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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exhibit: Salesian President warned US consul about Titian Miani in 1950. Scanned here, click to enlarge. . .

At left (Click to enlarge) is an exhibit acquired by City of Angels Blog from the Titian Miani cases going to trial April 14th. The letter written by Ernest Giovannini, President Salesian Society and sent to the American Consul in Genoa, Italy, has the tone of a warning. Read between the lines and you know a lot was discussed about pedophile priest Titian Miani before this letter was written. It reads: "I can assure you, (Miani) is not being brought to this country at his own request. He has a vow of obedience and is only assigned where his superiors desire him," and it continues:

"His assignment to our Seminary here in the United States for studies has not been at his request but at the decision of his superiors here and abroad.

"He is coming to this country solely and entirely to continue with his studies in view of ordination to the Salesian Priesthood, and for no other purpose whatsoever."

How did Titian Miani end up at St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower 20 years later? How can the Western Province claim the Salesian Solciety headquarters in Rome has nothing to do with the Western Province in California?

The document above is one of many exhibits in the upcoming Salesian cases jury trial, acquired by City of Angels Blog and here for you to read and absorb. This letter is attached to plaintiffs' request for discovery of financial records for the Entire Salesian Society. Defendants argue the Western Province is totally separate from the entity in Rome, but with evidence like this, it's hard to understand why the Salesians just don't give in.

If Plaintiffs win this motion, the Salesians will have to supply financial records for the entire Salesians Society, as the Rector Major in Rome is just as libel as the Western Province. We can see by reading this letter, there's no disconnect between the two.

Keep reading City of Angels Blog for coverage of the trial getting ready for April 14 jury selection.

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-- Kay Ebeling


Benedict XVI th said...

The Saliesans are clearly a massively pedophile and molester infested organization, on par with the Criminal Los Angeles Archdicoese under Roger Mahony, or the pedophile founded Fr. Marciel (recently departed to HELL) Legion of Christ (Carlos Slim got ripped off in donating to them, but he can make up for it, by not repeating the mistake with the open CESS POOL Archdicoese run by Norberto Rivera in Mexico City).

The solution remains to read the 100% factual blogs like this one, and tell your friends, family and fellow laity to consider, as well as NOT DONATING for any reason until the guilty miters are removed.

God With God, But Keep Your Wallets Zipped!

Benedict XVI th
Pontiff, Sinner & Surrounded By JP II (no 'saint') Appointed CROOKS

city of angels lady said...

Cholo continued:

city of angels lady said...

Cholo continued:

Anonymous said...

When San Francisco Archbishop John Quinn took a leave
of absence in
1987, he sought treatment for “depression”. The
treatment center that
he went to is known for treating Catholic clergy

Bishop Quinn is gay and lives with a former gay priest
in the bay area.
The former gay priest is a known pedophile.

The convicted serial pedophile priest Fr. Patrick
O’Shea was a close
confident of Bishop Quinn.

Birds of a feather! Pedophile Catholic Bishop’s
protect one another.

What’s new?

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady