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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

They Still Just Don’t Get It.

By Kay Ebeling
Reading the latest book on pedophile priests, I was with the author all the way up to this quote in Chapter One, “Furthermore, Church leaders have finally recognized the scandal and taken aggressive action. The sex abuse of minors by Catholic priests is much less widespread today than it was 10 or 20 years ago.” He then goes the direction so many have gone before, the way of tipping tea with the bishops to get Catholic reform. They just don’t get it.

The quote is from the new book The Faithful Departed by Philip Lawler and his next sentence is: “The second scandal is the prevalence of homosexuality among Catholic priests.” Huh? I’d much rather have a pastor who is gay than one who is lying to families to get to their children and rape them. How can anybody equate the two “crises” when the gay priest isn’t doing anything illegal and is doing it in private with a consenting adult?

It amazes me that a religion with a sacrament called Confession doesn't see that it can’t skirt around its own guilt. It is not enough to say we've changed our policy and we're never going to let this happen again. Raping thousands of children in sacramental venues is not a venial sin. (It also amazes me that a church would think giving money to some of the victims would solve a problem.)

Lawler sort of rescues himself by the end of the paragraph with the argument we've read in so many places before, that gay priests were afraid to report the pedophile priests and that's why the problem got so bad: “The existence of such a ‘lavender mafia’ could help to explain..."

Mm, maybe one reason pedophilia flourished in the Catholic Church is gay priests afraid to complain about pedophiles lest their own sins come out. To me it goes so much deeper than that

To the secrets

The mystery

Apologist Catholics argue, there are pedophiles in all religions, but an epidemic of pedophiles wouldn't take place in a church like say the Southern Baptists to the extent it has with Catholics.

Once people in a Baptist parish or just about any American evangelical church find out their pastor is having sex with anyone other than a spouse, let alone a child, the people bring that pastor up in front of the whole parish, question him unsparingly, and throw the guy out on his ear if he’s guilty.

No, it’s centuries of secrets that makes the Catholic Church pedophiles so special, so extremely sinful, so deeply deviant it takes most humans a few years to grasp what they've done.

It took Americans 50 years to accept that there was a second shooter when Oswald shot John F. Kennedy, it will be decades before we realize who really brought down the Twin Towers (and Building Nine).

It will also be decades before the depth and breadth of damage done by pedophile priests in the catholic church registers in the American conscience.

Lawler almost lost me as a reader with that worn out Blame it on the Homosexuals stuff, but he went on to write:

“While a small minority of American priests have been involved in sexual abuse, a clear majority of bishops were party to the cover-up.”

More good quotes from Chapter One which is available free online (linked in the column at left).

“Bishops who betrayed their own sacred trust by countenancing sexual abuse remain in office.”

“The third scandal, the scandal of episcopal misconduct, is today the most serious of all.”

I would call that “The Real Scandal”

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More quotes from Chapter One:
“Bishops who showed an icy insensitivity to the suffering of young victims, and lied repeatedly to conceal their own guilt, remain in power today.”


Lawler wonders, still in the first chapter, why the bishops would even think that protecting pedophile priests rather than children was “for the good of the church.”

He writes: “The Catholic Church sees herself as the mystical Body of Christ; how could it be helpful to the body to ignore a cancerous growth within?”

That's where we need the Confessions.

Someone from inside the hierarchy can tell us what really happened.

Someone from the inside has to come out and talk.

Come to me, come to City of Angels Lady, talk to me. I’ll clear your conscience and put it out there for the world to see.

Lawler writes: “The bishops made a fool's bargain. They were prepared to sacrifice the essential elements of the Catholic faith: the moral teaching, the clerical discipline, even the loving care for the faithful. In return, they hoped to prop up the prestige of the institutional Church.”

Lawler is an editor from Catholic World News and he’s writing for Catholics.

Here my eyes half close, I sigh, and throw the book aside never to be opened again. (Well close the website where I'm reading it for free.)

They still just don’t get it.

The problem is deep at the core, and as soon as a speaker starts repeating phrases like “the essential elements of the Catholic faith” and “the Catholic Church sees herself as the mystical Body of Christ,” I know that speaker is looking in the mirror talking to themselves, and they just don’t get it.

That institutional lie, that “We are the one and only church” lie,

As long as a person holds onto that, they'll never be able to see how guilty are their bishops, how much parishioners and families have been deceived as have their fathers and grandfathers who poured all their support into this criminal organization, the Roman Catholic Church.

Sorry. I have to say this.

Go back and reread the New Testament and read it again after that.

I’m continually amazed at how almost everything the Catholic Church does as an organization is the opposite of what Paul and others wrote to first century Christians about how to carry on Christ’s work.

It’s supposed to be about honesty, openness, and egalitarianism. That only lasted a few centuries.

Then they formed a hierarchy and started building the secrets and mysteries into the structure, bringing lies and the influence of evil right into the foundation of what ended up being today’s Catholic Church.

I feel sorry for people like Philip Lawler, so stuck in the structure they'll probably never get out and see the light.

I remember at a visceral level the fear of God the priests put into us. They’d say, Don’t even walk into a church that is not Roman Catholic,

equating the sin of being non-Catholic right up there with


Being Protestant is almost as bad as being Homosexual!

I was lucky. My dad saw the damage as his two daughters became teenagers. The two daughters who were diddled by Father Horne were now out of control, wearing see-through clothes, staying out all night, getting “reputations.” I used to see the guilt and loss in my father’s face, from the time I was 14 all the way up to the day he died in 1997

My dad realized the damage that was done to my sister and I and stopped making us go to church.

So by age 13 I stopped being indoctrinated as a Roman Catholic.


Even though I went on to have sex with probably more than a thousand men and now most of the physical problems I have are because it’s not healthy to have sex with more than a thousand men, I can see that it would have been worse if we’d remained Catholics as a family.

Because then I might too think that all we need is a little reform.

Well maybe not a thousand but after the first 300 or so it gets blurred.
“The priest came wrapped in the smoke of church incense, he wore a collar and flowing robes that in the child’s mind blended with pictures of saints and angels and even Jesus himself. His touch opened doors and feelings the child had never imagined and since it came from a priest, the sexual sensations came tied with desires to go to heaven, to contact god.

Oops, getting off topic

By the way

My church, Kairos, meets at 5PM Sundays in a room, set up like a coffee house, in the church at the corner of Fountain and Edgemont in Hollywood. No Catholic vibes at all. This Sunday another group is having a Super Bowl party in that room so we'll be upstairs, but other Sundays at 5 PM we're there, singing glorious music, hearing intelligent interpretation of Scripture. Hope someone joins me there soon.
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Onward. . .


Anonymous said...

I agree, this is the third real scandal:
“Bishops who showed an icy insensitivity to the suffering of young victims, and lied repeatedly to conceal their own guilt, remain in power today.”

I am a priest who was raped 8 months before ordination in 1971. I reported to my supervisor, but (unknown to me) he was too busy playing with mentall ill teenaged girls, for which he had been diagnosed with a psychopathological personality in 1957. No one at the seminary picked up on my comment that there "was a problem in the rectory." So I did the irish thing and lived with it -- until the fall of 2001 when I had a flash back -- and after a few years of counselling etc I found I could no longer rationalize my ministry. I had been saying (to myself) that the good I did for others would offset the evil done to me. Then came January 2002. It was much bigger than expected.


As a priest I am "sent" to preach the word. "Being sent" is the concept of apostleship where the messenger actually BECOMES the sender. In conscinece I could no longer "become" the bishops -- their actions are criminal, they are guiltry and point the fingers at others and do NOTHING to correct themselves nor take any responsibility for their actions of the past. As a result I am out of mininsty on a "permanent medical disability!" So much for Justice in the Catholic CHurch.

Fr. Jim Moran

Benedict XVI th said...

For all laity, we recommend in addition to this fine disclosure blog site of Ms. Ebling's, tracker with daily vetted global coverage of the onging criminal enabling and cover-up of the institutional Roman Catholic Church's heiarchy, to massive and on-going pedophile rings in almost each and every Archdiocese and Diocese on this Earth.

I canonically censored the now DEAD, and may he not rest in peace, pedophile founder and enabler, Marciel, of the cult-like Mexican Legion of Christ, and removed him from office, under Papal house arrest, as well as stripping the Order of Secrecy and other Oaths, however I'm an old man, and my time is limited.

I, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, can't exactly go around house- arresting, or firing, the majority of the less than 3,500 miter and red hat enablers, unless I'm looking for an Albino Lucani (John Paul the First) 'Roman Prescription' in my food, beverage, or prescription medicine.

I want to meet Our Maker also, but not exactly at this very moment.

Who knows, it might be a car accident, that is a popular 'way' to take out those who speak too much here across the Tiber? Gravity, off roofs or bridges, is another means, lest the Angels intervene.

It is therefore up to you, the 1.1 Billion global laity, who pay 100% of all the Church bills, to force the removal of these EVIL CRIMINALS, costing you many Billions of Dollars per year and counting, with no end or correction in site, by not donating any monies, for any reason, at any time, for any request, and/or offetories.

Any representations by any current Church leaders, particularly in Los Angeles or Southern California, that the child rapists, sodomites, oral copulators, physical maimers, kidnappers, mental torturers, sexual assaulters, extortionists, embezzlers, etc. are now gone, and any of your children are safer, are patently false, and not true.

Yours In Christ & Go With God,

Benedict XVI th
Pontiff & Sinner

Anonymous said...

Did You Know?
Test Your Knowledge: True or False?
True or false? Child sexual abusers are only attracted to children and are not capable of appropriate sexual relationships. False. While there is a small subset of child sexual abusers who are exclusively attracted to children, the majority of the individuals who sexually abuse children are (or have previously been) attracted to adults. Child predators are difficult to identify precisely because they look just like everyone else. In some cases, they are our most trusted friends and even our family members.

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady