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At age five, 1954, "the Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Builds Priest Rape Crime Victim Rehab Centers, but in the end, it’s all a dream, or is it...

By Kay Ebeling
TY PENNINGTON: We're here today to visit the Ebeling family in Los Angeles and here’s the deal. Kay, the mother, is a single mom who works two jobs, and not only has she raised her children to be promising adults, but she’s done so while dealing with sometimes devastating physical and mental problems. Kay was raped by a Catholic priest at age five and has been diagnosed with long term PTSD, in her case 40-plus years of PTSD, her nerves damaged from responding to the crime for 40 years. Long term PTSD is a diagnosis many priest rape victims receive, so we wanted to see what we could do about that here at Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Now, normally you would expect an organization like the Catholic Church to step forward in a case like this, since, well, they are a church. So we sent two members of our design team over to meet with Cardinal Roger Mahony at the temple on Temple Street in Los Angeles. We wanted the cardinal to tell us how he thought we should design the recovery center and how much the church would participate in the costs.

CARDINAL ROGER MAHONY: This is the first I've heard that there are still victims of these unfortunate incidents here in Los Angeles. I thought we settled all this last July.

TY PENNINGTON: As is true with many of our families, this mom Kay Ebeling devotes hours of her time as a volunteer to a cause that's important to her. She’s a journalist who just happens to also be a victim of Catholic Priest pedophilia, so Kay produces City of Angels blog where she is determined to get out the truth, about sex crimes in the Catholic Church.

So here at Extreme Makeover we are going to reward the Ebeling family with a brand new home


We are also going to build a recovery center for victims of priest pedophilia here in Los Angeles.

In the settlements last summer, as you know we were so generous and willing and caring for these poor victims, and so I thought we could put this all behind us. We gave as much money as we could, willingly, without question.

TY PENNINGTON: We thought that now you might sell several churches and put that money in a fund that we could use to build more recovery centers.

CARDINAL MAHONY: Honest, Mr. Pennington, we thought with the settlements last summer we could put this issue behind us. I had no idea there were still victims of this unfortunate incidents living in Los Angeles.

TY PENNINGTON: You already said that. And they're not incidents they are sex crimes where --

MAHONY (Raises his hand for Ty to stop) Even though Ms. Ebeling’s perpetrator was in Illinois, we acknowledge that the church is a national, nee practically an international source of wide open support of Christians no matter what denomination--

TY PENNINGTON: You are going to pay for some of this?

MAHONY: We will throw open our doors and our hearts to Ms. Ebeling. Anything we can do to help.

TY PENNINGTON: So you will sell severael churches and give those resources to your crime victims?

MAHONY: Well, we've already arranged the transfer of most of those church real estate assets to the Vatican, in fact I finished the paperwork just before meeting with you. But we do have one church we can donate.

CUT TO TY PENNINGTON: Well Sears and ABC provided the materials and most of the financial support needed to do this particular makeover for the Ebeling family. And Cardinal Mahony said the church could not do more, they just no longer have the money or the assets.

However, one of our interns, while doing research into the Catholic Church here in Los Angeles, discovered that there is a strange connection between the Los Angeles Archdiocese and owners of a piece of real estate on Sunset Boulevard. We're talking about:

The Crossroads of the World

-- touted as America’s first mall. The collection of shops and offices sits directly next to Church of the Blessed Sacrament on Sunset Blvd, one of many churches where a Jesuit priest’s Father Mark Falvey sexual molestation of nine children resulted in civil lawsuit and a settlement in 2007.

Crossroads of the World is also birthplace of the pornography industry in Los Angeles.

CARDINAL MAHONY: I had no idea. Is it true, there really is a thriving industry of pornographers in Los Angeles? And the church may have helped them get their fledgling industry off the ground?

TY PENNINGTON: In the late 1960s the main tenant at Crossroads of the World was Pretty Girl International, an agency that connected women with what seemed like legitimate jobs, new modeling and film jobs that opened up when movie industry censorship and ratings standards changed in the 1950s.

Right there directly under the church tower of Blessed Sacrament, in this development of offices that was obviously carved out of the church’s property was the birth of the pornography industry in Los Angeles in 1968-1969.

TY PENNINGTON (CONT'D:) As a designer I noticed that Crossroads and Blessed Sacrament church even have the same architectural touches in their roofs and tiles, and inside the Crossroads property we found several signs that this land used to be part of the church.

This beautiful fountain is dedicated to a saint and is obviously more than a hundred years old.

It was right here at Crossroads of the World under the church tower of Blessed Sacrament that the pornography industry took off in Los Angeles.

CARDINAL MAHONY: Well in that case, we feel doubly responsible. Somehow the American culture has lost its way, even though the Roman Catholic Church in this country still has hundreds and thousands of members left.

MAHONY: Thank you, Ty, if it weren’t for you, I would not have even know there were still victims of clergy sex abuse in Los Angeles who have not seen justice. And I also would have never know that church property may have been used for non-church purposes such as the production of mainstream pornography back in the 1960s and 1970s which actually I can say that sale and continued operation of that piece of land on Sunset Boulevard did bring us a nice chunk o' cash.

CARDINAL MAHONY: We do see now that maybe we owe some recompense. (He hangs his head in a gesture of penance grasping his $80K gold cross, his body spasms with dry sobs. Then Roger Mahony raises his head.)

MAHONY: I'm going to let you demolish one of our Los Angeles area churches so you can use the land to create a national institute for research and treatment of sex abuse victims.

TY PENNINGTON: The centers will be places where these crime victims, who are so often isolated and in need of support, can come and work on their unique problems together, and maybe even begin some sort of social action to get justice at the same time.


Thousands of people in blue shirts stand on the streets and nearby rooftops cheering. The church building shows signs of neglect, the grounds are unkempt and there is mold on the walls. A fish pond is full of algae. On either side of the church are two large electronic structures pointed at the church.

TY PENNINGTON: Since we're in Los Angeles, home of so much of our nations’ aeronautic and astrophysical research and at the same time home of Hollywood and the movie industry,

This week we are going to demolish a church using these giant sound ray boom devices designed by NASA JPL in Pasadena. And to make things even better, George Lucas has come down out of the redwoods of Northern California to join us here and try out his new sound wave special effects device, to make this demolition the most astounding and amazing one ever here at Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


TY PENNINGTON: So let the demolition begin!

No one knows exactly how to explain what happened that day. Scientists say it was a combination of the extreme power of the JPL sound wave device combined with the electronics of George Lucas’ sound effects enhancement machine.

As the church disintegrated where these devices were pointed, at the same time Catholic Churches in cities across the country disintegrated in exactly the same way. National news reporters realized that the same crimes were committed using the same modus operandi in each church across the country that disintegrated, they had aided and abetted pedophile priests while lying to the victims.

National news reporters finally realized the connection between these crimes across the country and a wave of news stories resulted in Senate hearings. Today in 2015 several dozen bishops are behind bars in American prisons.

Weeks after the synchronous demolitions, Pope Benedict stood at one of these Ground Zero Halos as they had come to be called, because of the strange glow that remained where each of the disintegrated churches had stood.

The pope raised his arms in supplication saying, Lord, what is it you are telling me. His face went red with rage and then as white as his own robes. He turned to the assembled crowd, bishops and other hierarchy, and said, “The message is clear. We need to start over from square one.”

The bishops and the pope stripped off their vestments and began to dig with their hands in the rubble, then someone turned on a radio and The Village People began singing YMCA and these newly bare chested priests and bishops started dancing --

And I woke up.

And realized I was late. Gotta run, no time to blog I’m doing these 16-hour shifts with about three hours sleep a night--

WORKING Extreme Long Hours
On Extreme Makeover Home Edition

We're all trying to get through House 522 - 525 so we can all take a three month hiatus.

It never ceases to astound me how this one TV show on one network is doing more for the poor and needy in this country than either the US government or the Catholic Church, both of which are obviously asleep at the controls while families in this country are living in Third World conditions.

I'm only a sub-sub contractor for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but I'm still more proud right now to be working for them than I ever would be of being Catholic.

These days I have Ty Pennington and Pedophile Priests in my head all the time. No wonder I had this weird dream.


(When Extreme does go on hiatus in a few weeks I’ll have about 20 more hours a week to put into this blog.)

In the end all we want is justice, which will happen when the whole story comes out. Me, I plan to write about this until I die, and I’ll be able to retire in a few years and do this blog full time.

So stay tuned.


Jay said...

LOL, Kaye, very funny indeed! And oh, if only...

I'm reminded of a dream a friend of mine had years ago. She saw the mothers of the world gathering together to tear down churches, brick by brick by brick.

If it was done only to the churches which have been desecrated by rapes, there would be hardly a single one standing.

And in reality, you wouldn't need any NASA sound guns or special effects. Just some survivors with sledge hammers. I hereby volunteer! ;->

Hang in there -- and maybe someday your dreams will come true...


Anonymous said...

Telling the story of success
Five years since U.S. bishops adopted the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People at their June 2002 meeting in Dallas, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and other dioceses have made significant strides to instill practices that will ensure the safety of children in the church. Two websites provide a useful database of articles that look at a variety of related issues, from strategies in place to prevent and identify child sexual abuse to the growth of transparency in the church. To access these websites, please visit: and click on the link to articles on abuse prevention at the top of the page; or visit the U.S. bishops’ Office of Child and Youth Protection website:

hrh said...

Anonymous is obviously an employee of the continuing criminal enterprise known as the LA archdiocese, or a heavy-duty imbiber of the Kool-Aid served up by the Bish Club.

Roger Mahoney and his partners in crime are still stonewalling, obfuscating, deceiving and lying; transferring and promoting predatory pedophile clergy; and placing their cushy lifestyle before everything, including the continuing rape, sodomizing, molestation and abuse of children and vulnerable adults.

Anonymous, how can you look at yourself in the mirror or sleep at night after spewing such lies? Guess that's the upside of being a sociopath, no conscience.

Ms Ebeling, free speech notwithstanding, will you please remove Anonymous' disgusting lies from your blog?

Anonymous said...

delete this, hrh...
Teach kids to protect themselves away from home
The world is generally a safe place, but dangers still exist, especially for children. You can help your kids reduce the dangers they face each day by providing them with common sense tips like these that will help keep them safe: Don't take short cuts. Always use well-traveled streets. Never go to playgrounds or movies alone. Go to the nearest cashier if lost or separated from a parent in a store or mall. If an adult approaches to ask for directions, step back, tell them you don't know and walk away. Adults should ask other adults for directions. For more tips, please visit:

city of angels lady said...

Anonymous, good safety tips and all, but haven't we learned, with the Catholic clery crises, that pedophiles lurk and attack in the most unlikely places, like confessionals and behind altars? Looking both ways before crossing doesn't prevent car bomb explosions. -- kay

Anonymous said...

Test your knowledge: True or False?
Child sexual abusers are only attracted to children and are not capable of appropriate sexual relationships? False. While there is a small subset of child sexual abusers who are exclusively attracted to children, the majority of the individuals who sexually abuse children are (or have previously been) attracted to adults. Child predators are difficult to identify precisely because they look just like everyone else. In some cases, they are our most trusted friends and even our family members. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles offers a wealth of information on child safety and child safety training programs for adults and young people. For more information, please visit:

city of angels lady said...

Thousands of government agencies and monitored non profits offer the exact same child safety and sex abuse avoidance training Tod is talking about here. I highly recommend parents go somewhere other than the LA Archdiocese for their children to learn how to be safe. -- ke

hrh said...

And to read what the continuing criminal enterprise known as the LA archdiocese won't tell (you and has spent millions attempting to hide from you), go to and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Programs for Children and Young People in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® for Children is a child abuse prevention curriculum designed for pre-school and Kindergarten through sixth grade students as a tool to teach children the skills they need to prevent or interrupt abuse. It works by teaching children what abuse is, by giving them skills development, and by empowering them into action if threatened or victimized.

An extension of Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® for Children, Establishing Healthy Boundaries© is a personal body safety program for teens, designed to help teachers, counselors and other caring adults have a comfortable, informative discussion with girls and boys in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades about abuse issues. Discussions focus on sexual abuse, sexual harassment and bullying. Information about prevention of date rape for 9th grade girls is also included.

For information: Pam Church, Prevention and Motivation Programs, Inc., P. O. Box 1960, Cartersville, GA 30120; phone: 770 607 9111; fax: 770 607 9600;

Anonymous said...

Kay sez: I highly recommend parents go somewhere other than the LA Archdiocese for their children to learn how to be safe. -- ke.

Fantastic. So, parents, let's follow Kay's logic for a second. What she's saying is don't get to know any of the people that your children will be around every day and every week -- teachers, coaches, staff, administrators, priests, volunteers, etc. Nope. And, for goodness sake, don't insist that the people around your kids get background checked, fingerprinted and trained by independent child protection programs.

Unfortunately, Kay's advice is the exact opposite of what non-church affiliated child protection advocates tell parents about protecting their kids. Parents must know as well as possible the people and environment that their kids are exposed to. Parents must participate in abuse prevention education along with other parents and those who will be supervising their kids in the place where their kids spend most of their time.

Kay, you are entitled to work out your anger, pain and whatever else you are suffering from by writing a blog about the church. But you go way too far when you make incorrect, unhelpful and dangerous statements about child protection. Yeah, be angry. But don't potentially endanger kids in the process.

city of angels lady said...

the one who sounds sputtering and angry here is you, Tod. And very unproffesional. They pay you to do PR for the LA archdiocese. You don't answer a reporter's legitimate query phone calls in your office, but you show up on Sunday morning spouting on my blog? Call me back and answer the questions I'm asking like a professional during the week.-- kay

city of angels lady said...

Figure it out. When the LA Archdiocese talks about child protection it is total fodder for comedy material. You have LOST any credibility you had on this issue and having a PR guy pop up and shout at a blogger is not helping.

Anonymous said...

When the topic turns to a serious discussion of child protection strategies -- which are endorsed by nearly all respected non-church affiliated organizations -- your response is to completely ignore the issue and launch (confusing) ad hominem attacks. Very telling, indeed.

hrh said...

Who's been indulging in ad hominen attacks? Tod, Tod, Tod, sad and befuddled, you've been dipping into the sacramental wine, again, haven't you? Tsk, tsk.

city of angels lady said...

This blog is about sex crimes in the Catholic Church. There are thousands of places to learn about child protection, this blog is for getting out the truth that the church is paying millions to cover, for example by hiring PR flak catchers to go on blogs and try to change the subject. Any 11th hour programs the church creates are too little too late and those programs turn public attention away from the decades of criminal acts conducted by Bishops. Focus.

city of angels lady said...

But please keep posting, Anonymous, as your efforts to white wash the church just make the crimes easier and cover-up techniques more easy for us to see.

Anonymous said...

Parents know better.

city of angels lady said...

On Jan. 27 someone calling themselves Tod Tamberg went on LAIst and said these words, very much like what "Anonymous" just posted here: "Kay, you should be pleased that lay people are in charge of the programs to protect children in the church. The fact that these programs exist to prevent in the future what happened to you in darkness so long ago, should at least get some acknowlegement from you that they are in place. But you seem to be not only uninterested in these programs, you feel compelled to belittle them and the people who run them. I am sorry that you've let your anger therapy -- as you've described your blogging -- to cloud your vision of the good work that is being done to protect children" -- so either the LA Archdiocese PR Guy really does post these comments or someone using his identity is posting them, either way the Archdiocese should see it's making them look worse than they already look.

Janet said...

Wow, Kay, you know you've made the big time when Roger sends his minions out to stalk your blog!

I hope your dream comes true.

Anonymous said...

As an abuse victim of SD, and watching Mahoney these past 5-6 years the church has stalled doing anything , I would NEVER trust anything that came out the the church, their spokesmen or their PR people. The church is SO FULL of lies and sexual deviants that no one should even walk past a catholic church for fear of being abused in one way or another. If they don't get you sexually, they will get your money to pay their debts to society for past abuse and lie to you the whole time. There is NOTHING about the catholic church I respect or trust!

Sarah said...

Very engaging piece. I'll say it again. Your blogs get better and better every week.

Benedict XVI th said...

For those of you reading the comments posted on Ms. Ebling's excellent blogs, you have probably noted that the LA Archdiocese PR hacks, and/or lawyers (hiding under 'Anonymous') are trying to deflect, lie, or ignore the FACTS, by trying to suggest any 'parent knows best' in child protection, or that the Archdiocese of LA has brought about change or reform, as well as other total fraudulent spin,unwashed tripe, and filth.

For daily vetted converage of the ongoing criminal cover-up and multi-decade felionous racketeering by Roger Mahony and his laity paid for hacks, in the BILLIONS of laity dollars, just in LA, and no real protection to this very day in place for children, I, Your Pontiff, recommend:

Laity, withhold all monies and donations, until overt evil officer holders, like Roger Mahony, are removed, canonically censored, and placed under life house arrest (like recently deceased Mariel, serial pedophile and founder of the Mexican Legion of Christ), or alternatively irrevocably EXCOMMUNICATED, for their overt crime sprees, and pedophile ring enabling, against THOUSANDS of California Children.

Benedict XVI th
Pontiff & Sinner

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady