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Monday, October 6, 2008

And in New Jersey Sunday October 5. . .

Pictures and comments from Robert Hoatson:

Today, in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, approximately a dozen supporters of Paul Fanuka gathered to offer him support and leaflet Sacred Heart Parish where his abuser is pastor. Paul’s mom and dad, two brothers, and wife joined several others to get the word out that the continued presence of Fr. Robert Dunphy in that parish is unacceptable. The attached are some photos of the day’s events.

Unfortunately, no media showed up, but we are trying other ways to pique their interest.

Special thanks are extended to Chris Naples who went “public” two weeks ago regarding his abuser, and Barbara and Karen Polesir, veterans of the “leafleting movement,” for supporting Paul in his efforts to hold Dunphy accountable. The attached photos are courtesy of Karen Polesir’s camera.

In general, the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish were as rude and un-compassionate as most of the Catholics we encounter. When several parishioners were told to meet Paul so he could tell them his story, they refused…TYPICAL!

A few months ago, Paul was found credible by the Diocese of Camden, but the Diocese has refused to remove Dunphy from ministry, violating the letter and spirit of the Dallas Charter.

Congratulations to Paul for his courage and perseverance. We are planning other events to get the word out about Dunphy.


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