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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

One church in Vermont loses 27 years of a pedophile priest personnel files. Who can believe anything the Catholic Church says today?

By Kay Ebeling
“The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington has found 27 years' worth of files on a priest accused of child sexual abuse, documents the church had previously said didn't exist.” One sentence in a 2006 news article in a Vermont newspaper reveals everything that's wrong with the Catholic Church's handling of pedophiles in their midst. If the bishops had just been forthcoming and honest from the start, we wouldn’t today suspect that everything they do is a criminal act.

“We asked for discovery. They sent what they had and it had a large gap in his personnel file,” explained Mary Lou Marsh of attorney Jerome O'Neill’s office. “We questioned it. Then they came up with subsequent records, and explained they found them in the parish files.” The 27 years missing from an accused priest's records, miraculously found -- with nothing incriminating, by the way.

That's the official story. There was a change in chancellors right after plaintiffs noticed the gap. Cleaning out his desk, the new chancellor found the papers that were missing from George A. Paulin’s personnel file, all 27 years worth of it filed in the wrong place. Miracles do happen.

Out of the heavens they appeared, a pedophile priest's records that were missing when the church turned documents over to the court for discovery.

Mary Lou Marsh said there was nothing condemning in the files, just routine papers.

Imagine the scene. Priests slither around dark diocese hallways in the night, unlock an office. They pull out a file, the older priest crumbles a wad of papers into the pockets of his robe. They shove the file into the chancellor’s desk to make it look like maybe a senile old priest just made an error placing it there.

Maybe the Diocese of Burlington committed no collusion. But why is the church that claims corporate nonprofit and church status able to keep such shabby personnel records in the first place? Why hasn’t the American government swarmed down on them demanding accountability on about a hundred different levels?

I don't believe the Diocese of Vermont’s version of the story. I think they stashed incriminating documents from Paulin's files, probably destroyed any useful evidence. I totally believe the church is capable of destroying evidence after it's been ordered to turn it over by the courts. I totally believe this church is capable of breaking any laws it wants to breatk.

No matter what the Catholic Church does for the next 50 years they're going to look like crooks, even if they're totally innocent.

They established themselves as liars rapists and organized criminals. I don't know how anybody can believe anything they say after the last 50 years.

It’s a plain manila folder, loose papers can fall out as a person pulls it from a drawer. In any other structure in America personnel files have steel staples, tight binding, laws as to which documents need to be where. But the Catholic Church can pull a manila folder out of the wrong place and oh, look at this, it’s the personnel file on the pederast priest we used to have playing the organ here for 27 years, the same documents those pesky attorneys have been asking for.

Where is George Paulin today?
“They just kind of let these guys off in the world. It’s scary, I think.,” Marsh said. “Paulin is fairly young, in his sixties. He was let go from his organist job as far as I know. He had faculties as a priest removed in January 2003. We don’t have any pending cases. There’s no criminal convictions so no monitoring.”

City of Angels reported that in Joey Piscitelli’s trial in San Francisco the judge ruled that Sal Billante did not have a duty to report. “After I won in 2006, the judge ruled Sal Billante did have a duty to report,” Joey explained.

There are 105 priests perpetrators listed in bishopaccountability dot org whose last names begin with Mc alone.

There are more priests in bishopaccountability dot org’s data base (4400) of perpetrators than there are priests in the entire nation of Ireland (4000).

From Bishopaccountability Dot Org:

One More Note
Please Call Back

Joey also said: “You wouldn't believe the calls I get as Northern California director of SNAP. I’d say 90 percent of the victims don’t follow up with lawsuits or contacting the archdiocese. A lot of them don’t make it past the first phone call.”

I know what he means. Since starting this blog several people have spent time with me and told me horrendous stories about their rapes by priests. Then they never come back. I try to call them to find out more, or just to talk.

They've put their nightmare story in my head and now I need to do SOMETHING with it, but instead these persons disappear. They stop answering emails, they don’t return phone calls. This keeps happening to me.

Joey says it happens to him all the time too. Victims come forward and tell a small part of their story, then FREAK, and disappear.

I say, please call back.

Onward. . .

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North Hollywood Insider said...

The simple answer is the Institutional Roman Catholic Churhc, particualry among John Paul the 2nd appointees is a bubbling and reeking CESS POOL of corrupt Cardinals and Bishops, NEVER to be trusted.

As a result, the laity need to stop donating any monies for any reason, until these evil clerics are each removed from their offices.

McCarrick in New England is like Law and O'Malley in Boston, Egan in New York, or Mahony in Los Angeles; none would be able to discern the truth if it hit them in the face being delivered by The Lord Himself....these evil men long ago sold out to The Devil.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady