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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baker could be paroled Aug 2011, another early release, one of many patterns we see over and over in Sex Crimes in the Catholic Church

By Kay Ebeling

Michael Stephen Baker will be eligible for parole August 18, 2011. He’s at California Correctional Institution, Tahachapee, but is subject to transfer at any time, or he could stay there for the next three and a half years. Baker’s sentence December 3, 2007, was 8 and a half years. In California there is no parole hearing where victims can speak unless the convict had a life sentence but you can send Victim Impact Statements to Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services, PO 942883, Sacramento, California, 94283-0001. Refer to his CDC # F96146, and his birth date, which is 12/26/1947.

Like most convicted predator priests, Baker will serve half his term because every day that he shows “good behavior” in prison is a day taken away from his sentence. Baker as an LA priest managed to assault dozens of boys while convincing parents, other priests, and hierarchy that he was innocent. Who is more equipped to work the system to get the maximum time off for “good behavior” than a predator Catholic priest? Once again the pedophile manipulates the justice system in its favor and DA’s, judges, attorneys, everyone just shrugs.

I’m starting to take note
of patterns we've seen in sex predator priest crimes as the stories come out through documents. One is Church Attorney techniques: Postpone, avoid and do whatever you can to keep the plaintiffs from getting discovery. Usually this goes on right up to the week before a trial. Then days before the trial they settle. So depositions of hierarchy never take place although they are subpoenaed over and over again.

There are also patterns in techniques priests used to gain the target’s (usually a child) trust. As soon as the child starts to pull away, the perpetrator says, “What's the matter don’t you trust me?” Since he’s a priest he has the child trumped there, plus the parents and all the boy’s relatives think it’s wonderful to have a priest in the boy’s life. Another technique many priests have used -- Lavigne, Vas, Horne -- They insinuate themselves into families who are so happy to have a priest coming to visit so often, and he just spends hours and hours with the children. . .

Richard R. Lavigne “blackmailed” his targets, in one case letting the underage boy drive his car. Then later when the boy tried to push Lavigne away, the priest would say “If you tell your parents what we did, I’ll tell them you were driving and you don’t have a license yet.” The child would be cornered, no way out.

Lavigne debilitated his targets. He would come into the bathroom when one boy was bathing and say, “You don’t know how to clean your rectum, I have to do it for you.”

Another pattern: The predator priests often take boys on trips, stay in motels, campgrounds. A number of these priests have money from mysterious sources which they use to buy luxurious vacation homes. Parents for some reason think it’s great that a priest would take their boy on such a vacation.

We see patterns in the crimes, same thing over and over again, in the documents, at bishop accountability dot org. The Lavigne documents are linked at snap network dot org as well.

Doesn't it all smell a little bit too organized and similar from one archdiocese to the next?

Father Michael Kelly of Stockton used to babysit his targets. Now what's a grown man doing babysitting in the 1980s unless it’s to insinuate himself into a family and diddle the children? Kelly was reinstated to his Central California church last week, as the investigation carried out by the local bishop and the PI he hired did not uncover evidence. The victim is a John Manly client. Manly says he’ll sue soon.

Franklyn Becker used to tell his victims, go ahead and try to tell someone what I'm doing to you. No one would believe you. “You can tell someone, but no one will believe you, who will believe you over a priest?”

How many other priests said that to their targets? What a scam these pedophiles pulled off. Protected by bishops for reasons we've yet to find out. When these priests were transferred, it would inevitably be to a new place where they have access to children.

City of Angels Blog is only beginning to find out what happened at Mary Star parish in San Pedro at the carnivals.

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep coming back, it will all be reported here someday soon.

One letter in one tiny exhibit attached to one document in the Franklyn Becker cases, shows the continued manipulation of a victim even after Becker had been reported. Nothing seems to stop these guys, the bishops gave them free reign, here, take these kids. . . This is one letter from one person:

“In our last conversation you were concerned about Lyn Becker’s continued involvement with the boy from Fox Point. . . .I decided to drop you a note to give you an update. Over the weekend I talked to the mother and she informed me that her son had received another letter from Lyn last week, ostensibly to congratulate him on his graduation. If it had stopped at that I'm sure the mother would not have objected.

What irritated her was the fact that the letter was mostly a recitation of the “good life” he (Franklyn Becker) is leading -- LeClub, a trip to Chicago to see 42nd street, dinner invitations, etc.

What most upset her, however was that he expressed a real desire to get this boy together with his roommate and himself as they all (to quote Lyn) share common interests. This mother, a widow, is trying desperately to get this son’s value system straightened out through the help of the priests at Marquette High and through professional counseling. She does not feel that she, her son, or the rest of her family need any further contact with Lyn and/or Phil, his roommate at this point.

Please, parents, stop turning from one criminal to another to get help. Don't go to the church for counseling or any other kind of justice, it doesn't happen. PAY ATTENTION. They are all in this together, it’s collusion, organized crime.

You don’t go to the Don Corleone to complain about Michael.

You can read the Franklyn Becker documents at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online (JS online), get there by googling Franklyn Becker documents. I would put a link on the left but I haven’t been able to access Blogger Layout anywhere below the first screen now for weeks. A lot of blogspot blogs are having the same problem. Google which owns Blogspot is working on the platform it designed to make these blogs seamless with YouTube. That's why none of the videos on this blog have changed in weeks as well. Hope they fix it soon.


There have been some really good comments after posts here, and just so they go on the record I’m copy and pasting them here:

Keep Commenting. Because of SPAM I am monitoring comments, and sometimes it takes me an hour or so to get to it, but PLEASE keep commenting. Arguments for and against the blog will be posted, only SPAM is not wanted.

On March 1, Pissed in Pasadena tore into the Church’s spin that the number of priests who were predators reflects the amount of predators there are in mainstream society with this comment.

Argumentation, by laity paid for PR or lawyer firms, for Roger Mahony, that the Roman Catholic Insitutional pedophile and sexual assault of over 1,200 California children (that's the known ones, and the unknown or never reported child rapes and sodomies is much higher), over the past 30 years, under the direct administration and criminal cover-up of Roger Mahony, yet unconvicted felon enabler, only came to light 5 years ago, is a flat out LIE.

Deflection by these propagandists that what has happened in the Roman Catholic Church, and the LA Archdiocese, is but a tiny example of much more in our American society, in general, is also a flat out LIE.

The JJ Criminal Justice Report, commissioned by the US NCCB, places America Criminal Roman Catholic sexual rape, oral copulation, sodomy of children, etc., in the US, at the ultra conservative number of 12,000+ victims from over 4,000 ordained.

That places the sexual assault felons standard, out of approximately 44,000 or so Roman Catholic religious ordered, or secular ordained, just under 10% of the current clerics in the American Roman Catholic Church.

But let's just say for argument sake it's half that, or 5% (though I personally really doubt it, and suspect it's more than 10%)?

Is society in general (about 310 million Americans) running a reported convicted, or unconvicted, percentage of 5% of the population being pedophiles and assaulters of children? The answer is a resounding NO! It's not even 1% of the general population!!!

Delusional curia spin artist and office holder, Hummes of Brazil, is still out there claiming the number of sexual assaulters of children in the Roman Catholic Church is gloablly "under 1% and this is an American problem", a mantra so blatently false, and sick, as to make even the least able thinker to laugh in disbelief.

The curia are still covering-up where even the defrocked pedophiles were released to, and still harming more children, and fighting such disclosures, tooth and nail, in the courts, with our (laity) money!

Fellow Laity, I agree with the previous comments above, in NOT trusting ANYTHING the LA Archdiocese, it's employees, and certainly it's office holder Roger Mahony, have to say!

I for one plan not to donate any money until this Sick-Crooked-To-The-Core-Son-Of-A-Bitch-Mahony is gone, and hopefully behind bars to rot for life.

I am a South Pasadena resident and Roman Catholic of 34 years.

Pissed In Pasadena

ON March 8th: A Small Whispering Sound said...

It seems that canon, civil, criminal, politicians, and the mainstream media, as means of redress, or honest disclosure, have all failed victims and paying laity, repeatedly.

One glimmer of hope appears to be the disclosure of ongoing henious clerical misconduct, via the internet blog sites.

It is not by accident, but rather design, that many Roman Catholic Church officials will exort any means of supression, to prevent full disclosure of the ongoing and pervasive atrocities, that they are directly responsbile for, and guilty of, to continue to deflect personal accountabillity.

But one must ask themselves, why supress that which has occurred, or continues to occur?

Essentially, the felonious culpability, as exsemplified by megalomaniacs, like Los Angeles Archdiocese's Roger Mahony, will (and are) triggering a mass exodus of laity revenue, and participation.

The Laity GET IT, while the curia pretend not to.

This is all about money and power.

Rome is indeed spiritually and financially burning; and deserves every bit of it.

What Napolean Bonaparte promised to destroy, the clergy have finally managed to accomplish on their own.

Also, there is a wide spread internal blackmailing conduct, that continues to occur, because at least 30% of the Roman Catholic Church bishops, are in the closet, practicing homosexuals.

Who wants to belong to a religion run by blackmailed officer holders, and pedophile enablers, with known and affirmed pedophile clerics consisting of at least 10% (not the clear lie of "less than 1%") of about 448,000 ordained, in the global Roman Catholic Church?

Will you be among the duped?

Will you take a stand for truth by voting with your wallets and legs?

Will you 'wash your hands', like Pilate, and the current officer holders of the Roman Catholic Church, and quip, in the correct Latin translation, not found in the revised Passion text: "Who's Truth?!"

Will you make a difference for yourselves, your families, you friends, and the generations of faithful, to come?

Will you?

A Small Whispering Sound

Lots of people comment about Roger Mahony:

There were a series (at least 6) all ruled as "suicides" in 2002, in Washington State, Oregon, and California, of Roman Catholic Church sexual assault victims (from Fresno, Stockton & LA), within months of each other, with two of the "suicides" having been ready to swear criminal grand jury depositions, under cross examination, in regard to the (ongoing to this very day) criminal conduct of Roger M. Mahony in a RICO (Racketeering In Criminal Organizations) Indictment.

If you talk to neutral criminal investigators of these cases, with decades of experience in these matters, at least 4 of the 6 "suicides", all had the clear marketings of professional "hits".

Who gained by these suicides? Roger M. Mahony

What is the statute of limitations of murder for hire? There is NONE. for daily verified stories on the ongoing criminal conduct and cover-up of the Roman Catholic Curia as exsemplified by Roger. M. Mahony.

Laity, Stop Your Donating, Until Roger M. Mahony, EVIL Office Holder, Is GONE In LA As Well As Hundreds Of Other Guilty Red Hat & Miter Pedophile Enablers!

North Hollywood Insider


I, Your Pontiff, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, CDF Prelate, must strongly suggest that Ms. Ebling, and whomever 'HRH' may be, are both correct.

The Los Angeles Archdiocese, under office holder Roger Mahony, since 1985, is indeed a criminal enterprise, that is still aiding and abetting known child rapists, oral copulators, physical maimers, kidnappers, murderers, mental torturers, extortionists, racketeers, embezzlers, perjurers, and sodomizers, costing the LA Roman Catholic Laity multiple BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, with no end in sight.

The LA Archdiocese remains a place of clear and present child endangerment and no laity memeber should ever trust a word from the likes of Roger Mahony or those working for him.

I, Your Pontiff, would sooner trust The Devil Himself; at least I suspect I know where the Prince Of Darkness stands in the scheme of things.

The 'North Hollywood Insider' is also a truthful person.

Yes, there where planned 'suicides' made, by independent third parties, on behalf of getting Roger Mahony off, on RICO indictments in 2002. Mahony was fully aware of these 'hits', and is indeed an accessory to several murders.

The many ministries destroyed, vocations in the sewer, slashed payrolls, closed seminaries & monasteries & convents & schools & orders, massive legal costs irrespective of settlements, hugely increased insurance liability premiums, and many multi-generational laity paid for assets, totally squandered under Roger Mahony, are indeed a modern record of incompetency and evil, rivaled by no other single global cleric, in modern Roman Catholic Church history.

I, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, was unable to go after Arch Enabler and Pedophile Ring Leader Roger Mahony, when running CDF, because he was an appointee of John Paul II, and a major revenue source for The Holy See at the time(Marion Davies estate's Santa Barbara oil rig lease revenue, left to the LA Archdiocese, is in the many hundreds of millions of dollars per year to the LA Archdiocese).

These Davies estate's monies have to been squandered on the OLA "Mahal" Cathedral, Rog's cabins, turbo choppers, private real estate deals, investment portfolios, lavish vacations, and personal expenses, personal legal costs, in the many millions of dollars per year, etc.).

What then is the solution?


I, Your Pontiff, need the excuse of lack of laity revenue coming in, to rid LA of this Arch Enabler!

God With God, But Please Do Not Donate!

Benedict XVI th
Pontiff & Sinner

Since I started monitoring the person who was copy and pasting articles from The Tidings has disappeared as well.

I will post any comments that are not SPAM. Anything.

Journalists know that public expression is the key to maintaining freedom.

Onward. . .

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Anonymous said...

This is in a letter from one Roman Catholic Bishop to another Roman Catholic Bishop (oh yeah, it was written in about the year 374 AD):

"I breathe you more than the air; and I am only alive when I am with you, either in your actual presence or by imagination in your absence."

Written by Bishop, Saint and Doctor of the Church Gregory Nazianzen to Bishop, Saint, and Doctor of the Church Basil the Great, published on page 52 in "The 33 Doctors of the Church" by Fr. Christopher Rengers, OFM Cap.

The editor describes it as reflective of "... the joys of their days of prayer and work together ...."

The actual significance is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady