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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bullying, harassment, intimidation continue to this day at St. Peter, Geneva, Illinois -- Comment from Integrity

(This came to City of Angels Blog email, because it wouldn't post as a comment. It's better as a post, another angelic intervention. We do know the author, but they identify themselves here as "Integrity.")

One time the Geneva Police came into Saint Peter Church during Mass because a man in his late 60's was stalking a woman going to mass. This is not the first time this man has stalked and harassed women going to mass or attending mass at St. Peter. Another time someone locked the bathroom doors at St. Peter during mass. Later that day it was posted on CTL: hope the people who were at mass and needed to use the washroom wet their pants.

Monsignor Jarmoluk was seen at the Fall '07 St. Peter Barn Sale leading fake "CTL NYC" camera men around the grounds. Monsignor Jarmoluk was conducting interviews with unsuspecting parishioners (adults, children, teens). The so-called CTL camera crews (who knows who these men really are) filmed the interviews. As far as we know these children and teens were interviewed and filmed without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

A man has been seen many times wearing his rather large “CTL NYC Private Investigator" badge to mass. For a while people thought he was the church body guard patrolling the church, narthex, and parking lot of St. Peter. A police officer parked his car in the St. Peter parking lot for two weeks because of the concern for the safety of St. Peter Parishioners. St. Peter Parishioners are being photographed. filmed, and recorded with hidden cameras and recorders during mass, in the narthex, church parking lot, and in the Geneva Community. It is not unusual for people to be followed in their cars after mass at St. Peter, as they do their business, go shopping, run errands, or go to meetings in the community. CTL, as Kay mentioned, has "deputized" their posters to be "Official CTL NYC Private Investigators".

These so-called "CTL Investigators" cruise around town and spy on the people they harass. The "Investigators" then post false information about these people and their whereabouts. These "CTL Investigators" also drive-by the residences of the people they try to intimidate and post false information and stories about them, their homes, and family members on CTL. This harassment is 24/7 for almost 2 years. Bishop Doran has been notified of all the episodes--to many to mention here--of the people who have been harasses and slandered.

The harassment/intimidation continues to this day. It is a reflection of the lack of accountability, responsibility, and abuse that continues in the Catholic church in 2008...6 years after "The Charter To Protect Children and Youth" was endorsed by all the American Bishops. All the American Bishops pledged at this time to make sure environments were/are safe in all Catholic Churches, schools, and on Catholic property. What has happened and is still going on at St. Peter Church and property is a tragedy with NO ending because there is NO intervention, accountability, or consequences for this unacceptable, inappropriate, abusive behavior. Kay is telling you a story about Catholics (priests and laity) beating up fellow Catholics---DAILY---2008.

If you want more credible facts that are documented about this story go to:


Thank you Kay for telling this story. This story is a mere reflection of the pervasive abuse going on in the Catholic Church today. It is very disheartening and disappointing that the abuse is continuing at Saint Peter Parish, Geneva, Illinois. This parish is in the Rockford Diocese. The fictitious scam CTL NYC website started in June 2006. CTL continues to harass, mock, demean people as they post with anonymous and fake names. The posters are a small discontented group of St. Peter Parishioners, (in their 40's, 50's,60's, 70's), who have aligned themselves with the current pastor Monsignor Joseph Jarmoluk.

They mock and slander the victims of Mark Campobello, their families, those who reported the abuse, and the many who stood up for the rights of the two victims. Bishop Doran has given a couple of precepts,(1 and a half years ago), to Monsignor Joseph Jarmoluk. Bishop Doran asked Monsignor Jarmoluk to stop his involvement and participation in the CTL NYC website scam. It is obvious to many that Monsignor Jarmoluk has not obeyed the Bishop or complied with the precepts.

If you enter the CTL NYC site you will see a rather large picture of Monsignor Jarmoluk and a description of the documentary he is making about himself. Click to home page and you will see pictures of these two priests next to Frank and Kate Bochte with the confidential voice mails the Bochtes' left for these two priests. The Bochtes' confidential voice mails are on the Internet for all to hear. We believe that not only are a small group of St. Peter Parishioners participating on CTL with the two priests but perhaps some St. Peter staff who are employed by the Rockford Diocese are also involved with them in authoring, funding, and posting under fake names on the website.

If you decide to visit this vulgar, slanderous, mean spirited, hate filled website you will see for yourself how those involved with CTL have tried to harass, give false information, intimidate, bully, the victims of Mark Campobello, their families, those who reported the abuse, and all those who stood up for the victims. The bullying, harassment, intimidation from CTL website is not confined to this site. The folks participating on this website have actually acted upon instructions given on CTL. What does this mean ? They verbally assault, bully, harass, stalk, and try to intimidate St. Peter Parishioners at mass, in the narthex, the church parking lot, and in the Geneva Community. The Geneva police have been called on several occasions.

Thank you Kay for all your good work. You are an angel.


Comment by Integrity, Part 2

Kay, asking the question today in 2008 of what screening is done when men try to enter the priesthood is a good question. What is the criteria today for acceptance into the priesthood? Who evaluates these men ? What is their competence to screen these men ?..or anyone that applies to religious life ?

Many question the validity of celibacy in the priesthood because research tells us that many (85%?) ordained priests do not practice a celibate lifestyle. Most priests I know do not believe a “blanket celibate rule” works. Some will be called to be celibate but it seems many are not...obviously the blanket celibate rule is not working.

You are absolutely correct about the churches fixation on sexuality. Sexuality has been made a "golden calf". We need to educate our church family, (all those in the universal Catholic Church), that our sexuality is a natural and healthy component of being a human being. Father Tom Doyle does a good job of talking about all of these issues in his book, "Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes", which is a well documented book on the Catholic Church's 2,000-year paper trail of sexual abuse.

Another important part of this issue is that we Catholics in the pew or in those involved with ministry in our parishes need to come out of our comas and naivete. We need to start reading, researching, and educating ourselves on these issues. We need to learn how to talk about all the issues that concern the wellness, safety of our children, youth and adult Catholics civilly, openly, honestly, and with intelligence.

How many pastors, principals, youth ministers, those who work in the buildings of Catholic Church facilities, know what "Mandated Reporting" is, when to report, and how to report, who to call ??? How many Catholics...clergy and laity know what an "Unmandated Reporter" is? If we want to reduce risk for abuse of children, youth, adults in Catholic Churches, schools, or any place on Catholic property then everyone in each parish and each diocese in America needs ongoing education on "Mandated" and "Unmandated reporting".

We learned that the Rockford Diocese had the wrong information in its diocesan pamphlet on reporting abuse which was placed in all of its parishes in the diocese.

The pamphlet encouraged people reporting abuse or suspicion of abuse to call the Rockford Diocese. This mistake was brought to the Rockford Diocese's attention. The Rockford Diocese now encourages people to call the police and then if they want to call the Rockford Diocese.

Victims and survivors of abuse have a lot to teach us as church and as individuals if we listen to them and their experiences. Victims and survivors of abuse advocate that it is important to call the police and the Child Abuse Hot line if you suspect abuse or witness abuse...never just go to the diocese.

Lastly, if the dysfunction, and unhealthiness in the Catholic Church is to heal and be transformed we who remain in it whether we are laity or clergy need to stand up for the respect and dignity of each human being ---whether we agree with them or not. This includes anyone on Catholic property, or anyone in our communities, and in society. If we see someone being abused in any way, bullied, harassed, intimidated, stalked, we ---priests, brothers, sisters, laity, bishops, cardinals---we all need to step up, step in and not allow/tolerate it---period.

It is everyone's business. If we look the other way when someone is being abused or disrespected we are are enabling abuse and just as guilty as the perpetrator. We are part of the problem. Respect and giving each person their dignity is a non-negotiable.

Thank you again Kay...angel of openness and healthy discussion.



Anonymous said...

Reporting child abuse: Everyone’s responsibility
Events in the recent past have made all clergy, Church leaders, teachers, catechists and Catholics in the pews aware of the magnitude of child abuse in society. It is imperative, therefore, that all adults – including clergy, church and school employees and volunteers – be prepared
to deal with the realities of abuse and be educated
in the pertinent state laws and policies which the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has adopted for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect.
Mandatory Reporting
California State Law designates all priests, deacons, school faculty and administrators, as well as supervising staff members, catechists and others in our parishes and parish ministries, as mandated child abuse reporters.
When mandated persons receive information or observe
a “reasonable suspicion” that a child or youth under
18 is being abuse or neglected, that mandated person must call the appropriate child protection agency or local
law enforcement agency immediately or as soon as is practically possible.
If an adult tells you about an alleged incident of abuse involving a minor, listen compassionately and apologize for the pain the reporting person is feeling.
Take notes so that when you call in the report you will have the following facts ready: names, addresses, phone number of the victim, alleged perpetrator, dates, times and locations. When you call, get the name of the person speaking and the case number. DO NOT conduct your own investigation into the alleged abuse. Let the authorities
conduct the investigation.
If appropriate, consider having the person or persons making the allegation in your presence when you call in to report.
If you have a question about reporting, you can call the archdiocesan Office of Victims Assistance Ministry at (213) 637-7650.
Report child abuse and neglect to the authorities. All child abuse and neglect can be reported to Child Protective Services agencies:
Los Angeles County
Santa Barbara County Child Welfare Services Hotline:
(800) 367-0166
Ventura County Child Family Services Hotline:
(805) 654-3200
You may also choose to deal with your local law enforcement
agency rather than Child Protective Services.
For Los Angeles County:
Abused Child Unit, Los Angeles Police Department: (213) 485-4220.
Internet Crimes Against Children, Los Angeles Police Department: (213) 847-5358.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Department: (323) 526-5541.
If you reside in another county, call your local sheriff or police department.
After the phone calls, mandated reporters must follow with a written report within 36 hours of hearing about the abuse. Complete the Suspected Child Abuse Report
(Form SS 8572). Mail it to the address you receive from the person to whom you speak. The form is available
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles also requires that all mandated reporters inform by telephone and send a copy of the written report to the archdiocesan Office of Victims Assistance Ministry at the Archdiocesan Catholic
Center so that the archdiocese can follow up with law enforcement. Call the Office of Victims Assistance Ministry at (213) 637-7650 and fax a copy of the report
to (213) 637-6650.
An individual child or youth who is being abused needs help. The Office of Victims Assistance Ministry also provides help and counseling referrals for victims of abuse.
While mandated reporters are required by law to report
abuse, it is every adult’s moral responsibility to protect
possible victims by reporting the suspected abuse or neglect to the responsible authorities. Sexual abuse of minors is a pervasive, societal problem, and only concerted
and sustained efforts by all adults in every segment
of society can help to protect children and youth.
For more articles like this, go to

city of angels lady said...

Error by omission 1 in paragraph 1 above: Church leaders, teachers, catechists and Catholics in the pews (are now) aware of the magnitude of child abuse in society."

You need to take responsibility for the magnitude of child abuse in society. YOU started it.

Take a few more steps back. You are getting there, but you are not there yet.

North Hollywood Insider said... for daily verified coverage of the ongoing embezzlement, financial malfiesance, fraud, criminal felonious activity, wholesale fire selling of laity paid for assets, multi Billions of Dollars (just in the LA Archdiocese)on out/in court gag ordered hush money, bribes, settlements, ongoing litigation in the many hundreds of cases yet to be settled, tax evasion, new lawsuits being filed, extortion, racketeering, etc.

All laity paid for settlements of slashed ministries, closed schools/parishes/convents/shrines/ssemiaries/colleges/administration buildings, etc., and massively long ago hiked (to each parish since 2002) insurance liability premiums, imploded vocations numbers, are all to protect the guilty hide of Roger M. Mahony, Arch Pedophile Multi Decade Enabler (Fresno, Stockton, LA) of over 1,200 children being systematically raped, sodomized, physically maimed, lead to suicide, murdered, mentally tortured, legally hounded, orally copulated, kidnapped, deliquented, endangered, to this very day, in the LA Archdiocese.

Any representation that there has been any real reform, or personal accountability for the guilty (Mahony being the puppetmaster) in the LA Archdiocese, is a complete fraud, and many clerical pedophiles remain in active secular and ordered ministries, with full access to children, plus also being (laity paid for) salaried, pensioned, annuitied, hush monied, also in Mexcio, Ireland, Asia and eleswhere, in the high dozens to hundreds, to stop them from testifiying against Mahony's ongoing crime spree.

Representations that donations "are up" in audited LA Archdiocese balance sheets (they keep at least three sets of books to hide the real debt or gains) in LA are also a FRAUD.

Roger M. Mahony is EVIL to the core.

The only solution to rid LA of Mahony, and his protected pedophile rings, dating back to Tim Manning's Vicar General, a known serial pedophile himself, and pedophile ring leader, Benjamin Hawkes, is for all laity to stop donating!

Only when the money dries up will Rome move to remove this SERVANT OF SATAN.

North Hollywood Insider

CALL: Target Crimes, LA DA's Office, to report sex crimes in the Catholic Church: Phone: (213) 974-5985

City of Angels Lady