait to go for punitive damages in the triple millions, I could see the rage in their faces as they sat there, they were looking forward to passing judgment on the Salesians.

The plaintiff in the Salesian cases that settled spoke to me about sitting in on voir dire:

“I got the feeling immediately that the jury connected with me. Still it wasn’t easy to know that my life was going to be out there.

"All of a sudden you realize what depths they will go to, to not be held accountable, to make me look guilty instead."

“They weren't going to get away with it," she said, "because I said to my family, look I made some mistakes and you're going to hear about them in the trial. I'm not perfect.”

DeMarco said, “Steve McFeely stands up and starts asking questions and he is not someone people like. He was trying to get the jury riled. But then they all raised their hands. I thought he was trying to get the whole jury pool booted.”

DeMarco said, “With the evidence we had, all the evidence we were going to be able to present, and I think Judge Elias would have let all of it in, the jury could have put the Salesians out of business.”


The Salesians Society say they will sell the mansion on Franklin Street in San Francisco to pay for the settlement in LA.

What are they going to do with the other several million they'll make on the real estate sale?


Document protocol.

Now that all the cases are settled, DeMarco is preparing a motion for release of personnel documents of every perpetrator in the LA and San Diego cases settled last year.

All to be explained in posts coming up this weekend. . .


hrh said...

Shall we have a blog pool, betting how long it will take for Master Predatory Pedophile Enabler, Protector, Transferrer, Promoter Mahoney's paid shill to show up. Counting down.......

Frater G said...

So far it looks like all of SoCal has gotten away relatively unscathed. Now I think we still made a psychological impact on the church, we passed the $1 billion mark, and I think that has finally made an impact in LA.

However Celibacy itself is the root of the problem, we need priests who are ordinary working guys, guys with families who are serious about their ministry.

Its not that radical at all, the Lutherans have female ministers, and no one can argue that they're raging radicals!

hrh said...

Frater G, if you were referring to the US when you quoted the $1,000,000,000.00 (billion) amount, it is now more than $2,300,000,000.00.

Or is that figure just for LA?

William F. Buckely, Jr. said...

HRH, in reading Frater G's figure, it appears to be just Southern California, exceeding ONE BILLION DOLLARS...

HRH, the real number in the USA alone is $2.8 Billion Laity Dollars and rising daily.

$19.4 million with the slippery CA Salesians,

$742 million so far under Arch Criminal Rog Mahal Mahony's LA,

over $100 million in Gay Boy Tod Brown's Orange Diocese,

$37 Million or so in Barnes' San Bernadino,

$84 Million In Bobbie Gay Orgy Attendee With Rog Mahony Brom's San Diego,

$23 Million In Other LA Orders & Curry's Santa Barabara,

And none of these totals includes legal fees, pr firm spin fees, court costs, Nothern California costs, etc.,

about $72 million in known insider hush money, over about 3 decades, closed ministries, hacked payrolls, squandered real estate & investment portofolios, closed convents, vocations in the sewer, LOANS taken out on laity paid for schools and assets to force the laity to pay off the loans, hike tutitions, diverted offetory monies, hike insurance liability premiums, hospital chain cooked books, tax evasion, perjuries, closed shrines, closed parishes, seceret settlements, closed seminaries, sales of laity paid for cemetary assets, diverted university monies and grants, slush fund construction monies stolen, and the long list of criminal embezzlement activity continues, that is much too long to list all here.

MINIMUM total, just south of the San Gabriel Moutain Range? About
ONE BILLION Eight Million LAITY DOLLARS and counting!

There is no end in sight, and new law suits are filed DAILY, with no punishment of overtly GUILTY Cardinal and Bishop office holders STILL pedophile enabling, aid, and abetting known fugitives from justice (Mexico, Central & South America, South Sea Islans, Asia, India, Ireland and elsewhere) and pedophiles still in active ministries here in CA.

I must respectfully ad that celibacy is only PART of the problem Frater G, and in point of fact, highly criminal condoning red hat and mitered office holders, who each still go unpunished, at no cost to themselves, is the CENTRAL PROBLEM (all at laity cost).

Pedophiles are not curable.

Pedophile enabling, over mutiple decades, aid and abetting EVIL men like Mahony, Brom, Brown, Barnes, Curry, Soto, Steinbock, Weigland, Ryan, McGrath, Walsh, Leveda, Garcia, Blaire, Wilkerson, Clark, Ward, Satorius, Solis, Niederaur, Cummins, Vigneron, Cordileone, Justice, Wang, Zavala, Dolejsi, Quinn, Chavez, who continue to actively lobby for the non extension of statue of limitations on pedophiles with laity monies, while building over a half a Billion Dollars in new cathedrals that are not needed (LA, Oakland, Sacramento) also cannot be trusted, be believed, and are not curable.

Each pedophile enabling miter and red hat must be removed from office, each canonically censored, and each placed under life house arrest, at a minimum (like pedophile founder Marciel was, of the cult-like Legion Of Christ), or alterntively, each is excommunicated. And such a rendering is the merciful Christian thing to do, versus what these pedophile pimps really deserve.

The names above are each a maligent CANCER that must be CUT OUT of the California Roman Catholic Church.

No California Bishop's Conference Accountability? No Laity Monies!

LAITY, 100% Of All California Roman Catholic Church Revenue Comes From You! STOP DONATING!
There is no other solution that has or will work.

William F. Buckley, Jr.
Reporting From Heaven

hrh said...

Oi veh!

The Holy Spirit said...

"Oi veh"

You can say that again, 3 times, HRH!

Every time I turn around, having just cleaned up one mess, made by the alleged servants of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there are multiple more!

I tell you, it's as if Roger Mahony and his minions where sent by The Devil himself.

It's like the buckets and brooms in the Saucer's Apprentice cartoon, featuring Mickey Mouse in 'Fantasia' (OK, I'm dating myself, but as The Holy Spirit, I have been around before, during, and after time, both in and out or it, also).

Come on LAITY, a little help here PLEASE,\?! Just Stop Donating!!!

Yours In The Big 3,

The Holy Spirit

ACT UP!!!! said...

Kay, reject the bigots. Answer the posting: Your chance, your choice. Reject bigotry, please. WHY are you SILENT?????????????????????

Tell us, is "gayboy" not an anti-gay slur? Is "jewboy" not an anti-semitic slur? HRH, etc., is continuing to post the slur "gayboy" in response to your blogging. Rebuke him. Have courage.

What do you REALLY think?

Be brave. Be truthful.


hrh said...

Message for Act Up: Grow up!

Santa Monica Lay Roman Catholic said...

'Gay' is a common word in the English language, and not prejudicial at all.

'Gay' has commonly be used to denote 'joy', happiness', or 'homosexuality', in it's usage.

Act Up you do not sound happy?

Act Up, your attempt to incite cyber shout downs will not work.

'Gay' does not condone or condemn any of these above three meanings of the word.

'Gay' in reference to Roman Catholic bishops, cardinals, or clergy, who PRETEND not to be practicing any sexuality, who are practicing homosexuals, is a FACT, NOT a prejudice.

What is clearly inferred by the GAY tag lines, is that gay cardinals, bishops, and clergy ARE being black-mailed into silence by pedophile clergy and pedophile bishops' criminality; in fear of being OUTED (as was Cardinal Ted McCarrick by his own string of gay lover seminarians, for job advancement in exchange for going to bed with him).

Homosexuality, 'gay' or other terms, is neither prejudicial or condemning, particularly in light of the very recent California Supreme Cout decision to affirm GAY Marriage.

However, CRIMINAL activities are CONDEMNED at this site ACT UP, including, but not limited to:

Pedophile enabling,
Pedophile aid and abetting, Perjury,
Obstruction of justice,
Criminal intent to act as accessory to pedophile rape, sodomy, and oral copulation of thousands of children with no correction,
Assisting known fugitives from justice to escape across international borders to avoid criminal prosecution,
Tax fraud,

We also note Act Up, that STRAIGHT as a word refers to heterosexual cardinals, bishops, priests, doing the same, in being sexually active, while LYING differently, that could be black-mailed by pedophiles, equally emboldening pedophile CRIMINALITY.

As try as you might to claim bigotry on this site by contributors ACT UP, you are wrong, yet again.

It is you ACT UP who are enganging bigotry to deflect true, overt, and persistent criminality agianst the Roman Catholic rank and file laity, paying BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, with no punishment of guilty cardinals or bishops, and no true correction, with child endangerment still domestically and globally pervasive.

Merely a few days read of verified and daily posted Roman Catholic Curia conduct at:

by EVIL men like Roger Mahony, Bernard Law, Ted McCarrick, Sean O'Malley, John MacCormack, Tod Brown, Robert Brom, Francis George, Eddie Egan, Claudio Hummes, Norberto Rivera, etc., is more that enough for any lucid lay member to CEASE DONATING until they are all ousted from their offices for their ONGOING CRIMINAL CONDUCT.

Santa Monica Lay Roman Catholic

Cal Tech Professor said...

Correct Santa Monica, the bottom line is when the money dries up, these crooks will be taken out by Rome who cares about little but the money flow, tax free, from the laity.

Cal Tech Professor
"And The True Will Make Your Free"

city of angels lady said...

I think the comments are all way cool.
Express yourself
I'm at work
keep it lively and honest

hrh said...

I thought we gave her the day off.

ACT UP!!!!!! said...

Oh no. Kay. No. Calling someone a gayboy is "way cool"? Calling someone a "gayboy" is the same as calling someone a "jewboy" or a "kike" or a "n****r." If that is "way" cool for you and for HRH/Cal Tech/Santa Monica, then you are just a sick, bitter, bigot. You had a chance to refute bigotry. You chose to align yourself with hate speech. Kay, you are a tremendous disappointment. I guess you are a bigot, too. How terribly, terribly sad and scandalous. You are a victimizer, not a victim. And that, sadly, is the TRUTH.

hrh said...

Whatever Master Pedophile Pimp Mahoney's sleazy PR spin firm is paying this guy, it's too much. They are REALLY getting ripped off.

ACT UP!!!!!! said...

hrh, how's the KLAN these days? Burning crosses this weekend? Or are you really Kay Ebeling? The gay community is going to know about this blog and the hate speech that it condones. If that doesn't worry you, then you ought to lift your hood and take a look around.

Gay In Hollywood said...

I'm part of the West Hollywood Gay Community and have been for 20 years.

I'm was al;so raised a Roman Catholic, and attend Mass with my partner, who has been with me for 14 years.

I find no offense in what is expressed at this blog site, and I believe everyone is correctly on target except 'ACT UP', who does not speak for me, many of my gay friends, my gay partner, and anyone reading the facts presented here, gay, or not.

The Santa Monica person is correct this is about finanically fleecing the Roman Catholic laity in an ongoing criminal pedophile scam, with guilkty clerics and curia not being punished.

ACT UP is clearly a cyber spin guy, or gal, or transgender, for Roger Mahony.

ACT UP is also an idiot(and I do mean 'IDIOT' in a slanderous way).


Anonymous said...

Why are people so shocked by the abuse scandal? When you are involved in a virulant cult such as Catholicism, this is what can happen. The Catholic institution is a CULT, not a Church. When you bow down to a piece of bread and believe it is Christ, you are seriously disturbed.

Anonymous said...

"Cult" is not too off the mark Anonymous, clearly The Legion Of Christ religious order, under serial pedophile founder Marciel, or the Opus Dei, are types of cultist, that are real Kool Aid Drinkers...

But then again, one could argue the same of the Masons.

The difference, as far as I can tell, is the Masons are not sodomizing little boys, raping little girls, or physical maiming or mentally torturing children, over mutltiple decades, and sending he bills to non members, and then covering it up with more criminality, like Roger Mahony continues to do.

Yes, Anonymous, you have a point, when there is no correction, check or balances, to BILLIONS OF DOLLars IN pray, pay and obey laity duped, that are tax free, being collected per year, WHAT INDEED SHOULD THEY EXPECT?A

Therefore, the way to shut down the CULT is to STOP DONATING.

Anonymous said...

ACTUP came around initially when this blog first mentioned it was asking SNAP about it's finances.

It could be ACTUP wishes to discredit this site as a preemptive assault prior to any SNAP article being written, to lessen any potential blow.

Ooops, I said blow. Easy there ACTUP.

Could be I'm wrong too, but it would explain why this person stinks so bad spin, they're not a real pro,,,I mean Mahony can afford the best, right?

Clearly, ACTUP is an amateur, but she's here her to protect someone.

Anonymous said...

Corrections......sorry, I should always proof read.

the above should have read:

stinks so bad AT spin..........and

but she's here to protect

ACT UP!!!!! said...

Gay in West Hollywood is also North Hollywood Insider is also Cal Tech Professor is also USC Annenberg Guy is also HRH, etc.

Not only are you a bigot, but you're a damn liar. You make up fictional accounts to try to hide the fact that you're nothing but a dirty, nasty, gay-bashing bigot. And Kay Ebeling thinks it is "way cool" that you are who you are.

Nice going Kay. Your stoney silence shouts volumes about your own hatreds.

Too bad. You had something interesting going. Not anymore.

hrh said...

Does that mean you're going to crawl back under your rock?

Santa Monica Lay Roman Catholic said...

HRH, that's 'SLITHER' beck under his rock...


Santa Monica Lay Roman Catholic

hrh said...

Oh, yes, that's a much better description of the event. Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Yep, no question about it..ACTUP is not here to defend gays, no, ACTUP just USES gays,,,,as a shield, a phony facade behind which she hides while she attempts to discredit this blog.

Yes, slither away snake, or just roll if you are too fat.

Anonymous said...

""""Me, I saw that jury, and I think they couldn't wait to go for punitive damages in the triple millions, I could see the rage in their faces as they sat there, they were looking forward to passing judgment on the Salesians."""" -Kay Ebeling

How grand that would have been, to watch the lying liars get handed their lying arses.

You were blessed to see it. We are blessed to have you report it.

They spent millions to make the sexually abused victims look like criminals. And still, the jury wasn't fooled. The lying Salesians folded like cheap lawn furniture, their bluff accomplished naught.

What a sight it had to be. What vindication! And this is just the Earthly courts...they still face a much more ominous trial, whether they realize it or not, and they won't be able to buy their way out of this one.

Every single diocese, every prince of the church, has shown themselves to be amnesia riddled liars.

From Mahony's laughable deposition to Brom's suddenly finding an extra 100 million he swore he didn't have, these pitiful excuses for men have proved themselves over and over again.

There will be justice. Count on it and never ever give up hope.

A survivor who doesn't feel compelled to give a name.

ACT UP!!!!! said...

Gay-bashing is "way cool" to Kay Ebeling. "Gayboy" = "Jewboy" = you name it. Kay Ebeling thinks that all of those slurs are nice little signposts on the road of Truth. Just ACT UP against Ebeling's "truth."

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady