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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

April 18 Vigil in New York, anyone want to do same in LA and other cities to send message to visiting pope re what predator priests did to us?

By Kay Ebeling

Just heard that A Matter of Truth is holding a vigil next April in New York City at the same time the Pope is tromping 'round the town, and I thought what a good idea. I want to be outside the LA cathedral at the same time that day. We can bring cell phones and send videos back and forth between the vigil in New York and in LA and maybe other cities as well. So if anyone wants to join me and A Matter of Truth in LA and thinks this is a good idea, please email me through the link on the left.

On April 18th, I want to be holding candles and singing gospel songs very loud, (not Catholic ones, the other ones) outside the architectural mess at 555 W. Temple Street downtown. I want to hold a sign that says, “Dear Pope, The Bishops Let Pedophile Priests Rape Children” and “How could you guys think this was okay?” Signs like that.

In New York City on Friday April 18 there will be a candlelight vigil at 7PM Eastern at Lott Gallery, 443 W. 18th St. with live readings. They will also have open books where you can leave a personal message for the Pope and an exhibit of portraits from the Crosses project, in the gallery from 6 to 9 PM.

New York photojournalist Carmine Galasso crossed the country to produce “Crosses” where he took pictures of clergy abuse survivors, as adults, often standing in locations that connected to the abuse. It’s almost eerie.

A Matter of Truth is timing the vigil to coincide with the hours the pope will hold Mass at a cathedral and speak at the United Nations.

You can buy the book “Crosses” at amatteroftruth dot org.

Robert Costello of A Matter of Truth Boston who is organizing the April vigil said he met with Carmine Galasso around 2004. “He turned to us as another group of survivors. It was around 2004 he started the interview process, and he criss crossed the country, networked through people.”

The book “Crosses: Portraits of Clergy Abuse” is a collection of photographs taken over the course of three years in the Boston area and in small towns and big cities across the country. It tells the "very personal stories" of men and women who were among the first survivors to come forward, when the nationwide clergy abuse scandals were just beginning.

A review of Crosses at Spencer Lofts Gallery described the book:

The images, shown as large scale prints, are delicate and haunting. Some of the survivors are photographed in environments that hold meaning to their stories. Others are photographed in a more abstract manner, but ultimately all the portraits share a common feeling of human loss and betrayal.Carmine Galasso has been a photographer for 30 years and the recipient of numerous photojournalist honors. “Crosses” is his first book.

I really wish I could be in New York on April 18 to throw tomatoes at the Pope (if I could get close enough, at least to hit one of the guys who serve him, as they are probably worse criminals than the Pope is), and then go to the Lott Gallery that evening to join the vigil.

But it's 2008 so we can all be together in the ether, by sending videos and photos to each other with cell phones, showing that unlike the Catholic Church, the movement of priest rape survivors is based on total openness and honesty. No Secrets. We are willing to stand in the street and shout out what happened to us.

My travel budget right now can be read at the top left column of this blog. I'm trying to raise money to go to Chicago and work on my story there, research the real history of St. Peter Damian Parish and perhaps find more victims of Father Thomas Barry Horne.

Please, dear readers, click my PayPal button and put even just five dollars on there to go towards my trip to Chicago. It will all add up. I’ll be honest and report all income and expenses here, so no one will get ripped off. I need to go to Chicago and don’t have the cash raised yet but we are getting there.

April 18th hopefully a few other people will want to join me in front of the Cathedral in LA that day. Please email me and let me know. I'm a little FMS'd out and have to rest, so can’t write more today or next few days.

I am slowly consuming a document on the Salesians that is at least an inch thick, with single spacing and no margins, the Motion to Allow Discovery Relating to the Salesians Society.

The plaintiffs' motion was filed in February 2008 and argued in court last week.

City of Angels Blog is getting smart on the Salesians in preparation for the jury trial which begins April 14 in LA. Judge Emilie Elias has apparently decided to go forward with the trial even if the Salesians don’t cooperate with Discovery.

Perhaps Judge Elias feels we can do Discovery on the stand if the Salesians won't cooperate pretrial. It promises to be very interesting and City of Angels Blog will be there reporting.

Onward. . .

Lott Gallery where the April 18 exhibition and vigil will take place in New York is at:

443 W18th STREET
Between 9th and 10th


city of angels lady said...

COMMENTS ARE OPEN. I will check every 15 mins or so to okay them for post.--kay

hrh said...

We all hope that means you'll be screening the trolls, like Tipsy Tod, for instance.

Glendale Avenging Angel said...

Don Bosco (Salesian Founder) is doing backward cartwheels in his grave, considering the PURE EVIL pedophile riddled leadership, as well as rank and file sexual sodomists and rapists, this Religious Order has perpetrated, and globally enabled, to this very day, on a wholesale basis.

Children around any Salesians are in clear and present danger of sexual assault.

The California Salesians, in particular, make the bowels of Hades look good, by comparsion.

Hey, here's an idea: send over some high class call girls, or call boys, and have the Feds nail the moral degenerates in the Salesians, alla former NY Governor Spitzer, since civil, criminal, and canonical courts have basically failed tens of thousands of sexually violated Roman Catholic children, and the laity paying 100% of the BILLION$ in bills.

It looks like a real horse race as to which fermenting and reeking CESS POOL is larger, The Salesians, or Rog Mahal Mahony's Criminal LA Archdiocese.

Stay Tuned for the next episode of:

'Catch Us If You Can Law Man' or
'For A Few Sex Sting Dollars More'...

Glendale Avenging Angel

city of angels lady said...

Looks like the poster with one Tidings article after another was just a computer programmed to send a comment no matter what the topic was, as none of those messages have been able to come through since I changed it. Onward. . . said...

Hi Kay,

I wish everybody good luck with demonstrating. I led the ONLY group of survivors who protested at World Youth Day in Denver back in '93. 5 against 500,000 -- lucky to be alive. Fat lot of good it did, too.

Nowadays, I imagine there will be a lot more on our side, since Ratzinger has managed to irritate a lot more people.

But what survivors should REALLY protest about is that Ratzinger re-instituted the cover-up in 2001 with a document called Sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela. It can be found at Bishop's Accountability.

My own personal feelings, though, is that attention only encourages them. Hence I started the BOYCOTT BENEDICT! campaign, not as a serious attempt, but for laughs. Mocking them is almost as good, after all.


CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady