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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Want to Sue the Vatican? Bill McMurry in Kentucky is laying the groundwork, with next hearing in Cincinnati March 18, but it is not a class action

By Kay Ebeling
Imagine thousands of lawsuits, each detailing sex crimes committed by priests, arriving at the office of the Pope in The Vatican. He’d be forced to read about forced sodomy, sex with 7 year olds in seedy motels, monsignors who kept adolescent boys as travelling companions, priests who tricked young women who sought counseling into bed instead, a priest arousing a little girl (me) during training for First Confession. With all those stories in the Pope’s face, there can be no more denial.

Attorney Bill McMurry of Kentucky, has taken the fight for victims of pedophile priests up a notch. “We are suing the Vatican,” McMurry said recently. “After we get through all the legal issues about whether the Vatican can be a defendant, then we can go forward with this case against the Vatican.

“And if I can sue, so can anyone.”

March 18th at 9 AM in Cincinnati, a federal court hears arguments from McMurry for the plaintiffs and Jeff Lena, international transactions attorney of Berkeley, California, for the defendants, The Vatican.

“If the case is allowed to go forward against The Vatican,” McMurry says, “then everyone of us can sue the Vatican individually.

“They tried to dismiss the case on the basis of foreign sovereign immunity.” McMurry said.

The Louisville attorney is appealing last year's ruling which said we can sue only for actions by bishops in the United States, not the Pope or any of his agents in The Vatican.

“Last year the Judge said The Vatican enjoys immunity from its own misdeeds at the Vatican because of the foreign sovereignty,” McMurry said. “But The Vatican is not immune for conduct of the bishops in the United States, because the bishops are agents of the Vatican,.

“I want to sue them for what the pope and his guys are doing in The Vatican,” McMurry says. “It will be for the Pope like it’s been for most of these archbishops and archdioceses, they have to wake up and realize what happened here.”

As of now, whatever the Pope and his “staff” in The Vatican do is still untouchable by an American Court, according to Heyburn’s last ruling. McMurry is appealing to sue for actions by the pope and hierarchy in The Vatican as well.

The Vatican attorneys argue that no one under the Pope can be sued at all. It will be decades before it’s resolved.


This is not a class action lawsuit, and McMurry asks that people please stop calling his office and asking to join the class action.

“When a class action is ultimately made a class action, then notice goes out in every newspaper of any circulation in the United States and that's how all these folks will find out.

“Then it’s time to come forward,” McMurry said.

“Please tell people to stop calling my office and asking to join the Class Action.

“We are years away from any determination as to whether it will be a class action. You file a lawsuit, asking can we be a class action. After we get through all the legal issues about whether The Vatican can even be a defendant, then we ask the original judge to make it a class action.

“But before even asking for a class action, we can go forward on behalf of my two plaintiffs in Kentucky, with this case against the Vatican.

"And if I can go forward, so can anyone.”

In Kentucky because of that state’s “tolling statute” the Statute of Limitations is suspended where it can be shown the Defendant conducted “hidden misconduct” or fraud during the years after the crimes were committed. . . .

It's likely McMurry won't have any trouble going forward in Kentucky because of the SOL.

However lawsuits against The Vatican filed in Illinois or California, "have to deal with the rules that apply in those situations,” McMurry said.

“If this case does become a class action, it becomes a class action out of the state of Kentucky.”

Fighting George Bush, The Vatican, and Goliath himself
McMurry had to go up against attorneys for the U.S. State and Justice Departments January 2007

US Attorneys argued in a friend-of-the-court brief in favor of The Vatican.

McMurry is fighting Goliaths from Pope Benedict to George W. Bush.

If McMurry is successful, after the 20 years or so all this will take, any Catholic Church sex crime victim will be able to sue the Vatican individually, in our respective states, depending on the Statutes of limitations in our states.

From the time of Constantine, The Vatican fortress has grown with walls of plaster and stone and miles of hidden corridors that serve as passageways for escape, defending against centuries of attacks by Barbarians and the British. Today The Vatican defends itself by hiring corporate attorneys who find holes in America’s lenient justice system.

You go, Bill McMurry, try and stop them, you have a rooting section here.



Furious In San Fernando said...

Many wish Mr. McMurray well in his noble quest, and I deeply pray he wins.

I think Mr. McMurray has The Holy Spirit on his side.

These UNREFORMED and pervasive arocities cannot, and will not, stand unpunished, by those who continue enable them.

The Roman Catholic Curia is evil to the core.

The pervasive pedophilic debauchery of hundreds of thousands of children by clergy, and the ensuing
litigious 'scorched-earth' cover-up policy (the clergy will fight to the last laity dollar or asset) of arch criminals like Roger Mahony, Edward Egan, Bernard Law, and a list so long that it cannot fit in this brief comments section, is clearly a case of ongoing child endangerment which rises to the status of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, like Dafur, like Pol Pot's Cambodia, like the starving of millions in North Korea, to only name a few ongoing, and unpunished, global evils.

Mr. McMurray may need to consider also filing at The Haig.

There is a solution however, with an unrepentant and unreformed insititutional Church, that is fundamentally different in justice to come.

It is simply this; each and every member of the laity, in the Roman Catholic Church, needs to cease donating any monies for any reason, until the miters and red hats, who are mostly felonious enablers, are driven from their offices.

Additionally, for those enablers who escape punishment in this life, they, at a minimum, need to be canonically censored, as well as EXCOMMUNICATED, post mortem, or retirement.

I read 'Pissed In Pasadena's' comments the other day on this blog site, and could not agree more.

I am a Roman Catholic in the San Fernando Valley of 24 years.

Until evil men like Roger Mahony are rotting for life behind bars, nothing will change for the better, and kids are still in grave danger, in and around known pedophiles, Mahony is protecting, to this very day, in the LA Archdiocese.

I plan to call the cops today on two I've remained silent on.

Furious In San Fernando

city of angels lady said...

DA William Hodgman, of LA Target Crimes Division can be reached at: Phone: (213)
Go for it!

jay said...

A wonderful idea! Unfortunately, the Vatican is not only the corporate headquarters of a global enterprise, it is also a sovereign nation. This is something the popes have fought for at least from the forgery of the Donation of Constantine to the reunification of Italy in the 19th century. It allows them to play on the same level as kings and presidents.

I don't know but I think being a sovereign nation would thus put it under the jurisdiction of the Hague, or maybe even the EU. Perhaps, instead of being sued as a criminal organization, the Vatican could be prosecuted, say, for crimes against humanity?

What a long list that would be!

Anonymous said...

Call the cops FIRST, not the DA's office. Der. Another of Kay Ebeling's ill-fated attempts to be helpful but ending up as being an impediment to the protection of children. Way to go, Kay. For information on which police agency to contact, please look at the phone numbers that the archdiocese posts on its website and distributes to all of its parishes.

city of angels lady said...

You should also file a police report in the city where the abuse took place. AND call DA Target Crimes Division who have been investigating with law enforcement throughout the county, all allegations....

hrh said...

This what Tipsy Tod is reduced to? Pitiful.

city of angels lady said...

Target Crimes is a good first step. Ignore that man behind the curtain...

hrh said...

city of angels lady said...
Target Crimes is a good first step. Ignore that man behind the curtain...

March 3, 2008 10:59 AM

But not if he's oogling your son!

Furious In San Fernando said...

'Anonynous' clearly is a LA Archdiocese pedophile enabler, or enabler's helper (PR hired blogger, attorney, employee or staffer, paid with laity dollars).

Remember laity, it begins with us, STOP DONATING and encourage your family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and associates, to do the same.

Why would 'Anonymous' want folks, reading here on this blog site, "to go to the cops"?

What it tells me is 'Anonymous', and the LA Archdiocese, do not control, or have not yet been able to blackmail, or extort, The DA's Office.

I'm calling the DA, like Ms. Ebling suggested.

A festering pox of eternal damnation on your soul 'Anonymous', but first
may you get to do real hard time, behind bars, in this life.

Furious In San Fernando

city of angels lady said...

Furious, DO also go to the police dept in the city where the abuse took place, as then with that police report you can get your perp's name added at bishop accountability. Hope to hear more from you soon, --ke

city of angels lady said...

The more steps you take, the harder it will be for the perp or bishops to deny...and who knows which law enforcement guys are on the take? Very little has come out of Target Crimes so far. . . Best to go to as many cops as possible, and tell your story as much as you can, here at the blog as well if you can. Best to get it out in as many places as possible. Honest and truthful always...

city of angels lady said...

1 more: I would not put it past the Archdiocese to have someone tell you to go to the cops, so you'd think it's the bishops and go to the DA instead, when that's exactly what they want you to do. CALL THEM ALL! I am hopelessly paranoid obviously, TRUST NO ONE, and TELL EVERYONE the truth, always and you won't be in trouble. Sorry, I get so excited and rant and rant. I hope you have success with contacting them. Gotta get back to my other job. . .

Anonymous said...

Furious in San Fernando aka hrh aka North Hollywood Insider aka Benedict XVI...aka City of Angels Lady? One wonders...

city of angels lady said...

You can tell by syntax when it's the same person and when it's not -- Intelligence

Anonymous said...

The police investigate, turn over results of investigation to the DA, who then has the job of deciding whether to prosecute. This remedial lesson in civics is brought to you by hrh, North Hollywood Insider, Pissed off in Pasadena, Furious in San Fernando, and, of course, Benedict XVI. In other words, brought to you by only one person.

hrh said...

Tod: I comment under my initials and use no other moniker.

Fella, you need to get yourself to rehab/therapist/12-step. Something! Anything!

And what is the state of your immortal soul since you've been shilling lies, deceit, deception and corruption for the ongoing criminal enterprise known as the LA Archdiocese? Think about it. The Bish Club is a lost cause, but it's not too late for you to leave the dark side and return to the light.

Michael S. Baker said...

Sounds to me like the person in San Fernando knows more about the real truth than Anonymous.

As a former employee of the LA
Archdiocese, I am one of many helped by Roger Mahony.

Thanks Rog.

George said...

I went to the bishop accountability mentioned before on this site,

WOW! There's like 20 to 30 newspaper articles per DAY of the criminal activities going on in the Church!

Anyone thinking the cover up is over is really wrong!

Cardinal Mahony really needs to resign! He is a disgrace and I'm trying to remain polite!

I know I will not be sending in an Easter donation this year!

Yeah, I don't think I'll be sending any money in any more!

So much for Lent,

New City Of Angels Blog Reader & Parishioner In Glendale

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady